Free BlackBerry exclusive holiday themes now available in BlackBerry App World

By Adam Zeis on 13 Dec 2010 11:00 am EST

BlackBerry Holiday ThemeBlackBerry Holiday Theme

If you're looking to spruce up your device for the holiday season and have already checked out our CrackBerry Holiday Theme, why not try a theme straight from RIM? There are three new BlackBerry exclusive holiday themes available in BlackBerry App World. Happy Holidays Red, Let It Snow Blue and Share The Joy are all great themes that give your BlackBerry the holiday spirit. Complete with custom wallpaper and icons, these themes will keep you merry all season long. Each one is 100% free and supported on most devices, though sadly listed as USA and Canada only. Get yours today from the links below.

Download Happy Holidays Red theme
Download Let It Snow Blue theme
Download Share The Joy (green) theme



Are they only available throw BlackBerry App World?
My country doesn´t support BlackBerry App World :(


no 9100 or 9300 support and only for canada and usa! poor.

also how they do the 9670 when they wont give devs the new tb6 :/


how can i install thise themes if in my country doesn't work BlackBerry App World ??


Hey RIM, FYI other countries besides the USA and Canada celebrate the holidays. Yes it's true, honest, I'm not lying...


Only available in US & Canada! :(


as per the last comment, other countries celebrate not just the usa and canada and other people would like to download the themes as well


what happened to merry christmas? i understand mass appeal, but does it really cost that much to program a few extra versions: hanukkah, kwanza, xmas? come on rim!

thing is i'm prob still going to download it.


These themes aren't compatible with the 9780.


Downloaded one, so how do you change it in OS 6, just the Verizon one is avalible?


i want download the BLUE ...


Love the "Let it Snow" theme on my Torch.


Just USA and Canada -.- thx RIM for giving us free Holiday Themes to all countries. I don't get why they do this...


Just downloaded on my torch. The blue look nice against my white torch


Are they compatible with os 6?


Doesn't work if you have the leaked OS6 on your 9700. Im with Rogers and its not available to download.

Themes like this kinda make me miss OS5 :(


The blue looks nice on my 9630, however there are a few text formatting issues that I'm experiencing. If I go to Options > Status all of that is cut off on the bottom, as well as the banner in the messages where it says *No Messages* is cut off as well. Other than that the theme is really nice. It'd also be nice if the size font that I have selected carried over to the menu's, as well as the message lists. Oh well...


yea doesnt work that great on OS6 i got it on my 9800
freakin FAIL!!!


yea doesnt work that great on OS6 i got it on my 9800
freakin FAIL!!!


RIM is not too customer sensitive! They are a global company with loyal customers everywhere, then free cool themes are for USA and Canada, what's a guy in Uganda meant to do??


You guys at Crackberry released your theme for everybody and all countries


Except RIM didn't snub those of us who are stuck with their 8330s, or BBs for that matter, for a while longer.


Sorry that RIM only has it for Canada and US. But with my Torch 9800 the LET IT SNOW Theme is awesome and its perfect. So who ever is saying FAIL for not working... it has to be your phone dude


sucks that these are only for USA and CANADA users. I can bet its the usual "politics" crap. SMH


The only "frosty" icons for the Happy Holidays theme on the Torch are SMS, BBM, and email with globe icons.

Unlike the pic above, the Messages and Contacts icons are NOT frosty.

I would be frosted if it were not free.


try a battery pull, its needed on the torch



Confirmed. Battery Pull revealed the rest of the frosties!

Lovin' the new select, its a glow bulb!

Kerri Neill

Doesn't seem to work on the leaked OS 6 for the 9670 either...bummer


So I ask "How useful can a Global Company be when they only think locally ? "
RIM thank you for your useless gift !!! Keep it on !


I think this is discusting that this is only for the USA and CANADA, RIM please remember other countries too. we also celebrate Christmas and also have devices too across the world!!!

Please open this to other countries and stop being stuck up


Wow, well done RIM. First of all you create a fantastic podcast app, and then disable it for all your users outside North America, and now create some free themes but again, you stick two fingers up to the rest of the world. If RIM do not begin to think about customers outside the USA and Canada, this is one Blackberry user who will be changing to Android or iPhone asap.
I am disgusted with the absolute disrespect RIM show non North American customers. Either they sort themselves out or they will lose customers.


Not available for the Storm 2 9550. Big shock. This thing belongs on the island of misfit toys.


Are you outside of Canada or USA? Because I just downloaded all 3 from App World to my 9550..

Also if you can read 9550 is on the list of the supported devices..


Not unless Michigan became a new country. If I do it through the App World website, it says my device is unsupported. If I look in App World on my 'Berry, they don't even appear in the list.

Also, condescending much?

UPDATE: Well, I'll be. Works now just fine. Wouldn't work either way when I did it initially.


May have to try one of these. I downloaded the 2010 Holiday Theme from CrackBerry the other day, and everything works fine, except I'm unable to send/share photo's to my Facebook account, as I can from other theme's. The option is just missing.


The themes seem pretty similar to os 6 to me... so why can't they get os 6 working on my tour...


I used this theme while waiting to get the torch I found it very fast and with os 6 ur not missing a whole lots.


I have a torch and it works very well. I used the blue theme on my torch. I put the red theme on the tour. Works well on both there are some neat graphics on a few of the icons.


I love the snowflakes icon!!! sadly im in thailand.


Its sad that RIM limits this theme to US & Canada only, specially when have grown so much outside this two. Those are really nice themes that should be avaible to every Blackberry user.


Nice theme, but the formatting is off on the 9650!


This is a serious **** take.. First of all for 9700 users we had to wait so long for a leak and now for christmas RIM decide to put 2 finger's up to the rest of the world. Where's the christmas spirit? Where's that little thing called giving.. Is it SO hard to make it more available in more countries? My contract runs out after new year so here's one more dissatisfied blackberry owner goin to iphone.. Well done RIM well done

Ben Bubble

Anybody in the US/Canada want to send me the .cod files to BlackBerry's Holiday Themes? - Contact me through Twitter! - Please. @iBenRowe


Can't get the theme on my 9700 os6. Anybody have the blue Let It Snow wallpaper by any chance?
*update* nevermind, found it


Please, I want these themes but they're not available in my country. Surely there must is a way to install them through unofficial channels!