Free Binary Clock Application For The Geek In You

By Bla1ze on 17 Jan 2010 09:43 am EST
Free Binary Clock Application For The Geek In You

Chances are, if you can read a Binary clock you have no problems with being called a geek. Phrenck, has taken care of your geekiest time needs with his latest app. The free binary clock is now available for download and is supported by any BlackBerry smartphone with a color screen. The "pulsating" dots allow for accurate time reading but just in case you get lost, pressing the menu key will bring up your values to cheat with. If you wanna learn more about how to read a binary clock you can check out the WikiHow article.

Reader comments

Free Binary Clock Application For The Geek In You


Very cool. Wish it was an option in the default clock app so I could see this come up when I plug the charger in instead of an analog or digital clock.

Yeah..this application is so awesome, a very good way to showing off ur nerdiness :p . If only it can replace the default clock application.

BCD would have a binary number to represent each decimal digit. HH:MM:SS = 6 digits, 4 bits each.

Instead, this clock uses straight binary numbers: hours (5 bits + 'PM'), minutes (6 bits), and seconds (6 bits) with the MSB on the left (except for hours, where the '32' bit is replaced by the 'PM' indicator).

I have to say, with the direct binary number format, the illegibly tiny font, the backwards layout of the bits, and the reassignment of the hours MSB to a 'PM' indicator, this app appears to have been designed to maximize difficulty of use. But then, I think that's the point.

If this is really for computer Geeks, shouldn't it have a 24 hour mode and not use AM and PM? Still really cool though...

yes to bob, I asked Phrenck to make a binary clock for the storm. I wasnt specific on the type. Taking into account Phrenck made it one day, its great. I Would like to see it HH:MM:SS, with larger fonts though as well.

this is very very cool! I agree that it would be amazing as the default clock but I would also like to see it in a 24 hr set

Very cool. Any chance of the "binaryClock by Phrehnck" just showing when the menu key is pushed to show the help numbers. Paid version?

Any of you who are used to listening to music on you blackberry and using the Volume up/down buttons to cycle through your music my find this out by accident like I did. Hit the Volume up/down button to switch from AM/PM and Military time.

The free version is available via the "Free Trial" link. No time limits and all the features discussed on this article are available. The purchase just unlocks additional features.