FREE Berry Holiday Theme!

Free Holiday BlackBerry Theme!
By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Dec 2008 02:39 pm EST

Just in time for the holidays, and in honor of recently reaching the 500,000 member milestone, we've got a special gift for all of our members, readers and friends... a free Holiday BlackBerry Theme!

Our creative pal Zach over at ZManThemes built this festive Berry Holiday theme. It features a double zen layout which puts lots of shortcuts on the homescreen while still leaving room for holiday wallpapers to shine through. The CrackBerry CB logo battery level indicator is even decked out in a Santa hat and turns frosty as the juice depletes and the christmas light above the clock shines in a different color for each of your different profiles. And of course the shortcuts themselves are all designed to get you in the holiday spirit!

The theme is available free of charge and is available for all BlackBerry smartphones with the exception of the BlackBerry Storm & 8900 (sorry Storm and 8900 owners, no third party themes for you yet!). But not wanting you to anyone to be left out, Zach also created extra Berry Holiday wallpapers which are available for all device models.

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Reader comments

FREE Berry Holiday Theme!


Cool themes, Great Job Zach, Thanks...just what I needed to add some Holiday cheer to my Berry :)

I downloaded this theme onto my 8300 and now cannot get around anywhere except for the six icons on the desktop. No combination of buttons will get me to the mail menu. So, can't get it off, change it, or switch it up, nothing!!!

Owners of less new BB's beware.....

Would it be sooooo hard for you all to call the free themes what they really are? THEY ARE CHRISTMAS THEMES!!! There's a time to be PC and there isn't. Christmas is not. You're down to 499,999 members and I request those of you out there that agree with me to follow my lead. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!!! ;)

The theme looks awesome but,I have to say I am pretty disappointed! As you click on the link it says it works for every phone BUT THE STORM. I know it takes time to develop themes and such for a new phone but, come on. We Stormers have been patiently waiting and this was such a tease!

I couldn't agree more with that statement. I WISH WISH I could develop themes for the Storm. Hopefully, RIM will come out with the new theme developer sometime REAL soon. Otherwise, they may have an angry mob of Storm Troopers banging down their door.

LOVE IT! the font's a little small on the Bold version but it totally puts me in the spirit! thanks for the free gift!

I've had my Bold for a couple of weeks now and it's high time to pick a theme. This one is fun - snowflakes are particularly appropriate given that my part of Texas is under a Winter Weather Advisory (we may see rare and city-stopping freezing precip this week).

Thanks for dressing my Bold in holiday style!

ok, i know this isnt the place to do this...but someone for the freakin life of me PLEASE explain to me where and how i can post a new thread....i have gone into forums and all points in between and can not find anything at all that shows how or where a button is to click to post a new thread. and yes, i am logged in. from the main home screen.....walk me through it please someone.

This theme is great! I love having the extra icon to use, and I especially love that its columned! Great work :)

Love the theme...I do agree with the above though the font is a tad small on the Bold but I could care less...

Thank you so much for an awesome holiday theme!!!

I love the theme but I am red/green color blind and when I am scrolling through the menus I cant see where I am highlighted!!!!

cute theme, Zman, but i have to say, i find it a tad funny that you put a big notice abt people checking their current OS to avoid having problems, but nowhere on the page does it say that you need to have a particular OS to use the theme properly....just an idea!

thanks :)

This is a neat way to display the holiday season and has fun little graphics to make it better!And when you use ur berry a lot why not have fun in the process.

This theme is just way to cool. I love how the sun comes out while you are charging your BB as the frosty CB melts that is great. Wonderful job. I am learning about different themees and really like this one thanks for the gift.

No one has said what the minimum OS is. I have an 8310 Curve with an OS of 4.2. Do I need to worry about problems if I download this very cute theme?

This theme downloaded with out a problem. It takes a little to get use to it. Lots of great colors. What a surprise when I got to the applications. Too clever!
Thanks guys!

Did no one at CB notice the awesome and free Christmas and winter themes by emarsha and mrtolles?? and they are free! How did Zmanthemes get the honor of building the "official" CB theme anyway? Way better themes out there than this one AND totally free.