Free BBTetris Gets More Features & Now Supports Curves

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Feb 2009 09:18 am EST

When we dropped word on the blogs last Friday of CB member papped's FREE Tetris app for the BlackBerry Bold, it got a big reaction. Not only is it free, but the app itself was well done and is addictive! Not stopping there, papped has expanded on the functionality of BBTetris with version 1.52, which features some sweet new features:

  • Equalized music volume for the 3 songs
  • Sound off/on wasn't always properly playing a song
  • Sound effect on line clear
  • Added grid to play area
  • Fixed the music randomization issue
  • Last Score displays during the game
  • Randomizes between 3 tetris songs
  • Game pauses and shows score when game ends (only last score for now)
  • Game should pause when you minimize/get a call/etc.
Papped also put out two versions which support the resolutions of the Curve 83xx and Curve 8900. There's lots of forum discussion on BBTetris here (you can thank papped in person!), and can grab your copy of BBTetris by visiting the link below on your BlackBerry:
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Free BBTetris Gets More Features & Now Supports Curves


I try to download the 83XX version but it says download failed "907 Invalid JAR unable to find trailer byted"

installed and plays nicely on the 8310.
for some reason the menu keeps flickering, but aside from that i have a new pastime during conference calls all day long.

I've had issues with this game. Text doesn't fit on the open screen. The menu flickers and sometimes the first block won't drop. Plus when it is working properly the slightly movement down the the trackball sends the block straight to the bottom. This had me dropping blocks when I wasn't ready. Was doing this so much I finally just uninstalled the program.

a score over 100,000 will not fill the score box correctly. the last digit will end up to the right of the black box.
centering issue??
high score so far is 134,300

I had installed the Bold version on my 8900 last week and it worked with some quirks. This morning I installed the 8900 version and it works very well. I'm still a pathetic Tetris player at this point, but now I can practise :)

Love this game... had to try it for a few minutes and it works great... thanks a lot for getting this to work on the 8900!!!

I love this game! I deleted a version of Tetris I'd paid for cuz I hated having to use buttons to move... LOVE the trackwheel control! And found if it's dropping too fast I can just flick back up and it slows back down :)
This is a great app!

I am wondering the same thing. If you get an answer please let me know. I paid $3 for a tetris app from Crackberry and it's absolute garbage! This one looks more promising...

I need help downloading the game to my phone. I can't connect to the site on my phone. help anyone!!

downloaded and installed it to my 8330 (Curve).
I go to run it and it freezes on the first screen. I push every button and trackball but no game. the only button that works is the "back" button. The screen says
Tetris by papped
Menu > Go, to start game
Trackball = movement
Trackball Click = rotate

That's as far as it goes? no game?

I hate clicking the ball. I always try and use keyboard when i can. So for me, it would be great to have a keyboard scheme: perhaps WASD,SPACE would work for me. But that is my only beef, other than that great freeware.

Downloaded to 9000 Bold and get

Tetris by papped
Menu > Go, to start game
Trackball = movement
Trackball Click = rotate

Any ideas?

Thanks papped, worked great on my 8900 and good to know your fixing the quick is a little annoying having the blocks drop when you didnt mean it too.

another idea, maybe some different backgrounds or something to indicate when you've reached another level. Overall a good FREE! app.

How possible is it to have the game use pictures stored on the phone as backgrounds that alternate like a slide show? :-)