Merry Berry from! Get Your Free Holiday BlackBerry Themes & Wallpapers!

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Dec 2007 02:01 pm EST

Free Holiday Theme! If you've browsed around the site lately, it's easy to see we are full swing into our Holiday Spirit: Santa is Rock'n Out with his BlackBerry on the logo, the 12 Days of CrackBerry Holiday Giveaway is open for entry and is offering a whopping 78 prizes to be won (BlackBerry Accessories, Software and even a new BlackBerry!) and now we're kicking up the holiday cheer even more with's Free Holiday BlackBerry Theme and Wallpapers.

A big thanks to James and Artem for getting this new theme together. I'm loving the Holiday Zen theme on my Curve! We have it available for the BlackBerry Curve, Pearl, 88xx and 8700 series smartphones. I was testing/showing off the theme this weekend at some Christmas parties and it got LOTS of oooos and awwwws and I want thats!!! Hopefully for next year we'll have it for the new Dimension L theme that's becoming quite popular.

Download Links  and Instructions >> Holiday Theme Instructions  

Keep in mind that while we have tested out the CrackBerry Holiday Theme on many BlackBerry devices and varying models, we make no guarantees to it on every device. You should only install the theme if you are comfortable with the process.  Be sure to look at the OS version on your device and requirements below before proceeding. Don't install the theme unless you meet the requirements. We had the 8700 theme available for download, but it looks like a few people didn't check their OS (had an older version) and tried downloading and ran into some trouble. I've pulled the 8700 link to ensure this doesn't happen. If you have an 8700 and would like the theme, once you have confirmed your OS you can email me and I will send you the download link.

BlackBerry OS Minimum Requirements:

  • BlackBerry Pearl = 4.2.1
  • BlackBerry Curve = 4.2.2
  • BlackBerry 8800 = 4.2.1
  • BlackBerry 8830 = 4.2.2
  • BlackBerry 8700 = 4.2.1

If you are unsure of which OS version your device has, you may check by hitting Alt - Caps - H on your keyboard. This will launch the Help Me! screen and your App Version will be listed. Be sure you meet the requirements! 

Over the Air Installation:
On your BlackBerry smartphone, open the web browser. Visit the appropriate link for your BlackBerry Device model. Sorry about the long URLS, be sure to type carefully and it is case sensitive (put a capital C and B in the CrackBerry.jad):

  • Pearl:
  • Curve:
  • 8800:
  • 8830:
  • 8700: email kevin at and "Request 8700 Theme"

Please note your handheld may need to reboot after the theme is installed. To activate your theme once the handheld has rebooted, go to Options > Theme and select CrackBerry. Keep in mind that when you install a new theme, the shortcuts will return to their default (original order/not hidden). You will want to take a minute to organize the layout of shortcuts on your background. To do this simply go to the Application screen and click the menu/option button on the shortcuts you want to Move/Hide. From there you can easily reoder the layout of icons (make your most used apps the first four). Enjoy your new theme!!

BlackBerry Desktop Manager Installation:
While I prefer installing everything over the air, if you don't have a data plan you can also install via BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Click the links below to download the .zip folder. Once on your computer, unzip the file, connect your BlackBerry to the computer via usb, open BlackBerry Desktop Manager, and use the Application Loader to load the CrackBerry.alx file to your device. Please take note of the OS requirements above. Holiday BlackBerry Wallpapers 

If you don't want to change up your whole theme but want to give your BlackBerry the Holiday look, you can download our CrackBerry snowman and snowflake backgrounds from the Wallpaper Gallery.

320 by 240 Wallpapers (compatible with BlackBerry Curve, 88xx and 87xx):

240 by 260 Wallpapers (compatible with BlackBerry Pearl Series): Christmas Ringtones

It looks like we have a couple of Christmas Ringtones in our user-contributed Ringtone Gallery. Tis the season, if you have anymore Holiday ringtones and want to share them with the CrackBerry community be sure to submit them to the site!

Have a Merry Berry everyone!

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Merry Berry from! Get Your Free Holiday BlackBerry Themes & Wallpapers!


just put it on my Curve. Works BEAUTIFULLY. application screen is a bit busy with old mr. crackberry snowman in the background, but he looks good to me and is worth having there. i mainly use my zen 4 apps anyways so its perfect for me.

great site as always

no love for us 8700 users running OS 4.2? dang, we will not go quietly into the darkness!

it's a plot to get everyone to upgrade to new berrys. just kidding.

i'll look into the 8700 theme. i think the big there is that the Plazmic theme reader is required (must be downloaded and installed first in order to see the new theme) so it adds a step to the process.

will check with the boys and see if they can pump out an 8700 one for all ya 8700 users out there.

everytime i type in the web address to download the theme OTA it says web address not found. Anyone else with this issue?

I had trouble getting the page to load as well. It finally works b/c I think it's case-sensitive. Hope this helps

I made doubly sure I had it all typed correctly still getting: error 403 HTTP/ site unavailable. So I loaded it thru the Desktop manager. It worked but the date shows as Dec. 1st not the 10th. Checked the date and time and it is showing the 10th. Any ideas on correcting this?


I made doubly sure I had it all typed correctly still getting: error 403 HTTP/ site unavailable. So I loaded it thru the Desktop manager. It worked but the date shows as Dec. 1st not the 10th. Checked the date and time and it is showing the 10th. Any ideas on correcting this?


Not sure on the date error. Very strange. Will send onto developer to look at.

What carrier are you on? Have had several people use the Pearl OTA link without problem so not sure why you are receiving that error.

I was able to have my Pearl work with OTA, but the date is displaying as "MON, DEC 1" ... my guess is that it's not wrong, but may not have the room needed for the "0" ... my message notification icon is very close to the "1" in the date... (I'm on Sprint) Other than that though, I love it!

Thanks for wonderful xmas theme...

Works like a charm... ;)

And this some bug on theme? I dont see that communication arrows...

The send/receive arrows are left off on purpose. Not a bug. Developer said most people don't like them...especially when you see them moving and you're not doing anything, so they're not there.

Took me a few minutes to get used to that, but I like it too!

Well, I kept trying and finally it loaded over the air. Also the error code was 404 not 403. The date is still showing as the 1st.

Over the air load was great, my problem is the wrong date I have Dec 1, I have a pearl from verizon.

Everything looks and works beautifully except mine also reads Dec. 1st, any ideas? I also have a Pearl from Verizon.

I have had my blackberry 8830 for a couple of months and still exploring, I have tried to hook up to the computer and it explains the USB not sufficient and I really admire the holiday screen.HELP.Thanks for your time.

Hey Guys,

OK, I replaced the Pearl theme with an updated version. The date WAS showing correctly (technically), you just couldn't see it. The text box/display area wasn't quite big enough for the double digit dates.

Sorry for the inconvenience, should be fine now. At least the price is right! :)

Let me know!


i have the 8130 through verizon and it loaded beautifully. great job with it and happy holidays. thanks!

So I downloaded the new Christmas theme for my 8703e and well my berry just keeps restarting. The hour glass flips a few times then all the lights shut off, then it restarts all over. Any help....

The 8700 theme is/was working fine, so long as you installed on the proper OS per the instructions in the blog post.

This is always the risk with themes - you need to check the details before you install. If you find yourself in a permanent reboot sequence, it likely means you didn't check the OS requirements (or did and installed anyways) and didn't meet the requirements.

Not the best situation. It's one that probably every BlackBerry user faces at some point if they start installing/buying themes. Apologies that it happened here if it did. Not the intent! Gotta read the instructions. But if you are finding yourself in a reboot, you can be back up and running fairly quick:
- Try a Battery Pull First - it may fix the problem
- If you're finding yourself in the same situation, try connecting to your computer via USB. If your USB stays connected, you can reload your OS and you'll fixed.
- If you find your BlackBerry is in a constant reboot cycle and therefore won't stay connected to the USB (it connects, disconnects, etc.), then you'll need to reload the OS by following the instructions at this link:

I've pulled the 8700 theme for now, as it seems this is where a couple of people have run into problems - they are not running an updated OS and are running into problems (the OS the device shipped with is probably not the same as the required version stated above).

Did you look at the OS requirements before installing?

You need to check that before installing always with themes (mentioned it a couple of times in the blog post). If you install a theme a new them on an older OS you can run into problems.

I'm going to pull the 8700 version so this doesn't happen anymore for now. The odds are you were running an older OS version than required.

Is there a way to get the Holiday theme for the my Pearl? Its seems that the New Blackberry owners don't get these options for downloads. Why is that?


Have tested the Pearl Theme on several 8130s. All Good. It's the Minimum OS requirement that needs to be met in this case.

You'll have to do OTA installation though. The Desktop Manager installation won't work with the theme. But the OTA install link on the 8130 is working (at least on all the 8130s we tested it out on!)

Love the theme, the only thing i noticed is when i am connected to the UMA (t-mobile) it does not show the strength, besides that AWESOME, Thanks!!

Actually, I would like theme for 8703e. I am still a little new to this and I am not sure if all 8700 series things are compatible.
Happy Holidays

sorry for the duplicate request.
I have the 8703 running the 4.2 OS. Just thought I should clarify.
Thanks again.

should be ok as long as you meet the minimum requirements. but 8700s have been known to be a bit more likely to not like themes. it worked on my 8700 though

you problably didn't read the instructions in the blog post. with themes you always have to make sure you have the proper os version. guessing your 8703 had OS 4.1 and you tried installing without looking. rookie mistake

I'm sure the other comment is spot on. You likely hadn't updated your OS to 4.2.1 and and we're running 4.1. That sucks. I thought I made it pretty clear in the blog post to make sure you met the OS requirements before installing the theme. Apologies if that wasn't the case and for the hassle caused. I guess it's an easy thing to not pay attention to when you want to get a theme installed (I made the same mistake once before!).

I pulled the 87xx download link as soon as I saw one user get affected by this. If it happened once, I don't want to see that happen again to someone else.

I've had about 50 requests today for the 8700 theme get emailed to me (many for the 8703) and it seems to be working beautifully for everyone. We've had hundreds of others download the theme for the other phone versions and everything is good to go there too. Just check that your OS meets the minimum requirements!

As for the BlackBerry, you can always fix it. I posted the instructions on how to fix it in the comments further down. You can always save it. Might take an hour or two of your time. BUT... silver much I loved my 8700, upgrading to a newer BlackBerry is never a bad thing!

Am running v4.2.1.107 T_Mobile. I've downloaded twice and re-booted each time, but still the theme does not appear in my list. Any ideas? I'm new to Crackberries.

I was able to download but it's not under themes - unfortunately, didn't check and I'm running - how do I upgrade ny OS?

Please help.


Just thought I would ask first before I install, are the WiFi and UMA icons included for the 8320 Curve? Wanting to install, but not wanting a brick in my hand!

The theme is cool and works great! I have a new 8130 OS 4.3 and it works fine on it if anyone with a new pearl is wondering!

just send the subject "Request 8700 theme" in Email to kevin's address?could anypne help me how could I get the 8700 theme? tks

I was able to wirelessly download the theme to my 8320 by sending the link to an email address on the handset rather easily. I had no trouble with the install and have to say it is quite creative, so nice work. BUT when I DL'd the theme for my wife's Pearl by typing in the URL it is not appearing as an option in the theme menu. I did try rebooting as well to no avail. Any ideas?

I am new to Blackberrys and was so glad to find this site!!! I just downloaded this theme and it works great, thanks! It took about 1 minute total to get everything done. Thanks again, and happy holidays!!!


Could you please make a christmas theme for the blackberry pearl flip 8220 smartphone!!!??? PLEASE? Tht would be AWESOME~!~~~~~

Loaded up the theme and dropped the "abbabble" snowman (as my daughter calls it) from Rudolph in the background and it looks great. Never had so much fun with a phone.


Since i don't have a data plan (yet), i tried to install via the desktop manager (I downloaded the CURVE theme). It unzips the required .alx file, then i install,with the add/remove applications tool and then it says : Succesfull. My BB reboots, but i don't find any theme in my BB. Suggestions ? I already installed a Starcraft theme, Can there be only 2 themes ? (Srry for crappy english, i'm from belgium)

Desktop manager software vers 5.1
Blackberry vers: v4.6.1.286 ( Platform

Pls help, i SO love this theme, and i want to impress my friend with his dumb iphone :D

This was such a great theme and sadly looks like it has been long abandoned. It won't work on just about any new blackberry. Somewhere I have the original file. I wonder if I could load it up, strip all the icons out, and try to redo it for a modern phone and OS?

I have a verizon 9330 Curve and I've d-loaded it twice. Well tried anyways. I can find it anywhere on my bb. It doesn't show as a theme in my list. I've rebooted both times after installation-- and suggestions?