FREE Beta: File Manager Pro for BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Feb 2009 10:58 am

Terra Mobility

The folks at Terra Mobility are getting ready to release their new app, File Manager Pro, but prior to full launch they're giving the Beta away for FREE so they can work out any potentially uncaught bugs and make sure it's perfect. So if you like Free Betas (and who doesn't?!) give this a go and be sure to report back in the comments with your findings!

Terra Mobility is pleased to announce the Beta release of File Manager Pro.

File Manager Pro is the new file and Zip archive manager for your BlackBerry. It supports advanced features such as selecting multiple files, sorting by name, size, date or type, and a Favorites list for fast access to frequently visited folders.

With File Manager Pro you can:

  • Extract Office and PDF documents from zip attachments and open them with Docs-To-Go and on-device PDF readers. Many of the documents sent as email attachments are embedded within a zip archive, making them inaccessible to on-device native format applications. With File Manager Pro you can easily extract these files, enabling you to edit and view them with Docs-To-Go and on-device PDF readers.
  • Compress documents and send them as attachments from your BlackBerry. Avoid the size limitation on sending attachments by compressing your files before emailing. And if you're on a metered data plan, this is a must have in order to save precious KBs.
  • Easily manage all your files and folders on your device. Select and apply file operations on multiple files and folders simultaneously, or apply file operations recursively within a folder hierarchy. Sort your files by size to find the ones consuming excessive space, or sort by date to find files received on some specific date. And use the Favorites list to navigate across multiple folder levels with just a single click.

Download File Manager Pro to your desktop or install OTA @

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Nice this program really cleans everything up and lays it out for you like it would be on your computer. It's nice how fast browsing items can be


I really like how easy it is to go through files and choose multiple ones to email. Rather than choosing one file, and then having to choose file after file over and over to email!


I just moved over to the BlackBerry world in November when the Bold came out. I was previously a Windows Mobile user of about 7 years. I love my Bold, but I did miss the ability to access documents through a file manager. I just downloaded File Manager Pro and I like it so far. I'm happy to see that the BlackBerry platform is really growing and adding the same functionalities that I liked in my Windows Mobile devices (but without the daily soft resets!!)


the picture above looks like a full screen version for storm. I downloaded the 4.3 version and get what looks like a bold version with the keyboard locked on my screen. Am I missing something?


Disable compatibility in the Options/Advanced Options/Applications menu. Working good for me so far!


Will this work if my company enforces Content Protection on the IT policy?? (Options > Security Options > General Settings > Content Protection is enabled and greyed out/locked down).

I know my Storm hooked up to my firm's BES' will not allow me to download any attachments from emails. And when I launch Docs To Go, it will only allow opening a file from the media card.

We also are unable to move files from our work PC to the Blackberry. Oh what fun, LOL...peace all!


I agree with the above poster, the version for 4.3 seems to lock the keyboard for the storm. Anybody get this figured out to be full screen??? Still a great app though!


try disabling the compatibility in options>applications


That works for the Storm, now I can see it properly. Great program and very fast too!


in my opinion something that any blackberry should come with stock. to me its a necessity to be able to see/find/move files around. i installed ota with no problems...looks good so far. thank you terra mobility!


Very nice app, really easy to use!


Thanks vodan4. Now it works like a charm.


Storm users, confirmed Disabiling compatibilty allows full-screen usage!!!


how do i disable the compatibility? thanks



mig 007

Thx, looks good on my Storm so far, but my only concern is that I can't select more than 1 file at the time as mentioned on their website with a pic of the Storm:

"Select multiple files and folders simultaneously.

Select multiple files and folders at the same time. Do any standard file operation on the selected items, including compressing them into a Zip archive."

Let me know if anyone figured this one out, or if I'm missing something... When opening the file manager it describes how to highlight multiple files/folders, but for all other BB models with a keyboard.

mounted on mint 9500 storm, the only flaw is the keyboard always visible, making viewing difficult
thanks greetings


hey i downloaded this for my storm but it looks nothing like the pictures. i know i am probably just a retard and dont know how to use my storm but if anyone could help me that would be awesome. thanks


how did you delete sample pics and vids with it? cant figure that out. no option to delete. what am i missing?


There is an option to delete the entire directory with sample pictures. I didn't try to delete it, but maybe that'll work?


Anyone figure out how to multi-select with the storm?


Thanks for all the interest in File Manager Pro. We appreciate all of the feedback that's been posted thus far and will be monitoring this for issues and suggestions. With regards to the Multi-Select on the Storm, it looks like that one slipped through and we'll be working on getting that corrected for the final release. Also with the Storm you'll likely want to run it with compatibility mode disabled with this beta. For the final release we'll be looking at making a specific 4.7 build available.


This is greate I love this app. Works well on Bold.


Very nice program. Definitely gives it a computer feel to file management.


This is perfect. Just what I was looking for. From a cursory look this program seems to work exactly as advertised. I will need to spend some more time with it


looks pimp. i could really use something like this.


This is a great program; I also like the file type icons.


Amazing so far. Quick and well laid out. Looks like this will be an application that gets a lot of use on my device and might even allow me to get organized.


Nice App And its free 2 very good things


Thanks for the FREE app.


Nice, I really like it.
Definitly worth paying for!


Very nice. Use is a breeze once compatibility mode is disabled. Glad someone stepped up and filled in the holes RIM left on the 9530


Just click on the entire folder and hit delete


The software works great once you modify the settings to get it out of the Blackberry Bold view and into the Storm view in options/advanced options/applications/ --> high light file manager pro, click the menu button and choose disable compatibility mode.


its a great app!
i was missing this since i stopt using my nokia, had one filemanager on it called active file. now i have one for bb the only thing missing on this file manager is a pasword protection for the app. for the rest its a good start
thx !


I noticed this file manager is just the same thing as the (now discontinued) Rove Mobile File Manager. It is in fact less functional as the rove one not only allowed you to manage files locally, but work with ftp/sftp/webdav/windows file sharing as well. As I noted it is unfortunately discontinued & the latest version I have found is 2.5.36 for os4.2 (it was offered for free with all that functionality when it was being offered so using it would not be warez). Would anyone happen to know if they ever released a newer version than that before they discontinued it?


Installed it with no issues very easy to use. The only thing I can think of that I would like to see in this app is a password feature to get into it that can be enabled or disabled. Reason is it is a one click application into all of your files. I do password protect my phone but I feel that this app should also be password protected as it is extremely easy to get into and browse around.


Just downloaded and installed it on my Curve 8330 yesterday, but I am already in love with it. It makes finding my pictures and funny ringtones to share with friends 200 times easier. It makes clearing files off my berry easier too and I am not hunting all over the place for everything. It's a little slow at times, but other wise it's fantastic.


So I just tried out the compression and some folders (data mostly)would compress no problem while others (Media) would not. Also when trying to extract the folders that I could compress I was not able to extract specific files I could only extract the entire folder. I see that you can change the compression level. What Compression level should I be using? Just curious. If the eror codes are needed I can try it again. Please let me know


Because media files are already in a compressed format (e.g. mp3) you won't see any compression with those files. The default compression level is 6; 9 is the maximum but may in some cases be slower, 1 gives the least compression but runs the fastest. As for extracting specific files from a zip archive, the way to do that is to open the zip archive, select the item(s) you want to extract and select the Extract menu item. If you've already tried using this method, please email our support address with your device information and the steps needed to reproduce the error.


Uploaded this to my ATT 8800 yesterday. Immediately slowed down my phone considerably. Not really sure why. Just my experience.


Thanks for all of the interest and great feedback. To address some of the issues for Storm users we've posted an OS 4.7 (Storm) specific build on our site. While this build does not support multi-select for the Storm (still working on that), it should allow you to run File Manager Pro as an OS 4.7 application, meaning no more issues with compatibility mode, landscape orientation, etc.
*Storm users* To update to the OS 4.7 build, first uninstall your existing version, then reinstall using the OS 4.7 build. Links on the web site are the same.


Program works great on Storm but I can not open any pdf files. When clicking on a pdf, it pops up with a menu to compress it, copy, move etc.

Am I missing something? Documents to go are installed.


You cannot view PDF files saved on your devie as RIM does not have a PDF reader included in the OS. You need a 3rd party PDF reader like Beam Reader or the DocsToGo Premium. A simple workaround if you dont want to download an application is email it as an attachment to yourself and open the attachment in the email because the Blackberry attachment service will allow you to view PDFs.


That worked! Thanks. Again Great product!


i have been using this for a day now just messing around and it is awesome


i downloaded the app and it works nice , i chose a couple
of files compressed them and sent to myself from the
app to my email address they downloaded fine and they
opened on the phone , went to my yahoo adress and i
selected the file to open it in the inbox and yahoos
norton antivirus scanned the files and said
if you use yahoo with the compressed file to your inbox
(edit)-tryed my gmail detected an illegal attachment
(mailer-daemon), fail
aol- got unknown_parameter_value, fail
i know its beta but just wondering


This is a "false positive" by the anti-virus software. If you'd like, you can verify this by creating a text file that contains only the character 'a', and then zipping it using File Manager Pro and again using Windows. Open both files in a program that will allow you to see the raw data (Notepad is adequate, though one that views "hex" is better.) Notice that the files are nearly identical. Also, both files are only around 100 bytes, not large enough to host any type of virus. Yet if you email the File Manager Pro zip archive to a Yahoo address, it gives the same virus warning, even though clearly the file is clean.
Virus scanners work by looking for bytes sequences that match those of known viruses. Apparently some valid sequence of bytes that File Manager Pro is writing induces a match for that anti-virus scanner, causing the warning. To avoid this incorrect flagging we'll be looking at modifying the byte sequence of our zips.


I have been using the Storm beta. I like this app and will purchase when it is available.


I just had a chance to load it up on my Bold. I just had one glitch where I had to do a battery pull after the install because the only directory that came up was the sample system directory.

Very user friendly. It just seems a lot "cleaner" than the native "Explorer" on the BB OS.

Are there are any plans for .rar compression? How about a password option (unless I missed that)?


Both of those are features are being considered for a future release. If there is other functionality you'd like to see please let us know, as the feedback we get from our users will be used to help determine the next version.


Smooth install.
Great interface / simple and intuitive.
Works perfectly from a file manager standpoint.

Only issue, is upon doing any sort of battery pull / reboot on my 8220; I get an exception error upon reboot. Only started when I installed this app, and no longer errors upon uninstall.

Any ideas?


We've not seen this issue. If you could email our support team with the details (OS version, error message/exception info, third party apps installed) we'd be happy to work on resolving this for you.


Just wanted to post a response to this, publicly:

I will be working with Terra Mobility Staff, and let you know if this is an issue caused by myself, an application, or the snow outside..


Will this program work on the new 5.0 storm