Free Carbon Slick Theme For Bold Devices!

By Bla1ze on 29 Jun 2009 07:55 am EDT
Free Carbon Slick Theme For BlackBerry Bold!

Ninja_says has released a nice and elegant new theme for those of you out there who like a little customization but still need a classier look than what standard themes can offer. Carbon Slick, even though using original icons has quickly become one of my favorite themes for my Bold.

With weather application integration, a hidden today screen and a user customizable bottom dock containing 6 icons, this theme is just as it's says -- slick. You'll love the cost as well, zip, zilch, zero, nada! Nice price for a great looking Bold theme. Be sure to check out all of Ninja_says other themes as well, all reasonably priced or free.

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Free Carbon Slick Theme For Bold Devices!


The problem I am having on my 8900 is that I cannot see any current appointments on the Today screen.

The weather app can be any app you want to use. Just position the icon as the first one in the scond row.

This theme looks very nice and the cost is great - free!

I was wondering if the font used for displying the time could be changed as I have a hard time reading it especially when it's 11:xx.

Anyone else feel the same way?

Thanks for your efforts.


This theme by the awesome and humble ninja_says is totally sweet. I've been sporting it a couple weeks now, and have to say I love it...

The colors and font are awesome, and overall it has a very clean feel to it.

You won't regret paying nothing for this theme. ;)

And hey, while you're at it... follow him on Twitter! (@ninja_says) hehehe don't kill me Ninja... lol!!

Color, look, runs smooth and fast but my only cons are that it doesn't show the icons for Voicemail (if you dont get the text you have a voicemail, you'll never know), missed calls, SMS and BBM messages on the home screen.

But the theme was free and seems pretty stable so we really shouldn't complain. maybe just a fix for the next updated version???

Great theme but I'm having an issue in that past appointments do not seem to clear themselves automatically from the Today screen when the end time has passed. Running it on a Bold.

I'd also second the request for the icons for mail, sms etc to be shown.

But, after I installed, did a battery pull, and rebooted, I was no longer able to see my SMS and MMS icon. It was not hidden or deleted. Am I the only one who is experiencing this?

This theme would be perfect, if only the notification icons worked as shown in the screenshots ... I have no notifications of missed calls, voicemail, number of unread messages, nothing. I am running a Bold 9000 with OS

I'll try again tonight with one of the unofficial OS's from the forums, but until then I'm going to have to disable this theme. :(

Upgraded to, still no notification icons after a battery pull. That's too bad ... has ANYONE gotten the notification icons to work? If so, what OS are you running?