Free Cowbell app from Bell to help cheer on Team Canada

By Ryan Blundell on 10 Feb 2010 01:05 pm EST


When you hear the word cowbell, you can’t help but think of the classic SNL sketch featuring Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken. I think the world would be a better place with more cowbell, especially the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Bell thought so too, in fact they said:

“If we’re going to win more medals, we’re going to need more cowbell!”

So c’mon you Canuckleheads, support Team Canada by downloading the free Cowbell app from Bell. The sound is activated by shaking, touching the screen or pressing a key. Show you spirit and wave your BlackBerry high- not too high or else someone may nab it. The following BlackBerrys are supported:

Bold 9000, 9700 / Curve 8530, 8330 / Pearl 8130, Pearl Flip / Storm / Tour / 8830

Bell customers can text COWBELL to 2010. Customers of other carriers can hit up In case you missed it, a week ago I put together a selection of applications you can use while you are at the Olympics. The Bell Cowbell app makes a nice addition.

“I’ve got a fever (Olympic Fever), and the only prescription… is more cowbell!”

Reader comments

Free Cowbell app from Bell to help cheer on Team Canada


It was a great idea, but poorly implemented. It sounds like a real cowbell, but it doesn't have that fast ski cowbell sound. It's pathetically slow.

Years of over priced plans, outdated devices, horrible support, completely untruthful practices and 3year contracts.

All of that for a cowbell app.

I can now say for certain my money is going into productive projects that ultimately bring better value to back to the customers.

Thanks Bell.

Incredibly slow and even with my volume turned all the way up, can barely hear it. (on a Storm 2 9550)

Rogers and Telus need to make their own noise maker apps and they all need to be in app world! Create competition while supporting our atheletes

I'm with Rogers and have an 8900, still downloaded the app and works fine! Just go to and you can get it even if you're not with Bell.

Normally I don't root for team canada, but since jonathan toews is playing for them, they'll be my pick as soon as team usa gets knocked out (which may not be as soon as usual since we do have kane and crosby among others).
I'm really not gonna know what to think when they play each other.

Don't waste your time if you have a Storm2...there are no controls and it doesn't seem to respond to increasing the volume.... you can hardly hear it...

I know its free but come on! At more than 1/2 a meg this should have been a rootin tootin cowbell. This sounds more like a tin can and a ball bearing. Sorry but this ap lasted 12 sec. on my S2. Seriously it took longer to restart than it did do try this out.

I wish they would have let you control the bell with key pushes, one clang for each push of the key, you could do your own beat, this is lame the way it is.