Free Christmas StillScreens from DreamTheme!

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Dec 2009 11:56 am EST

Recently DreamTheme launched 20 new personalization products across 3 new app categories. This week they have just released a new StillScreen pack for the holidays and are giving out free copies to the CrackBerry community in appreciation for their continued support. The Christmas StillScreens app is a tiny loader app that gives access to holiday themed images of impeccable quality -- use them as extra backgrounds for your PrimeThemes for a totally personalized holiday experience . You can check out Christmas StillScreens or DreamTheme's other StillScreens packs by viewing them at

For those of you that have already bought the 'Unlimited Dreaming' package from DreamTheme, the Christmas StillScreens are now available to you through your Unlimited Dreaming icon on your device. You can get Unlimited Dreaming, or anything else from DreamTheme's catalogue here at the CrackBerry App Store -- remember to use the code 'ENJOY' to get your free copy of Christmas Stillscreens and the code "Crack" to get an additional 15% off when purchasing through the CrackBerry App Store Client or Mobile App Store site!

* NOTE - MAKE SURE WHEN USING THE COUPON CODE YOU HIT UPDATE BUTTON BEFORE CONTINUING. The price needs to show $0.00. If you don't hit the update button, the free pricing won't take effect. *

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Free Christmas StillScreens from DreamTheme!


Just a quick note - Make sure when you're using the 'ENJOY' coupon code for your free stillscreens that you update the coupon code after you enter it. The price should change to $0.00 and you'll want to make sure it does before you proceed with checkout. You don't want to accidentally get charged.

you have to have a credit card and enter the info to get the free still screen!? if so isn't that a bit odd?

What happened? I followed all the prompts and waited for the box to pop up for the code and the next thing I knew I had purchased it! I would like to undo this, because it is very confusing!

If you didn't use the coupon code properly (never updated and just continued without the pricing changing to $0.00 so you accidentally bought it), please email with your order # and the issue that happened (you can send the link to this post), and they'll refund you on the accidental purchase.

So I guess these are just wallpapers? I downloaded it thinking they were going to be animated. I guess that defeats the name StillScreens...DOH!

Exception Error: Device: BlackBerry9700/ Profile/MIDP-2.1 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/100 not found

I get a similar least I figured out the coupon code thing so I didn't actually pay for something that doesn't work...still, annoying.

Seems to work great on my 9000, but not my 9700. Support says they will have 5.0 support for all of their products soon.

for clarifying that. Was just about to do the same thing so thanx for saving me, and everyone else, the work of emailing them.

Having an interest in the Live screen themes from Dreamtheme, I attempted to purchase one. OMG! What an unbelievable process of difficulty to even *try* to get it to work. Paid my TEN bucks, only to learn you have to download it to your PC (No possible way of sending it directly to your phone) then you need to unzip the file, open your DM add it to the applications loader. THEN you can get it on your BB. Once, on my Tour, clicking on the Icon locked up my BB for several minutes. Regretfully, I had to delete it. UNBELIEVABLE!

Sorry for your inconvenience FlicksBerry. There was no OTA option as the current version of our LiveScreens are not supported on the Tour -- yet. The next version of our LiveScreens will be out soon and will not only include Tour support, but a host of other user requested improvements. Please let our customer service know you had an issue and we will make sure you get refunded.

Team DreamTheme

I've been using these as my desktop wallpapers for quite a while and have most of the author's work. They are fantastic. You can always use GIMP to resize them to fit whatever screen resolution you need. Works just fine on my tour.

I installed the package with no issue, however when i click the xmass icon it tries to load a webpage and giver the error "The returned page had no content type, and therefore cannot be processed"

This needs to be fixed

We have seen this issue with folks using Internet Explorer and Firefox as the browser on device and are looking into a fix for this now. Until then please use the BlackBerry Browser -- sorry for the inconvenience.

Team DreamTheme

Greetings to All:

When I installed the application it shows me an error message:

"The Returned page had no content type, and therefore cannot be processed"

Hey, thanks, but, I downloaded it and installed it twice. It is not working. I have a Storm 9530. Please let me know what to do.