FREE BlackBerrys for Dev Conference Attendees!!!

BlackBerry Developer Conference
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Oct 2008 04:29 pm EDT

October 1st is here and that means we are just three weeks away from RIM's first-ever BlackBerry Developer Conference. My hotel is booked, registration pass confirmed, and I am getting excited as all heck to hit California and see first hand what the event holds in store. RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis will be there to deliver a keynote address, and I'm hoping in it he drops word of some exciting RIM developments that I can live blog back to CrackBerry Nation (just like we did for CTIA).

In addition to reporting the news coming out of the event, this conference will be extra special for me personally... I get to participate!! As part of the BlackBerry Partners Fund Developer Challenge, I'm one of the judges for the "Game" category, which is pretty cool, though hectic. I seriously have over 30 games to install and play with and rate in the next few days, so if I'm a bit late on getting a post up you'll know why. Oh, and in case you were wondering, my votes can't be bought (well.. that is unless of course a BlackBerry Storm arrives at my door courtesy of a dev entered in the challenge! Everybody has a price. :-) LOL!!!). Following up on the judging, I'll be participating at the conference in the panel discussion session BlackBerry Partners Fund Presents: What Makes a Great Mobile Application?, along with Rick Segal (Partner, BlackBerry Partners Fund), Mike Kirkup (Manager, Developer Relations, RIM) and Hayden James (President, Should be exciting!!!

AND NOW FOR THE BREAKING NEWS... As if there were not already enough reasons to attend this event, a little birdie just told me the best news yet! The event is going to be littered with FREE BLACKBERRY SMARTPHONES! Attendee goodie bags should be packed with a new BlackBerry, and there may even be extra device freebies as prizes and giveaways within sessions. THANK YOU RIM! That's how you get the developer community excited about your platform... give them units to play with, use and test on! I'm not sure who the brilliant guy was who put this notion forward, but he deserves a pat on the back!

For more info on the Dev Conference, visit I hope to see you there!!!  [ Editor's Note: Apologies on the number of exclamation marks used in this post, but as you can tell, I'm excited!! ]

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FREE BlackBerrys for Dev Conference Attendees!!!


From the website FAQ:

Q. Are Student Passes available?

A. Yes, a limited number of student passes are available for the BlackBerry Developer Conference. Students must contact the conference team at indicating their interest to attend and provide proof of enrollment which includes program schedule and student identification. Admittance to the Student Program is under the discretion of the BlackBerry Developer Conference organizers. Approved students will receive notification via email and given a registration code. The Student Conference pass fee is $99US and includes access to the Monday evening Welcome Reception, general session and breakout sessions, Hands-on Labs, Tuesday night party, Mobility Pavilion, session presentations, and complimentary breakfast and lunch Tuesday and Wednesday.

I'm not a developer or any of that whole list on the developer conference, is that what student pass is for?

Is the student pass eligible for recieving "free schwag" or bag of goodies that Kev was talking about?

You just about made me spit on the keyboard. Trust don't wanna be like me when you grow up.... serious case of CrackBerry ADD... can't hold a conversation with a person for more than 30 seconds without turning to my berry... Messed up BlackBerry Thumb hands from too much CrackBerrying... it's a crazy existence... but somebody's gotta do it :-)

are students able t get the free blackberry too? And is it the bold we are getting or is it possible it could be one of the older models??

October-November are gonna be awesome
1: A conference near my home so no travel is required
2: Potential for better then average freebies
3: Impending Bold release
4: Impending Storm release
5: RIM and Apple stocks available at some nice discount prices

WOO HOO!!! Sorry, just couldn't contain my excitement.

"are students able t get the free blackberry too? And is it the bold we are getting or is it possible it could be one of the older models??"

Yeah that?

I will be attending the conference as well, and to add to that excitement that I already am feeling, this news is just another added boost ;) Hopefully I'll be able to check out your panel discussion during that time!

How horrible is this. It's going to be going on right down the road from me and I can't go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll have to go circle the conference and drool...LOL

No need for apologies, if I were going I'd be excited too!! who knows maybe you'll walk out of there with a Storm in your goodie bag!