Free BlackBerry Storm Lightsaber App Emerges

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Feb 2009 03:22 pm EST

Free BlackBerry Storm Lightsaber App

Based on tons of requests, member dmglakewood took it upon himself to whip up a lightsaber app for the BlackBerry Storm. Here's how it works:

Open the app, click the screen to turn the lightsaber on. You can swipe the screen left and right for different colors. When you have a color of your choice just swing the phone left and right. Based on how hard you swing it different sounds will play. Click the screen again to turn it off. 

The app is still a work in progress with some known glitches to be worked out (you might want to hold off dueling with your iPhone-owning buddies till it's 100%) but if you want to have a lightsaber on your Storm RIGHT NOW it is available for download. Jump over to the Storm Lightsaber App thread in the forums for more information and the download link. 

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Free BlackBerry Storm Lightsaber App Emerges


that is EXACTLY what I was thinking... I was just about to get the LightSaber app until I visualized my phone flying across the room from either myself or my son.. =P

Just when I thought I had convinced my financee that I was not a geek for being on here so much this comes out and she sees it and all my convincing was in vein......nothing could be geekier than this....honestly I would expect to see this in an episode of BIG Bang theory not in real life :-)...that said I am downloading this right now :-)

i went on my storm to do the ota download and the crackberry website crashed my phone....time for another battery pull...

I downloaded an app called soft reset that allows you to do the reset from your screen without having to pull the battery

quickpull was the first app to do a battery pull from your screen i use it and i works great..and if you want you phone to stop crashing its time to upgrade to a leaked beta .90 or higher or you can wait a month full of crashes and random reboots and yes i know crackberry is not a mobile friendly site but i should not crash your phone just your browser.

Now iPhone and Storm star wars fanboys can have their ultimate battles! ACCELEROMETERS FTW! You just got pwned!

wtf man,

with as dumb as this looks and sounds, I surprisingly want to download it... wow. I don't even like star wars.

Is it just me or is it supposed to vibrate and make a sound? To the left i can not tell if it is the vibration or a sound that I hear. Cool app though, thanks!

If you are running OS .75, you will not get sounds. It's a RIM issue, not possible to fix by the developer.

Fixes and new features to come in a new release within the next day.

More to come, stay tuned :D

hey i was wondering if you do an update or something that if you could make it have constant hum like your moving it around real slow, like the initial hum when you open ur lightsaber have that constantly play and it would sound more realistic

Its funny because I would say, in front of iphone fan boys, that the storm is better, and my friend would jump in and say "but they've got a light saber", I would lower my head in dismay as if that trumped everything great about the storm.
I decided to go back to my curve for a little while and I love the physical keyboard, I like the click but physical will always be faster. That being said the storm is out of the dog house because apparently I am that big of a geek.

i love this app!!!! thank u!!!!! storm owners just went up in the cool rating....clear the path iphone, we're coming through!!!

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who's saying good things. I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm working on bugs right now. I know there are a few of them and their all being taken care of. I wrote this app in a few hours so of course it isn't perfect. I never expected it to be as popular as it is. Anyways thanks again for all your support.

I think this shows the amazing things to come from developers like dmglakewood! I can't wait to see more from him- he seems to definitely be at the forefront for applications for the storm. keep up the good work!

i just wondering..what is so fun having a "lightsabre" as your app?

p/s: i also been wondering the apps in the iphone where you can have a beer filled up your screen and a zippo lighter apps..what good does it brings??

are you serious?! stop acting like you're so elite... what good does it bring? it's apps like these that stimulate ideas for better things.

"There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home." -Ken Olson

You and Ken should get together...

The correct quote is "There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home" Not Want. And he was referring to the sci-fi computers like "the fully computerized home that automatically turned lights on and off and that prepared meals and controlled daily diets". Not PC's. This is a huge Misquote of his and it is always taken out of context.

But you're right, this guy needs to hang with ken in 1977, because obviously digital fun is out of his elite league of acceptable apps.

If you have to ask, then this is not for you. Apps like this are what make having a phone like the Storm FUN. You must not have any kids, much less a kid in you. So sad.

haha you gotta love my brother and his rediculous ideas. imagine all the new technology things that i get! im sure hes gonna have more things out soon, hes always trying to make things better =P

Now for me this is a neat little game/screen saver like app, that shows what the device could do past a few lines of coding.

What would make this really neat, is to be able fight with other Storm/iPhone light sabers, via blue tooth or wifi.

Which could lead to a host of interactive games that you can play with other BB users and maybe even those from the Dark side (Iphone users!)

Now what I don't get is, you have a nice screen, you put a neat looking graphic on it, and you hide it all when you hold it like a light saber and swing it around. Come on, use your finger on that touch screen, or shake it a little and hit another light saber on the screen, with the guy in the cubicle next to you!

Oh yeah, how about adding the FORCE to the app or another app, that allows you to pick the light or dark side, and then your Berry to detect and alert you when the other side is around to be dispatched.

What's that vibration? An email? A text message? NO... it's a disturbances in the FORCE!

dude dont hurt us with the no wi-fi owwwch and saying there from the darkside totally steals our thunder (pun intended)
but yes to fight with other users using blutooth would be
sweet everyone love to play with a friend and i really hope we get online multiplayer games going thats so much fun.

iphone took a year to come out with any apps owch sorry i know that was a big bag of hurt. oh man its been what 3
months and oh guess what were getting an app store next
month so tell me who is lagging here?

There were tons of requests for this?...from who?? Yoda?? all it does is make sounds...And oh yah, its a lightsaber!!!
While were at it why don't we start making blackberry's that turn into those cheezy sunglasses that black guy wore on Star Trek.

What would LeVar Burton do if he heard you say that?

...better watch out....

Duh Duh, DUH! (reading rainbow 3 tone book review outro) FACE!

Not sure if it's the os im running but the saber vibrates but does not make a sound. do i have to upgrade or downgrade my os? or should i just wait for a fix for the sound for my os? i have the bb storm 9530 v4.7.75 (platform

If you are using OS .75 the sound won't work because of a bug with that OS. Either upgrade to a leaked OS if this app is that important or wait until the next official release.

this is great and was one thing i missed about my fun little if we could only get a storm beer :)

Calling in an insurance claim.
Um um I need to rplace my phone.
Why sir/mam?
Well because it flew out of my hand
while I was playing light saber with it.
Ohhhhhhhhhhh boy; definitely a useless app.
BTW my title was not meant to be mean spirited ;=)


Green it is!
Mostly because I think green compliments my pink silicone cover...and that's the color of Yoda's lightsaber and I think he rocks!
But if I'm ever feeling particularly nasty I'll switch it to red...and use my lightsaber on the source of my frustration.
This app is going to be great therapy! Who says it's useless?!

hey guys, as they mentioned before.. if your running .75 theres a bug, you wont get any sound from this app unless you use a headphones. but i just found a way to get the sound!! i was actually in the can when i figured this out.. i had my bluetooth headset connected to the phone and i turned on the lightsaber app and the sound went through the bluetooth headset, great i thought.. now lets try something else.. i turned off the bluetooth headset while the app was still running and IT WORKED!!! I NOW HAVE THE "SWOOSH" sound coming from my phone instead of the headset!! the only down side is that the sound isn't very loud, but, hey! it works for .75!!!