Free CB 2.0 Theme Now Available for 8800 and 8300 Curves

Free CB 2.0 Theme for the BlackBerry 88xx and Curve 8300 Series!
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Mar 2009 05:49 pm EDT

During our CrackBerry Birthday week festivities we released the Free HD CB 2.0 BlackBerry theme for the Storm, Bold and Curve 8900. Built for CrackBerry readers by Hedone Designs, the theme has already receieved over 20,000 downloads!

By way of popular demand, Hedone went back to the Plazmic drawing board and has now released the free CB 2.0 theme for the BlackBerry 8800 and Curve 8300 series devices. Sweeet. THANKS HEDONE!!



Thanks Kevin and thanks HEDONE :D


I have downloaded the application and let my black berry rebot and when it turns on i cant find the application. I looked in options under theme and it was not there where else do i look.


If you get an anser can you lemme know I was so excited and now cant find it. :(


I second that... nothing showing! Now Im bummed out lol


You need to install themes via the blackberry desktop manager on your computer.

Adam Zeis

Looks great on my 8330. Any chance of getting a better focus icon? It's near impossible to see what icon is selected - especially on 3rd party apps. Thanks :)


I agree with Azeis, you can "almost" see which icon selected on the theme icons, but the 3rd party just have to pay attention to the text.


Now all that is left is my lovely 8100

Purty Please?


Sweet release thanks!


Looks great on my storm.


i have downloaded the application and let my black berry rebot and when it turns on i cant find the application. I looked in options under theme and it was not there where else do i look.


Thanks CrackBerry!! Looks great on my 8320.

Renee Wade

Is this theme going to be available for the Pearl 8130?


when do we get our share?

4.2.1 OS :)

thanks for remembering us


Works and looks great on my 8900. TY!


WOW, thanks i love this theme, even my old eyes can see it clearly. Love the colors. Hedone, good work. thanks again.


^_^ I about died when I saw it for only Storm and Bold, but now 8800 & 8300? I am so excited now to see if Hedone Designs graces us with one for us Pearl (81xx) & Kickstart (82xx) users.


Comes in Handy for us 8830's that are waiting for Upgrade Eligibility


Some Flip love would be great!


what about the theme for us pearl users
we want some love too


I try to download via email and it keeps asking for a verification code, but there is none.


This theme looks awesome, but I can't download it, it keeps telling me: "Please enter valid verification code" but there is no field to enter one.

David Mullins

I tried to download the theme last night, but I received neither the SMS nor the e-mail with the OTA link.

This morning, when I try to get the SMS or e-mail, it says I need a verification code. Help!

By the way, I'm trying to get the theme for my Curve 8310.

Thanks for any help!


Same as David, can't download due to a need for 'verification code'?

Grassyass anyhow Hedone!


I love this theme! The only downside is that on the storm, the words under the icons blend together and looks messy. I think it would be better if there was no writing under the icons but if you highlighted it then you would get the icons title. Just a suggestion


dang it, my wife told me to rush on over and pick up this theme as she just switched to it on her 8310, and wouldn't ya know it, not available for the 8110? looks like she'll be saying "na nahnah na nah nah"


just like the others it says i need a verification code
somebody please help


me too on the verification code

8330 Addiction

I am trying to download this theme and it is erroring out. It keeps saying enter valid verification code. I don't know what they are talking about. Please help


themes for 8350i please!!


Imagine my disappointment when i saw this theme and I couldn't download it due to a dang verification code!! Any thoughts on how to bypass this. I see many unreplied questions on this.


Download page asks me for a verification code,what code and where do ya put it??Somebody needs to get there #### together!!


I love this theme!!!!! Thanks so much to the creator. It always help to introduce CB through a theme


I have seen this theme for all the BB models but for the FlipBerry. Is BB 8220 the foster child of this Forum or u planning to make one for us Flipowners as well?


I have seen this theme for all the BB models but for the FlipBerry. Is BB 8220 the foster child of this Forum or u planning to make one for us Flipowners as well?


The validation code is that you are logged in to your crackberry account. That is all. I was wondering the same thing all day, and I finally logged in and bingo.


Opera Mini won't work with this theme. I liked it until I realized this. At least for me it didn't work.


Now I'm all set with my BB curve. I have my sms messages set with the ring tone saying and this cool them. Thx CB


I downloaded it OTA (8310 curve). I see it in my apps list but I can't see it in my theme list?? Help please!


Thank you to Hedone for making this for the 8300


I can't find it either in my themes. I tried doing it via desktop manager, but when I went to install it, it says the download failed - 907 invalid COD file not found.....any ideas?


Any chance that a 81xx version is in the works?


please, do it for thr bb pearl!!


I have two main complaints that after a couple days of using, made me delete this theme.

First let me say I really like the way it looks overall and it's crispness. However the traditional icons barely highlight when going over them and added apps icons do not highlight at all, making it hard to click on the the app that you are aiming for. After opening my browser instead of my messages way to many times, it had to go.

Also, the second and biggest reason for getting rid of this is I found it to be the source of a major memory leak. I had a very slow memory leak before installing (1-2mb over a couple of days), and after installing would drop 2-3mb in a matter of minutes if not seconds.

Adam Zeis

I agree with you on your first point. I did email Hedone and he said that a fix would be issued with a new focus icon. So hopefully that will roll out today or tomorrow. As for the memory leak - I haven't noticed but will have to keep an eye on it now that you mention it.


First this is an awesome looking theme. I am running Sprint OS 4.5. Every time I try start any application that accesses the internet (BOLT, Opera Mini, Sprint TV), the menu does not stay on the menu does not stay on the screen. For instance, if I open Opera Mini and press the menu button, the menu will flash, but not remain up. In order for me to close the application I have to remember that to close you select exit and I have to press 'E' once I have clicked the menu button.


I just downloaded this on my storm but can't find...

What can I do??


I like the themes they are great .The only thing is that I don't use credit cards online .I really would like to send a donation.


still no love for the 8130...