Free data on Orange UK PAYG this summer - perfect for BlackBerry customers

By James Richardson on 31 Jul 2013 10:14 am EDT

More great Pay-As-You-Go news coming out of the UK - which will be perfect for BlackBerry customers that are on the Orange network. As you'll see in the above (comical) video, Orange are having a summer promotion and when customers top up their phones by £10 they will get 1GB of free data.

Although 'the other' Kevin doesn't mention it in the video - customers will also get 400 free text messages which sounds like a bargain to me. How many BlackBerry 10 users are PAYG customers is anybody's guess but I'm pretty sure there will be some out there. There will be a few million legacy BlackBerry Orange users I would expect so this one may be a real treat for them.

We all know that the networks try to make contract deals as attractive as possible but for those folk that can't get a contract - maybe down to credit history - Pay-As-You-Go is really the only alternative.

It's also worth mentioning that if you have got a BlackBerry 10 device on Orange you will need to upgrade to an EE contract to take advantage of 4G. Although Orange and T-Mobile are owned by EE they are remaining as 3G services only.

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Free data on Orange UK PAYG this summer - perfect for BlackBerry customers


"... few million legacy BlackBerry Orange users ... " ? are we talking about all BlackBerry devices or just BlackBerry10 devices?

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I guess it makes sense since Brits have no money, but, luckily, some sun this year. No need for roaming data, just get UK data and a train fare to Brighton

My PlayBook? Very useful in the shower as a radio and notepad :)

Nobody will need any extra data after the p o r n firewall. Hahahaha! I gots nothin', carry on...

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Nothing new. This is the New Dolphin Rewards Package and it's not new it's been going for a while now

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