Free CrackBerry Halloween Theme for Bold

Halloween Theme
By Adam Zeis on 6 Oct 2009 02:23 pm EDT

October is here and that means Halloween is almost upon us. A few days back we gave you some links for Halloween ringtones and wallpapers. Well our own phishgirl3 did a little theme making (her very first one) and came up with this great Halloween theme for the Bold. It has great themed colors and cool pumpkin notifications. If you're a Bold user and looking for something festive to carry you through the month, you should definitely check this one out.

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Free CrackBerry Halloween Theme for Bold


Nice! Thanks phishgirl3, hard to believe its your first. I'd love to eventually have a theme for every holiday. This is my first (theme) and as such will always be special.

I wanted to see if anyone liked it before I made other versions. I just finished 8900 and will have the Tour posted later tonight. :)

cant believe it's your first theme! i would soooo use it, except i hate precision icons...but the indicators are adorable, and the colors are perfect! awesome job phishgirl!

screw it, i downloaded it lol. is there any way you can post the black background that is on the 2nd home screen?

thanks! the theme rock!

just a heads up.. the "locked Screen" i cant read what my name, my telephone and email is... or anyone else....