Berry Holiday 2 Theme Rebranded to CB2 Theme - Still Free, Tweaked Up and Now Available for all BlackBerry Models

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Jan 2010 03:58 pm EST

FREE CB2 Theme for BlackBerry Smartphones

Remember the free Berry Holiday 2 theme we gave away before Christmas? Well it's back! Rebranded from Berry Holiday to CB2 and coming with a default wallpaper that works year round (though you can always change that up with our free wallpaper gallery), Zach from Z Man Designs has tweaked up the theme (fixing any issues some users had) and has now made it available for ALL BLACKBERRY device models, including the Pearls and older Curves, 8800s and even the 8700 (be sure to check the OS requirements on the product page to make sure your device is compatible - ie, 8700 needs OS 4.5). Keep in mind this is a new theme, so if you're already running Berry Holiday the CB2 theme will install separately.

Just like Berry Holiday 2, CB2 features three hidden docks. When they're all minimized the homescreen is very clean with the CrackBerry fuel/battery gauge standing out nicely in the middle. From there you can scroll up for your core shortcuts and then back down the outer to icons to bring up the customizable side docks (Storm users can check out the hot spot chart). It'll take a couple minutes to get used to it. For devices running OS 5.0 the CB2 theme features nice transitions. Overall, it's a really nice looking theme. Follow the link below to download FOR FREE. Thanks again Z Man!

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Berry Holiday 2 Theme Rebranded to CB2 Theme - Still Free, Tweaked Up and Now Available for all BlackBerry Models


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I have to add that the wallpaper that is shipping with this rebranded theme is HIDEOUS!! Doesn't matter though, because I'll be using a custom wallpaper. Thanks for the AWESOME THEME!!!!

WOW --- I can't believe how much FASTER this theme is than the last version. And the transitions are way better too. Z MAN ...YOU HAVE OUT DONE YOURSELF!!!!!

I downloaded this yesterday for my Storm 2. I absolutely love it. The icons are beautiful and transitions smooth and slick. It looks good with other wallpapers. I think I will use it for quite a while.

This is by far is my favorite theme out of my collection. I love how clean it looks when all the docks are hidden. Furthermore it is free, hell I would have paid $6-$9 for this like I have for other themes that I have not liked near as much. Thanks CB you guys are awesome!!!!!!

I was hoping he changed that BBM icon to something that resemble a phone or something. Hate seeing that pencil in the middle. Makes no sense. But other that annoying pencil that says HI, its all good.

I agree. Hate to complain about a free theme, or one this nice, but I don't like the bbm icon either. Great job Z Man!

thanx again for the freebie, loved the holiday one but for some reason couldnt get my sms/mms icon to appear on either theme. im using tour 9630 on verizon and stated was compatabile but i must be doing something wrong. either way thanx again loved them but has to switch back to my old theme :)

why is there 2 options for 8350i 1 for OS 4.6 and 1 for OS 5.0?? 5.0 not available for 8350i yet, maybe thats an idea it will be coming out soon??? hope so

There are leaked versions of 5.0 available on CrackBerry and other sites that users can self-install at their own risk. Some of the apps are already providing support for 5.0. Facebook app supports 5.0 on my 9630 with Sprint, and 5.0 hasn't even come out to any phone on Sprint yet. RIM said 5.0 will be early 2010 though, so hold your breath! It's coming! (Don't expect much though -- it's a lot like 4.7 on the Tour, just tweaked up.)

The crackberry developers have done it again. Thaks ZMan fo r this great theme. I am going to download it now and test it out. Who knows it may replace my Zen theme.

Yes it is a dope theme! I mistaken deleted one of my stock themes last night. Since it only came with 2 in the first place (8530) this one was a welcomed addition. Many, many thanks Z Man!!!

Amazing theme this is gonna be my theme for a long time. Only thing is i was wondering what the crackberry fual gage is it keeps going from 3 to 2 for me

Looks great! I used the last one for a while and while I liked it a lot, it seemed to have a memory leak. Hopefully this one has that taken care of!

I tried this theme last month and uninstalled it because I experienced a memory leak on my Storm. I just tried this new version and within about 15 minutes lost half my memory. It's a nice theme but I don't like the leak so I have uninstalled it again.

yes i have a memory leak on my 8820 blackberry too now i lose 7mb of memory in 4hr's or less I NEED SOME HELP PLEASE I LOVE THIS THEME AND DON'T WANT TO UNINSTALL IT BUT WHAT CAN I DO PLEASE HELP ME ASAP PLEASE...

this is the best theme i have saw in a long time.. it use's less memory unlike other theme's and it look's just so great i love it thank you crackberry and Zach from Z Man Designs this is a great theme thank you.. ok update it started out good and it's great but on my 8820 bb from t-mobile i have a huge memory leak i lose all my 7mb of memory in 4 hr's and have to reboot ever 4hr's to keep running please help i love this theme PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPP THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

I DL'd this back in December and ran it for weeks w/o any problems on my 8900 (4.6)
Should I download this one as well? Is it actually an improvement or just different wallpaper and available for more models?

It is a little different. The colors and fonts were changed and a few other little tweaks have greatly improved this theme. I love it.

This theme is great!

It works incredibly well with BeWeather. The homescreen wallpaper lines up perfectly with the center icon array. It's like it was made for it. Transitions are smooth and icons are top notch. THANKS Z-Man and CB.COM.

you can keep the theme and layout running and just change the background wallpaper to whatever you want

Love this theme! I only wish the "core shortcuts" were messages, sms/mms, browser and BBM. Personally, I don't use manage connections much. Still, a great theme!

I've paid much more for much less of a theme... guess I'm gonna have to check out Z Man Designs... if this is a freebie, anything else has got to be awesome! Thanks!

The theme is well designed. I love the transitions and the hidden docks on the home screen. It may have been the permanent theme for the life of my current BB, but the memory leaks are bad. Even after a couple battery pulls, it would drop to 65mb. I usually don't go below 80mb, even on heavy usage days. I'll use it again once the leaks are fixed. I'll even pay for it. ;)

I installed this theme last night, the transitions is a kind of crap on 9500. memory leak still a bug ..
its a nice theme but its not that good...
thanks but no thanks

its a very good looking theme but its nowhere near as smooth as the previous incarnation. might go back to the previous incarnation that i've been using since it was released

it's great themes, but make this themes, my bold memory so fast to drop.... n i still cannot edit icon folder...

thx anyway....................

You people who are complaining must have Storms. The transitions are flawless on my Bold 9700, and I haven't had any sort of memory drop. The transitions are smoother and faster than the last version. The only thing I don't like is when I reboot my phone, at first it brings back the ugly orange and red wallpaper for a few seconds before switching to my custom wallpaper. The last version never showed the original wallpaper.

The theme is great in a lot of way, but here are some constructive criticism:

1 - Pls make the icons at the top larger. They are way too small.
2 - Change the color of the icons at the top to silver,
or white,...any color other than the CB background colors. Orange on orange cannot be the best you guys can muster up.
3 - Or, place a border white border around the icons at the top, least when it's selected.
4 - "Manage Connection" icon at the top! Why not make it look like a true satellite dish, looks wacky as it is.
5 - Hmm, while typing this, I just realize that what I thought was the processor meter,..that was stuck at 100mph is actually the battery meter!
5a - How about increasing the size of the Date/Time/Svc Provider/BT icon, etc., screen. The size of the screen is way too small as well as the fonts.
5b - How about adding digits instead of "tick marks" for the battery meter and signal strength meters. Also, start the btry meter with tick marks from 1 to 4 and digits of 5,6,7,8,9,10 for the battery meter and all digits for the for the signal strength meter
6 - As it is, you have to select the Left or Right outer top icons at the top in order to bring up Left and Right docked items. Not good. Lets enable bringing up the docked icons from any of the top icon items.

On another note, the Menu icons are so sweet, I spinkled them onto my pancakes. RIM should take notices. These are the best icons I've ever seen on a phone. Just plain straight and to the point.
7 - In SMS/MMS mode, the orange bar is wayyyyy tooo wideeee. Does it have to be that wide.
8 - Whenever you select Camera, Music Player, Calendar items, etc., and access the menus, the "font" is tinnie-tiny! Wayyy tooo smalll! C'mon guys, do any of you wear glasses or contacts? I'd rather scroll to see what I want than to not be able to see it because the designer used a micro-font for sub-menu items.

That said, here are 8 suggestions that would make this the absolute hottest theme on the planet,...or even the solar system!

Have Bold Will Travel~

Agreed. Not feelin any of the suggestions. I love how he wants bottom docks to be accessible from any top icon... if it was designed this way, there would be no way to get the top dock hidden!

Hello CrackBerry,

a very successful App liquid and truly up and running! TOP, macht weiter so!

The only thing still missing, would be an Today (news) calendar. Thus the theme for me would be perfect!


unfortunately it is extremely slow and the icons up top cannot be customized as well as the icons are small up top. it totally slowed my phone down though. Can't have that.

I love that the message notifications are above the clock now!!
Blue and red colours are extra ordinary when together...
Nice work again,can't belive that u did it even more better!!
Thanks so much!!

It doesn't seem to quite work the same for 8330, my dock issue is the exact same as above, not hiding the sides and having an autohidden bottom bar of 4 icons. Also, I might not understand something, but why are my sms's not appearing in my messages list anymore? Now I have to specifically open "sms" for texts instead of it all being in one place. Does something need to be set back a certain way?

There is an option to keep sms/mms in separate list or put in message list. You have to reset it when your first start using the theme.

I have seen and tried hundreds of themes and consider myself quite picky when it comes to theme selection. This is the best I've ever seen even compared to paid themes.

The navigation is super smooth, the icons are cool, and the transitions make it unstoppable. I'm using a Javelin 8900 running

Thanks for this. I still can't believe its free.

On a storm 2 when the screen is locked it covers the clock. I have to unlock the screen to see the time and I use my BB as a watch. other than that exceptional.

Thanks for the update Z Man. Now I won't have to switch to something else when spring gets here.

After loading this theme, I lost my weblink to crackberry. How can I get my fix fast when I cant just click on icon, I had too go back to old theme, need my fix.

For some reason I rather the Berry Holiday 2 theme. I liked the lighter orange as opposed to this darker reddish orange colour in the menus and message screens.

I also rather the slide transition in the older theme as opposed to the new way where it seems to crawl across the screen on my phone. Not too fond of that.

Apart from those things I didn't see any major changes as I haven't had any problems with the old one. But I DID find the new screen transition annoying so I went back to Berry Holiday 2.

Love the functions and the icons. However, on my Storm 2, when I change the wallpaper in options and save it, it changes for a few minutes and the goes back to one I used in another theme. I would love to use it if my wallpaper would stay.

usually i dont download themes but for some reason i decided to try this one a few days theme i ever used of the few that i have would be perfect if it allowed me to edit which icons at the very top (messages, calendar, profile, manage connections, clock)...overall i like it alot

LOVE THIS THEME!! I had Berry Holiday 2, and now I have CB2 with a different wallpaper. This theme looks amazing and can look great with almost any wallpaper!

Also had to mention that Zach provides great product support! I had trouble when I got a new phone and had to reinstall... Zach's email communication was very quick and he got the problem resolved very quickly.

Awesome theme and awesome developer! A must have!

Downloaded this theme and it looks great on my Blackberry Storm! runs alot faster than any of my previous themes, even faster than the Zen one! Thanks a bunch!

For some reason my internet stopped working when I installed this theme, and non of my apps where on my phone. Some one please help me, I like the theme and want it on my phone.

Love it, love it, love it, great theme and the price is right. Only I wish the home home screen did not have the fuel/battery/clock in the middle of it or at least a option to turn it off. My wallpaper rotates through my favorite pictures and it is right in the middle of every picture. Anyway, thanks for a great theme!

I realized email and the browser were out a 1 a.m. this morning. I'm in N.J. (Verizon). The phone was abnormal at 9 a.m. It was working without the usual lags and glitches. The 1 a.m. emails came in with the re-boot time tag as if nothing happened. We all know something did!!!

I submitted to the wrong entry about the outage. I did, however, DL this theme and find it a bit more responsive than the 1st edition. My home screen, however does not consistantly respond to swipes upon hiding icons. On my Storm2, I do not get side icons...only top & bottom. Anyone know how I can improve on this?

it's a really great looking theme. Probably the best one I've ever had but unfortunately I'm gonna have to delete it because my memory is leaking at insane rate. I downloaded it about 2 hours ago with 20MB of application memory and I'm down to 1.5MB already!

I like the theme. I like the icons, i like the side docks and how they allow me more icons on the homescreen. But this theme caused a serious memory leak on my Tour. Absolutely killed the speed of the device. Four battery pulls in two days. Sorry, but that is anacceptable to me. I uninstalled it and the Tour is cruisin' right along again.

Great theme, however the email notification doesn't show on the messages icon on the top dock. Also suffered a drop of 10mb in my application memory, after a day of use.

yes after installing this theme on my 8820 it killed my blackberry 8820 from t-mobile and before it died the battery life went to crap. now i have to wait 7 days to get my replacement blackberry 8820 from t-mobile this suck's. i went back to my 8700g blackberry and put this theme on it with the berry joose app on it and it keeps the memory leak to none so it's working good now. so if you want to use this theme you need to get berry joose and it will help for the memory leak i got it when it was on sale for $2.99 so get it if you want to use the cb2 theme..

this is a great theme, but why isn't there an icon for sms text messages? I received texts and i had no way of getting to the inbox. i had to change the settings and combine messages and sms messages.

Cool the icons. I have had a couple of issues where when I scrolled down,the sidebar icons would not appear. It's happened twice just this weekend alone. When I shut down, and came back up (not a battery pull), it worked. No rhyme or reason.

im having problems getting to the desktop with all the menu items; When i hold down the BBerry button (next to the green phone button) I get a display with a few choices (msgs, phone etc) but that's it. Also, on the menu on top of the home screen there are options but cant get to them! Is it me?

I am constantly changing themes on my Storm 2 but this theme has lasted the longest for me. Very fast, clean, and no memory leak. Only a couple things could have made this theme even better.

The static icons could have been different. When the hidden docks are visible you have 2 icons for Managing Connections and 2 icons for managing the Clock. That is pretty redundant. I would much prefer having 1 of the static icons be Options and the other either BBM or Contacts.

On the lock screen it would be great if the clock were put in the top banner somehow. When I go to look at the time and my phone is locked, the locked message goes overtop of the clock. You either need to wait for the message to go away or unlock the phone to look at the time.

Other than that this theme is fantastic and I plan on running it for sometime.

I love this theme and have since the original Berry Holiday 2 release but there still is one problem hat hasn't been fixed. When the time switches to a 2 digit hour ala 10,11,12 the M in AM or PM is cut off. I am using a BlackBerry Tour 9630 with OS

Hi Folks,

So erstmal a very good theme and a lot of fun. Unfortunately I had to realize that the memories no longer flip the calendar, and tasks. It will play no memory and it seems no text!

If this is still a small bug or was this not foreseen?

Thanks for the help.


I LOVE this theme except for the serious memory leak I have with it. Running on a Storm latest OS (.328)

Great work though and if it wasn't for the mem leak I would use it!!

I'm loving the theme on my Storm2, but I am going nuts with the font size when showing an incoming call. I need a magnifying glass to see what is there. I cannot figure out how to increase that font size. Does anyone have an idea?