Free Best Buy Reward Zone program app now available for BlackBerry

By Alicia Erlich on 20 Dec 2010 09:26 am EST
Best Buy Reward Zone BlackBerry

For those of you who shop at Best Buy and belong to their Reward Zone program, they recently released a version of their app for BlackBerry devices so members can access their account. If you're not familiar with the program, it allows you to accumulate points on all in-store and online purchases which are then turned into gift certificates redeemable only at Best Buy.

The app lets users view members' only special offers, see regular weekly deals with the option to buy or locate a store, and know when they've earned certificates. Members must first activate their online account at in order to log into the app. You never know when they'll show some BlackBerry love and offer some great deals when upgrading or buying a new device.


  • See the latest offers and promotions
  • Review point totals and recent purchases
  • Search for products or stores
  • Save and share info on your favorite products

The Reward Zone Program App for BlackBerry is compatible with all touch and non touch devices. Download from the link below or text RZ to 95173 (msg & data rates may apply.

Download the Best Buy Reward Zone app OTA

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Reader comments

Free Best Buy Reward Zone program app now available for BlackBerry


Eh, I only shop at best buy once a year. That is to burn gift cards from family members who haven't yet figured out that best buy is a grossly overpriced store employed by young people (and adults) who mostly don't have a clue what they are selling.

Maybe this would be useful for someone that goes to Best Buy very frequently otherwise not worth using the app space for it. Their website is fine for the occasional buyer.

I may give this a whirl. When I get email from BBRZ regarding a weekly special, in store private event, etc., it's always a pain to try and decipher on the spot my RRZ number off my key tag. I am guessing you enter that into the app and go from there.

I am going to try it and see.....

Would have been nice if the BB employee would have told me about the rewards program before I purchase that 3D television from them. Bet I could have cash in on some reward points then, but instead he only mention a BB credit card.

Cannot see really using this app. I don't shop Best Buy enough to really see any benefit from their rewards program. What kind of deals do they give out. Is it worth it to be a member?

Well, now I may bag it.....

DL'ed the app. fired it up....takes you to a RZ web page to sign in (I assume initially). When you do that, it then asks you to "authorize" the app to access your account data (points, offers, etc.).

My button seems to be stuck on "Please wait". If I try and refresh, I get a bad data request.

Will try when I head outside to a better cell location. But if it doesn't go thru, I delete it right away......

downloaded the app and i'm loving it so far.
@DrewDT i certainly hear where you are coming from with the app space concern but being a BBRZ member and never remembering to take my card with me, it makes it pretty handy.

@GunnyB4: I shop best buy maybe like 4 times a year at most but when i do, i am sure to rack up the reward points. Membership to the reward program doesn't cost a darn thing and if you shop at best buy at all, why not get some benefits from doing so? Points are usually redeemed for discount coupons and sometimes they give exclusive deals to reward zone members.

@TekWarren: You do know that bestbuy has a price matching policy. I usually do my own research to figure out exactly what i want, look up different retailers selling it and find the cheapest, then go to best buy and buy it 10% cheaper than the cheapest price i can find out there. I agree to an extent that best buy is pricey

@shupor you say "buy it 10% cheaper than the cheapest price i can find out there."

I know they price match, but how do you get it 10% below that?

Well, I went out into open space and could not get the authorization to for now, I will be removing this app.

Oh well.

I've used this for about a month on my Torch. Had some trouble with initial authorization, but after a few attempts it worked. Its handy for pricing and tracking reward zone credits. Not as good as a website, but it is easier to use on a handheld. Haven't had any trouble after I got it set up.

Sigh, could you post an update in this article to indicate that this app is only for Best Buy USA? I don't always read the comments. Read the article, downloaded the app and fired it up and the first thing it asks you for is a zip code and does not accept Canadian Postal Codes and there is no way to change country.

The most pointless reward program ever (Best Buy Canada). $5 for every 250 points?. That's like saying $5 for every $250 because you get a point for every dollar spent. I don't even bother with this anyways lol.