Free BlackBerry PlayBook for developers who have their app accepted on AppWorld!

BlackBerry PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 25 Oct 2010 02:13 pm EDT

So you really want a BlackBerry PlayBook right? Better yet, you want it for free? You can get one. All you need to do is create an Adobe AIR application for the BlackBerry PlayBook and get it accepted to BlackBerry App World and you'll get a free one. Those were the words spoken by Mike Lazaridis today at AdobeMAX while demoing the BlackBerry PlayBook live on stage. That's one sure way to get developers interested, free devices always wins. Hell, it's got me interested in actually diving into the PlayBook SDK to see what I manage. Any devs out there now just a little more interested?

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Free BlackBerry PlayBook for developers who have their app accepted on AppWorld!


Is this something a total newb with a bit of savvy could have a go at???

I'd put in a bit of time to it, there has to be sooo many apps needed.

Can some show me some basic app development techniques?. I want one for free. I'm a good student :)

i'm pretty sure there are rules. the amount of junk apps that will start pour in will be enough to cause more problems and delays for decent apps then they would expect

I have a Computer Science degree and I think this may be time to put it to work. This is an honestly incredible deal and a very smart marketing move on RIM's part.

In order to be able to even submit an app to AppWorld, you must pay $200 and get your vendor account approved..Only then can you get a "free" blackberry playbook once you submit an approved app.

I'd just like to point out that Mike Lazaridis said you will be "eligible" for a free Blackberry Playbook. This could very well mean you just get one OR it can mean there's a contest.

I'm just excited to know that this REALLY exist and is not 'vaporware' as some have said previously. I cannot write a program, but I do know that if they're giving it away, even if for a contest, it has to be real and operable. SWEET!

Mike Lazaridis did NOT say that you would get a free playbook if your app is entered and accepted. He said if your app is entered and accepted that you would be eligible for a free playbook. What I get out of this is most likely BlackBerry will put your name in a drawing for a certain number of playbooks to be given away for those of you that BlackBerry chose your app.