FREE Berry Holiday 2 Theme Now Available! Awesome Theme Looks Great on Your BlackBerry Year Round

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Dec 2009 04:04 pm EST

Berry Holiday 2.0 Theme

* Update - December 24, 2009: I figured we'd better re-post this one for the day too. If you haven't yet tried our free Berry Holiday 2 theme on your BlackBerry yet, then today is the day to give it a go! *

Berry Holidays everyone! Man oh man, our friend Zach from Z Man Themes has done it again this year. Last year he gave us the original Berry Holiday theme, which was pretty cool, but this year he has done up an absolutely AMAZING and FREE BlackBerry theme for CrackBerry Nation, aptly named Berry Holiday 2.

While Berry Holiday 2 is technically a holiday theme, the Z Man fully custom-built this one so you'll be able to use it year round in style. The default wallpaper is festive, but once the holidays are over you can change it up and keep rockin' it all spring, summer and fall (it looks really good with a straight black wallpaper and Berry Weather running - will do up a video tomorrow for the blogs to show Berry Holiday 2.0 in action). You can jump over to to grab the Berry Holiday wallpapers and for more details.

Berry Holiday 2 features three hidden docks. When they're all minimized the homescreen is very clean. Gotta love the CrackBerry fuel/battery gauge in the middle. From there you can scroll up for your core shortcuts and then back down the outer to icons to bring up the customizable side docks (Storm users can check out the hot spot chart). It'll take a couple minutes to get used to it. For devices running OS 5.0 the Berry Holiday 2 theme features nice transitions. I've been running the theme for the past few days and absolutely love it. It's clean and professional, nice and fast and ohhh sooo pretty. Love the icons!

Right now Berry Holiday 2 is available for the Curve 8900, Bold 9000, Storm, Storm2, Tour and Bold 9700 (OS 4.6 through OS 5.0 version available). Support for OS 4.5 devices is coming later this week, so stay tuned for that. Zach's turnaround time on this was pretty quick, so if by chance you experience any things that need tweaking, nicely let us know in the comments and Zach will get to them. Wicked theme Zach!!!! 



Yes the Tour is supported!


Excellent, downloading now!


As always, thank you Kevin for the support and thank you so much for allowing me this opportunity!!

Like Kevin said, support is coming your way. I will have them up as soon as I have them developed. Stay tuned...

Thanks CB community!!


This theme will work for the 8330, i really would love to have this theme.


will this theme work on the curve 8330, i really would love to have this theme.


When will this them be available for the Curve?? It looks great and I would love to have it on my phone


Very nice and clean. An excellent job, "thezman". Thank you. It looks amazing on the 9000.


This looks Great on the Storm2!


Great theme. Thanks. BUT why did you have to use that horrid orange colour for the menus?


Love the orange menus!!


um... because it's Crackberry's colors... DUH


I don't mind the orange in the menus, but the orange in the email/lists is pretty hard on the eyes, especially since the date header and the highlight are the same shade (at least, that's how it appears on mine).

Otherwise, I think it's pretty kick@ss, especially for a free theme. I think I'll be using this one for a long time. :-)

Thanks, Z Man and Crackberry!


Looks awesome..Thank you Zman and CB :)


How does CB decide which theme maker gets to make the "official crackberry holiday theme"?


Wait so no 8520 Curve love for this theme?


I was about to say the same love?


guess not yet, looks like they are working on an 8330 version, so hopefully the 8530 comes in the same time!


yup looking 4 8520 too :)


kind of strange having custom icons mixed in with the stock ones. just re-read the initial article touting the icons, this theme was definitely made by a guy for guys :)


Are the meters by the clock always present?


Those are your battery and signal strength meters. Wouldn't be terribly convenient to have those disappear...


Nice theme for the holidays.


Thank you for the theme. Merry Christmas everyone


Running this on my 9700 on .405, when looking at my call log, the font size of the phone numbers under contacts names appears much bigger than all the other text.


Absolutely beautiful!


I see some complaints but uh ZMan very nice!!! I say if you don't like it, delete!! I love it so much it's my new primary theme! Thanks so much and Merry Christmas.


Very nice theme imo for being free, thank you so much and Merry Christmas to you too!!

When you are on the home screen, do all the themes take you back to the docked page after a while, this one does it and its pretty nice..its only been a few min running on my 9700 with .421 but all is well so far..anyone notice any QL buttons for anything??

Captivate me

I haven't noticed a QL hotkey....but it sure would be great to have it:)


anyone having problems with Storm2? I can't get the OTA or manual to load on my mac


battery pull and still says resource could not be found http://blah blah.


No problems here with the Storm 2. Loaded OTA just fine.


OTA installed without a hitch on my 9550.


Anyone else unable to install using Desktop Manager application loader? I get a message saying "This application is not compatible with your BlackBerry device and cannot be loaded." OTA works fine. Bold 9700


No Flipberry support, and I expect nothing less.

Thanks anyway though.


very clean very fast very free. Way to go Crackberry you never cease to amaze me


Bummer doesn't work with 8330


Only thing that would have made it better was a keyboard shortcut for quicklaunch.

francscrackin the I,M folder...I want it on the home screen.


If you don't like it where it is then move it...


nice theme!!! looks good on the Storm2


Great theme. I really like the clock. Thanks for making it free.


I don't like that the SMS in in the application folder, would like it to be in the hidden dock. Is there a way to move it out of the folder, I see how to move them in, but not out. Thanks for the great theme. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!


Do the same as when you would simply move it but select 'move to folder' and select the folder you want it in. Or select HOME for it to be on the home screen (i.e. - not in a folder)


Looked in application folder and couldn't find it. Know of anywhere it would be? Love the theme but can't send/read my SMS.


Keep looking , dont remember where it was, but its in one of the folders..


Love it! I just don't like the LOCKED screen as it mentiones Holiday, I wanna use this theme all year round :D


i downloaded this them and now I can't open the options icon! Can someone please help. I am now hating this them and worried I've screwed up my phone....


I got it on the 8900 5.0 os! Thnx so much for the free theme!! :) Happy holidays ppl!


I love it! This is now my primary them. This look like a lot of thought and care was put into it. Thanks for the christmas gift!


This is now my default theme. Really like this one!!! Thanks, Z Man!!!


Great theme absolutely love it!! Just one little think, it'll be really nice to fix the little lag when the rows of icons come out, the upper one and the bottom one, just did a battery pull and it's still the same!

But awesome theme really love it!


berrylicious babe

... But only if the clock was placed on the top left or botton right corner :( I use my son's pics as my wallpaper and it's completely blocking off his face. But otherwise I love it :)


Same here with my daughters pic!! But 4 free its still very good ;)


Zman thank you sooooo much. This is really awesome. The transitions are soo smooth and the transparent backgrounds are so fluid! Wonderful job!



Edited to add:

Sorry, I was so excited to see the theme that I didn't read the ENTIRE post... I see that there is going to be an 8330 version soon... so just ignore this post... my apologies


I also have trouble when opening options or anything. When I open anything I have to touch all over the screen even when I just hit menu to get to my app screen. Love the theme just thought I'd pass on the info.


Thanks for this but I had to remove it because it locked up my BB Tour.


This is a great theme. Especially for free, I put a grayscale picture of a 67 mustang gt that looks awesome with the homescreen. I dislike the orange on the menu and the background when in landscape mode (just cause they don't match the car theme I'm going for). Any case great theme thank you.


Awesome theme! everything is so clear, smooth, and professional. I haven't been a BB user for long but this is definitely my favorite theme I;ve seen yet. AND IT'S FREE!! Great job and thanks Z-man.


This theme is so nice looking but I wish the clock is place at some corner so it doesn't block the view so much. If you can modify to accommodate this I'm willing to pay for one! Please consider as most would agree with me.


This theme is so nice looking but I wish the clock is place at some corner so it doesn't block the view so much. If you can modify to accommodate this I'm willing to pay for one! Please consider as most would agree with me.


Thanks so much for this.


I love this! thank you :)


Love the theme! Love that its free! I just linked all my BB friends to it!!



Best theme I've used yet! Thank you for the wonderful gift


Thank You Zman and Crackberry love the app and the Icons


First of all I love the theme!!! My only question or concern is third party apps. When I hit the BB key, there seems to be no way to move them around while they are on the home screen. I can move the standard apps just fine. Thank you for the theme so much.


Excellent, great work! Thanks for spreading the holiday cheer!


Great theme looks excellent on the 9000 thanks a million!!!!


I'm new to the blackberry community.

I have a few Questions:

1) How do I change the background on the icon menu screen? I have only been able to change the wallpaper on the "clock" screen.

2) How do I activate the hidden dockets on the "clock" screen area?

I would appreciate any help - thanks !


1) There is no way to change the icon menu bkgrnd as far as I know. That is theme defined.

2) There are three tap launchers on the "CLOCK" screen. If you tap to the right of the clock (TAP not CLICK), it will bring up the pre-set icons to the left of the Clock. If you TAP above the clock it will bring in the two hidden docks. Tapping below the clock will hide any docks that are open.

Hope that is what you were asking. If not I apologize.


no need to apologize

The intel was very helpful to me.

Now I know, thanks


Keep getting this error both while downloading through OTA and Desktop Manager.. Really want this theme.. any help will be appreciated.. please pm or reply to comment


I just spent $3.00 on a "premium" theme that sucks compared to this one. I love the clock on the main screen and the battery/signal meters! Will be using this one for sure. Thanks for the great Christmas present...God bless.


Sweet on my 9530 clean crisp. I found the hidden icon. I will be using this one for a long time. Thank You and great Christmas gift for myself


I deleted the theme and redownloaded it and now it works great. Thanks again for your hard work and for giving us this awesome free theme. I'm curious, in the fixed vertical dock, there is an icon for manage connections as well as a manage connections next to the batter meter. Is there a way to change what's in the vertical dock or was this an oversight?


I'm thinking the orange was to help convey the whole CrackBerry/Christmas theme. I wouldn't complain too much though; this theme IS free, despite the work that went into it.


Love this theme A keeper.


is it me of does theme drains battery?


I have been a little bummed about the lack of quality free themes for my 9550 and this one is definitely a keeper. It is pristine.

The only thing I noticed is that when you highlight the signal meter (gauge) or the clock, and then hit the hidden button below the meters... one or all of the hidden docks appear and then animate out. It seems to be dependent on which hidden docks were shown last. For example: if I show all three hidden docks and then hide them and then highlight the clock or signal gauge and then tap below the clock to HIDE docks... all three hidden docks reappear and then animate out.

Anyone else seeing this?

This is a MINOR thing and trust me I am fully planning on HAPPILY living with it. I have been showing it off to so many people, especially two coworkers with Palm Pre and iPhone... the loved it as well.

Thank you again. You made my holiday Zach.


I did notice that on my Storm2 9550 as well.

The other thing I noticed is that when tapping on the Clock, the selection overlay is semi-transparent. However, tapping on the signal meter for Manage Connections creates a fully opaque overlay. Seems inconsistent.


I looooooooooove this theme! Zman, you have done it!
I love a cool Christmas theme. I've been trying to find one to use, and you hit it perfectly!!



Love this theme! Been running it on my storm2 for about 12 hours now and runs great! thanks for the free theme!


Well this is a first. Installed this through my email link and its nowhere to be found and also through Desktop manager says not compatible. and yes i got the Tour version


This is Definitely NOT working on my TOUR.


Love it! looks great on the Storm 2


Works great on my Tour. My only question is on the phone screen. The contact name and number is cut in half. I've changed my font and size to smallest available, but doesn't help? Assuming this can't be changed?


This theme rocks on my BOLD 9700 thanks for the Christmas Gift...Happy Holidays.


Very Nice theme. I lost 2.5mb of app memory after installing this. Otherwise this is a very nice theme. Thanks for making it free.


When I took my Storm (1) off the charger this morning, the clock was no longer in the middle of the screen - it was just normal text at the top of the screen.

I couldn't figure out how to change it, so I changed to another theme then back to this one. Now the clock is now back to the center of the screen. Was there something I [addidentally] did to change it, and is there an easier way to change it back?


and that theme looks sweet...


This theme looks beautiful on my Tour. Thank you so much for making it free!


Using a Storm 2 and with a black background, this absolutely rocks!


Excellent theme, thanks.


Try to load this on my Tour and says: This application is not compatible with your device and cannot be loaded!
This is the only Theme i have had a problem with.


Downloading now!!!
It looks amazing on ma` bold 9000...thank so much!!
Icons are very refreshing and good looking..
home screen is over the edge,battery clock is wooooow!!




Awesome looking theme BUT can not get the 8900 Curve 4.6OS to download using DM or OTA.....need a quick fix because i'm a CB theme junkie :)


this is seriously the smoothest theme i have ever run on my tour, the transitions are ill! so much faster than bedroid!


Cannot wait for this theme!! Hope its just as cool as the one for all the other BB's!!


Im running on my tour and I cant get this to load with the AppLoader or when I try it OTA i get a error 500 internal server error and a 400 bad request.

Any ideas or suggestions?? I really want to use this!!


are you on BES? I am having the same issue and have tried everything and I still get the error..,...


Very nice theme, but one question..... I like the stock wallpaper, however every time I tell BerryWeather to show the weather icon on the home screen it goes to a black background and the default wallpaper disappears. I can reset the wallpaper, but then I loose the BerryWeather icon. It looks like I need to know where the wallpaper image is stored to tell BerryWeather to use that background. Any ideas??? Hope that was not too confusing. Happy Holidays!!


Very nice theme!! Probably the best one I have downloaded. Thanks to all!!!


Really great job - my new default theme!


When I went to change back to the regular theme, the menu colors stay orange. I dig the orange for this theme, but not for all my others! How can I fix this bug?

EDIT: A simple battery pull will do the trick, apparently. God bless QuickPull...


I have Meterberry installed and it was going down real fast once I started using this theme. Too bad, it looks real nice!!


Thanks for the free app. This looks great with my carbon fiber wallpaper on my 9530. Only thing I wish I could figure out is how to make changes to the icons I want on the left dock. Other than that, it is perfect for my taste.


Can you get this theme free with out the Crackberry logo's on the battery icon and as the main background on the icons screen. Love Crackberry to death but want this theme without the logo's. Has anybody figured this out?

carolina gamecock

This theme was working great till I was listening to pandora and got a google talk message. After that it froze up and got major lag. Did a reset and it still bogged down.


I love this theme. Thanks alot


Very nice! Great looking & working "FREE" theme. The only thing that I would like to make it perfect is if the clock and battery/signal meters could be moved so you could use your own pics as a nice background.


I'm going to download this as soon as I get a free moment...Looks to be a real keeper...Thanks so much!


First of all, thank you very much for such an excellent theme. I love it!!!!!! It works great on Curve 8900.

I was wondering if it is possible to customize the top 5 icons in the middle. I would like replace the default ones with something else.


I love this theme, thank you


Will this work for 8830???


Excellent Theme...very well there a way to change the apps in the side bars? Would be great to customize them.


Really need to feel d swag of my curve with stunning themes..dats gonna make pple wana av it


this is the best! thanks so much talent and creative genius. i have it on my bold 9000


Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but PLEASE get those of us with 4.5 OS in the game here. Thak you.


Agreed. The 8330 is one of the best selling cell phones in the world. But a lot of people forget we exist.
Some of us without computers don't have OS 5.0 either. Don't forget us.
Maybe when I get my 9650 I can get this theme.


I like the theme, but was it really necessary to make the main icon screen wallpaper the giant CB logo?


downloaded it ota and have looked everywhere for it and cant find it.
Did a bat pull...still nothing.
even tried downloading again and it told me it already existed.
Can anybody help please?


If you go to your Options menu and go into your theme folder, it will be in there along with your other themes if you have others. Hopefully it is in there.


Love the theme, great icon etc, but what a memory leak. I've had to reset every hour to keep working with my storm.


I installed the theme. It is causing my storm to work inconsistantly. Locking, etc. I tried deleting it but the delete button will not highlight and thus won't delete. Any suggestions?


Have you tried deleting it from the Applications page in the Options area? Or maybe delete it through the Desktop software. Those should work.


I deleted it from the desktop software. Tx.


Downloaded it Tuesday morning. It is the first holiday theme that is free, works with my Storm 9530 without lagging it and does not conflict with the OS 5.0. No white side bars when I turn the phone sideways. I've tried 5 different themes with no luck until this theme. Thank you Zach @ Z Man. This theme rocks. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Anyone else with a Bold 9700 having problems downloading this?


The only thing that really associates this theme with Christmas is the snowfall wallpaper. LOL. I happen to love that wallpaper though but I have already tried other wallpapers that look great also. I'm using this on my Storm 2 and this theme is just great. Definitely something you can use all year round. My only wish would be some sort of Today version, if possible. Great job.

The Me

Oh, seriously. No 8330 love?
I need a new theme!!! Please! I beg you!


i want that clock in a nonholiday version. Just larger and on on a regular wallpaper-friendly theme...


This theme is awesome. I love the look and the background can be changed for year round use. I REALLY dig the gauges on the home screen. I do wish they were a little bit bigger. All in all I love it and this will more than likely be my daily theme!


I installed this on my Tour, Storm1 and 8900 and it's absolutely gorgeous on all 3.

Thank you and happy holidays to all!




I would like a pic of this on a Tour cuz i really believe it does not work! No matter what i try this theme will not show up!


Works great on my Storm running .419. One of the few themes besides the default that I like. Nice work.


Merry X-Mas to the entire team at CB..... also thanx to zach for the hook-up.....i am new the bb thing and this is my first


it has major memory issues and graphic glitch for the storm but it was make nice maybe next update will be better


where is the 8350i love????


All I want for Christmas is a "Colorberry." Here's hoping!


I so want this phone man!!! Plus I'm Jamaican so how cool would that be?!

doxa sub750T

Gr8t job! I really like it.


this is a great looking theme!


Berry Weather clips a little bit with the center icon, but I can deal with that. Looks gorgeous on the Storm2


Cool theme. I'll probably use this after x-mas. Thanks


Great theme!Appreciate the Holiday spirit!It works excellent!


Running this on Storm with OS 5.0. I have pocketday set on autodisplay. After the screen fades and I wake the phone, the clock in the middle of the homescreen disappears and I get a banner that looks like the stock precision theme. This is an awesome theme but this error really ruins the experience!


any chance for a quicklaunch spacebar option? that would complete the theme!


I have paid for themes and paid for themes and an hour later, delete them. This free theme is amazing plus wallpaper friendly. I will be using this theme and holding on to it. To good to be true but it is!!! LOVE IT, Grazie!


I think is awesome!


We downloaded this theme for our 9630 Tour and when SMS/MMS messages came through, we found you cannot get to them. They do not land in the "Messages" grouping. So, there was no way to access them. We ended up having to revert back to the normal theme. Kevin, can you let us know if something needs to be changed or was this missed in development?



I don't really like complaining about free stuff, especially when someone obviously put a lot of time and hard work into the design,but...what's with the redundancy? I've ended up with duplicate access on home screen (ie 2 calenders 2 messages ect) there a way to change the soft icons on left side of screen, or only top and bottom ones? The way I use my phone, it would make it more functional if I could...otherwise a very nice looking theme, better than most that they're charging money for-good job!


I thought this theme was going to be well.....kinda lame, until I applied it on my 9550. I must say, great job! This theme rocks!!!


WoooW man much appreciate for you :p .. This theme work just perfect on 9700. Looove it gd job n thx again


Wonderful theme, thank you so much for it.


This theme rocks on my Storm running Thanks for the gift, this one is a keeper. Haven't found anything I don't like about it yet.

Merry Christmas CrackBerry.


Very nice and clean themem


This is a great theme. It's clean and attractive, and the transitions are slick.

The only issue I've found is that whenever I receive an SMS, two notification icons appear (two of the same SMS icon, that is). When I go to SMS the red star disappears from one icon but remains on the other.

I'm thinking this may be due to the way the theme implements separate folders for SMS and for MMS as opposed to the usual SMS and MMS together in one application?


These are in the downloads folder for thouse who havent found them yet. This defenitly works for the tour.
Great app thank for the freebe!!


TWICE, WITH A (ERROR 552). WTH.. -_-


Yea i know it wont even load with my Tour, i want proof it works with it and still nobody can do it


It worked really well with the 9530 but... if you change the wallpaper - expect a MAJOR memory leak.


like the theme so far. but i have a few questions. im running the tour with 4.7 os. when i get to the clock screen how do i access the 3 docks? i read somewhere to tap not click how do i do that? also can i change the 3 docks or am i stuck with the cb and idk what the other 2 are? i dont care either way but i would like to access them.


Thanks for a great holiday theme(free) and always making this site informative, fun and unique for it's users


I likes, I likes.
This is a very great software and I am rocking it now! deleted others that I loaded because this is it!


I downloaded this theme... absolutely love it! I read that you can use it year round by changing the background though. How do you do this??


Thanks alot crackberry...


Love the theme, though being a perfectionist, this small bug *bugs* me. Scroll all the way up and look at the snap shot of the main icon page provided here on the crackberry blog (bottom right picture). Notice the "PM" of the time stamp is missing part of its "M"?

I have a 9700 and have replicated this problem. Anyone else?

Thanks anyway for this fantastic free theme. This will be my week-end theme; definitely need a today theme for work.


Awesome theme! works great on my Tour and doesn't have lag! Great work, Zach!


On my Tour sometimes it would show half of the "M" on either the "am" or "pm" on the clock from the main menu. Was wondering if anyone else had this problem.


Like it but I want to move the Clock down to the bottom as it covers up any photos I might want to use as a background..


very nice. i love the icons. thanks for the theme


Nice very nice, the best one of the best i've seen


Anyway to get the HOLIDAY version of this theme? I am a year late, and I was able to download the theme, but its all Blue and Orange.