Free BlackBerry 7 app promotion ends May 31st - Get them before they're gone

Free BlackBerry 7 Apps
By Zach Gilbert on 16 May 2012 03:54 pm EDT

If you haven’t had a chance to open up App World on your BlackBerry smartphone and download those free BlackBerry 7 apps, then I suggest you do so soon. RIM has just sent out a reminder via their social networking sites that the promotion for the free applications will end on May 31st. The promo started in the U.S. back in March and then was later expanded to include Canada. In the promotion, RIM had included some of the top selling apps that showcase some of the BlackBerry 7 features, apps like BeBuzz, Screen Muncher, BeWeather, and more totaling about $77 in free stuff which is okay in my books.

Free Premium apps courtesy of BlackBerry

If you’re able to cash in on the promotion I suggest you do so as it ends on May 31st. I’ve personally downloaded them all, I may not need them now, but I may want them later. The question I really would like to ask is, which apps have the CrackBerry Nation downloaded?

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Free BlackBerry 7 app promotion ends May 31st - Get them before they're gone


-- everyday use
Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO
Fixmo Tools (paid for a couple months back) Pinball Deluxe
-- once a while
Rubik's Cube
Mahjong Solitaire
Screen Muncher
Aces Traffic Pack
PBA Bowling 2
Next Dual Pack

i was quite happy about it as well but those fixmo tools are annoying as hell... thats just my personal opinion and is in no means meant to spark a debate about them... lol. and pop up doesnt seem to be working on my phone. oh well all in all thanks a million RIM!!!

Sportin a 9350!!!

Rubik's Cube
Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO
Pinball Deluxe
Aces Traffic Pack

and EDIT: BeWeather I re-downloaded from there to replace the one I paid on crackbery app store.

That's all I need and thank you so much RIM. The Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO is the best app for me.

BeWeather, Endomondo, ColorID & Screen Muncher for me. I've never used screen muncher, but it might come in handy some time.
Not interested in the games, but appreciate the offers!
The Fixmo Tools app seem gimmicky to me, but can see why some people would want that and I could see a use for iSpeech Caller ID, just not for me ATM.

I love some of these apps. I actually suggest people download all of them and then delete anything they are not interested in now because my experience has been that once you download it you can just reload it later and you won't be charged.

I say download them all and then get rid of the stuff you don't plan on using much. Sometimes trying something a few times gets you hooked sometimes not.

i can't wait to take advantage of this after i win a 9900 from the be bold contest...haha hey at least I have confidence?

Ugraded to a 9810 and I have to say I'm impressed with the speed of the OS7 / 1.2 Snapdragon and the free apps. Most of them are really good.

BeWeather - rocks! Used multiple times/day. Must have!
Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO - pretty damn handy.
Pinball Deluxe - great graphics and my favourite game!
Aces Traffic Pack - not tried yet.
Screen Muncher - used it three times already - handy.
Mahjong Solitaire - I like this game.
Aces 3D Pool - good graphics and fun.

PBA Bowling - unsure, want to download but reviews say bad things about it rebooting phones and not able to end process.

Ispeech triplet - not so good. Constantly begs for rights even when you grant them. Kills battery. Do not use until updated. Deleted.

Endomondo (pretty happy to see the pro version for free)
ColorID (installed a led app for every bb i had.)
Screen Muncher for me.

This "free apps" is a scam... BB App World wants me to PAY for each and every app I try to download...and some apps are not even coming up

This is a buncha crap! I cant even download on my 0S7.1 device. Keeps saying my device isnt compatible. Blackberry is shit at times!

I am running and have been able to download:

Mahjong Solitaire
Screen Muncher

I use the first two, but have deleted the others as redundant either because my OS already gives that option or I have an app that does it. I will download Endomondo after this post. Signed up for a fitness boot camp so it might come in handy.

" I’ve personally downloaded them all, I may not need them now, but I may want them later. "
The best statement ever, explaining exactly the usefulness of every app out there.

No shots, but i look at that list and roll my eyes, it just looks like a set of boring apps. Im sure someone will find use for it, i just personally think this is an attempt to slow folks switching platforms. Being in canada it has taken a lot longer for Rim's competitors such as android and iphone to take a huge bite out of blackberry but, ive noticed in the last 4 or 5 months particularly my bbm contact list is beginning to shrink because people are jumping ship. I know that blackberry 10 has to be perfected if rim has a shot at a comeback, but that doesn't stop me from being anxious.

Do I have to pay for those apps if I want to use those continually since June 1st?
Or, are those totally free after June 1st if I download today??

Why do they ignore one of their biggest markets "Europe", I'm waiting in the Netherlands like forever to use Endomondo Pro and BeWeather Pro for Free =(!

We want the fun of some Free Apps as well =). Please (a)!