FREE: BBTetris for the BlackBerry Bold

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Jan 2009 04:49 pm EST
Free BBTetris for the Bold

* Updated: Follow Papped's Tetris for the Bold forum thread to stay on top of the latest updates for this app! *

Need a fun, addicting and FREE game to play on your BlackBerry Bold this weekend? Then you'll want to check out BBTetris! BlackBerry Addict and CrackBerry member Papped optimized the game for the Bold but it may work on other trackball models as well (install at own risk). You can check these comments over at BerryReview to see how users on other devices have faired.

I installed it on my Bold just now and it's totally addicting! Game play is easy - click the trackball to rotate pieces and scroll to move it around. Just don't judge my Tetris skills by the image above... I wasn't paying attention to the game while grabbing the capture. Trust me. I've got mad Tetris skillz :)

If you give it a go, be sure to drop your comments to this post. You can download the game over the air by visiting the link below on your Bold's browser:

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Typical Tetris implementation. Very simple interface (trackball moves and clicking flips the shape). Keeps score and will play the tetris song ad nauseum. If you like tetris this is for you. One item they need to fix is that the item is unsigned and this bothers me.


Don't particularly plan on paying $100 to get a free app signed =P


Man, it would have been sweet if this worked on the Storm. Unfortunately its a no go. I know it didn't say it was supposed to, but I had to try.


The bottom of the screen has a large white bar on it and pieces will fall into that area and appear bigger than they really are. Of course, the dev only said it was supposed to work on Bolds.


I can confirm this problem! Looks neat though.


It's Tetris! What more can I say. Using the trackball to control it works pretty well, I wish there was a way to stop the accelerated drop rate (or be able to accelerate the drop a little) to have a more fast paced game, but I'm sure this will happen as I go higher up in levels. In any case, it's a great little game. Thank you


Scroll up = stop fast drop


awesome free app!! i did notice one thing though.. it froze after i paused it tryna get to homescreen.. i mean, the block would still move sideways, but it wouldnt go down at all >_< free though so i ain't complainin!

8830 Anonymous

Anyone try to install it on an 8830?


No problems with the curve-thanks for an awesome freebie!


anyone know if this'll work on a Curve 8330 4.5??


yes --- works on curve 8330 i got impatient and just decided to dl


Doesn't work that great on a 8320, kind of laggy and it won't move all the way to the right, rotating sticks a little.

Using the latest firmware and all up to date on the 8320.


What a perfect game for the Bold!

Stuart Parsons

It works fine on the Curve 8330, But the picture is a little off, The playing area looks bigger than it really is, Thats all =) Great time waster


works on curve 8900...awesome game


using on the Pearl and works great! thnx!


This is an awesome version for Free!!


Can't show this to my kids or I will not get my BB back. OK I just don't want the to beat my score!!!


how did you download on the 8830?


Awesome!! My 1st game download n it was free. Thank u. I know my girls would enjoy as well.


Great version of Tetris, although it drains my Bold's battery pretty quickly.


Papped - thank you.... one of my favorite distractions whilst I wait for the wife out shopping....


has anyone tried this on a pearl 8100 yet?


Just snagged this, looks great and runs beautifully on my Bold.

Thanks very much!


your link doesn't work when i put it into my bb browser. tried several times.

'the page you were trying to load could not be found.'


The playing field doesn't fit the screen. It would be cool for the Curve.


man,i like it.classic game.


I dl this for my Pearl 8100 because I really liked the idea of being able to play with the trackball... and It's great! I actually deleted a version of tetris that I paid for because I like this version so much better. I've only played it at work so far, so I don't know about the sound effects, but really that's just icing.
And over at the berryreview site is a new version for the curve 8900 as well!
Thank you Papped!


I downloaded the BB Tetris and as stated in the blog, "It is addictive!!!" I really like this game!!!


What a great idea! A free game that everyone can enjoy! Just wanted to say thanks. This has worked great thanks to all the people posting comments and updates by the maker!


it works on my 8330 but the background is off a bit


Does it work on the 8130?