Free BlackBerry Launchers For Just About Anything!

By Bla1ze on 10 Jun 2009 08:27 am EDT

A little while back now we posted an article on "How to create a BlackBerry launcher" which was written up by long time CrackBerry forums member Phikai. This time around we're pleased to say that Phikai has opened up his new site offering free BlackBerry launchers (although donations accepted) for all.

After having offered the service in the CrackBerry forums for a while, Phikai had to take a little break from taking requests for custom launchers. Now that his new site is up and running, time is allowing him to do so once again. He has set up his site in such a manner where users can place requests for BlackBerry launchers once again - if they are currently not already available in the HUGE list currently offered.

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Free BlackBerry Launchers For Just About Anything!


Hey guys... the link to his website is not a valid one. You may want to check and see exactly what his correct URL is.

Ya new site is still not working, i did however access the EDl site through the forums yesterday with no issue. Not sure if it's the same address or not?

Sorry guys...keep trying the site, I'm having issues keeping it alive because of the Crackberry effect.

Guess i will have to bookmark it and check back a week later once it drops off the front page. Thanks for all of your hard work phikai...can't wait to check it out.

The launchers would be better if they used a different browser. I mean, if a Blackberry could assign a default browser, it would be sooo much better.

This site looks like it would be a great resource if the site itself wasn't so slow. It's too slow – I mean ULTRA slow – on both my Storm and my Mac.

Is there a way to send the .jad files to our phone from a desktop? I can't get to the site at all with my BB...

Sorry Guys...The site is really slow due to the heavy demand of users...Check back later and over the next few days and hopefully things will get better

Jeez, people...quit complaining about "the site is down" or, "the link doesn't work." The link is fine and, as the OP has said OVER AND OVER, the site is overwhelmed due to so many people checking it out and downloading as a result of being on the Crackberry home page. People start posting complaints and they've not even bothered to read what's already been posted (multiple times) first.

I downloaded a few launchers and keep getting error messages. The error says:

Error starting "launcher's name":
Error loading module "launcher's name"

I'm using an 8900 on ATT with I've done a batt pull, set all applicatio, settings to "allow" and have tons of file free memory.

Any thoughts anyone?

I also got some errors but not these errors...what fixed my error was to download from my blackberry. I was downloading to my desktop and then loading them on to the blackberry.

Site might be a little slow but what a nice collection of I requested a launcher yesterday and today there it that is service. Keep up the great work Phikai!!!