FREE BlackBerry WallPaper Maker

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Mar 2007 09:21 am EDT
0 Wallpaper Maker is happy to announce version 1.0 (still in beta) of it's free BlackBerry Wallpaper Maker! It's easy to use - simply upload any .jpg or .png image off your harddrive (keep it to a megabyte or less), choose the berry you have, choose the file type you want the output image to be (I personally like the .png - you don't lose any image clarity), and then enter the email address of your BlackBerry!
Once the image arrives in your BlackBerry email box, simply save it to your pictures folder and "Set as Homescreen Image".
You can thank Tom, our resident genius, for setting this one up. We're working on some version 1.01 already that will make this even slicker (color palette picker, and we're thinking of adding of adding a public wallpaper gallery - when you create your wallpaper you will have the option to add your creation to the public folder to be shared with other visitors!). But you know us - we can never wait to get things launched. It'll only get better!
Give it a Go! Let us know how you like it! You can find the WallPaper Generator under Tools in the main menu, or by clicking here. For now, only registered users have access to the wallpaper generator. Not a registered member yet? Click here to join the community!

Reader comments

FREE BlackBerry WallPaper Maker


Nice! I will certainly be trying this. Yet another good idea/feature to differentiate this site from other BlackBerry sites. Keep up the good work.

At present there seems to be issues with using this from I.E. 6 & 7, but the admins are working on it. It works flawlessly from FireFox...

I had a couple of pc desktop wallpapers that I always wished could be put on my BB. Now, it's a reality!

Thanks again for this great feature!

The Wallpaper Maker should be working fine now in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Max file size is 2 megs. The email should be delivered well within a minute from creation.

Take note you need to be a registered member/logged in to enjoy this feature!