Free Audible Audio Book App For BlackBerry Updated

By Bla1ze on 5 Aug 2009 11:49 am EDT
Free Audible Audio Book App For BlackBerry Updated, which provides a free audio book application for BlackBerry devices, recently got a nice overhaul. Previously users had stated the application was a little slow and sluggish and really didn't perform that well on BlackBerry devices. This time around with the version being updated to 1.4.2, Audible has their application working quite fine. New updates and fixes are as listed below:

  • All screens have been optimized for faster loading.
  • No more waiting to get back to your audio. You are immediately taken to the player screen upon loading the application, if your last action within the app was listening to audio.
  • Performance of user-interface elements has been improved. (scrolling through lists, audio playback buttons, etc.)
  • My Library is now stored directly on your device for faster loading of your purchased titles.
  • Support for the Curve 8900
  • Audio playback bug while Audible for BlackBerry is minimized has been fixed
  • Improved support for BlackBerry Enterprise Servers
  • Landscape typing for the BlackBerry Storm now supported 

If you have used the Audible application before and were not happy with it, try it out again as the update really does fix a lot of concerns. With over 60,000 titles available for download or streaming and plenty of free content to go around, surely worth a look.

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Free Audible Audio Book App For BlackBerry Updated


There is not a link for the Tour....I tried the storm but it want the screen roted.....deleting now, I am going to try the VZW curve version to see that will work..

I'll try this app again; previous it ran like a dog on my 8900. I also ran into a weird bug where the audio wouldn't play through my headset anymore. Hopefully that’s fixed!

Does the new update for Audible allow the use of head phones? The old release you were not able to use the head sets.

Ummm....would it have been so hard to add on Tour support? not like it hasn't been out for 3 weeks...

Well I have no idea if it's my fault or theirs but it won't let me select UK as my country. I am not accepting an end user agreement for USA. It also keeps looping and won't let you go back to previous screens.

Looking to give this app a try with the Tour. Anyone else with a Tour have success with the 8900 version?

I installed and downloaded the free book that is included. The program works great. Default stores to your media card and plays great through my headphone jack on my truck stereo. Great app!

Installed the first version and after a couple of miserable attempts to get it to really work I deleted it. It was a lame dog. So reluctantly I went back to using my iPod for this application.

Installed the new version and yippee, it works like a greyhound. Sorry iPod, back in the drawer you go.

Major Cons:
Log-on Requirement issues: This version has made the log on requirement less noticeable since it will go back to the book started as long as you do not log-out and restart your BB. Heaven forbid if you have to do a battery pull and you did log out. If you travel by air frequently or live in a remote area not fully covered by wireless, local books cannot even be accessed on the phone. Living in a state which does not have 100% wireless access, it is frustrating to only be able to sign on and start a book when you can log on to by internet. Locally stored books cannot be accessed without being logged into As someone who has been an audible customer long before owning a BlackBerry, this was a major concern. I don't know of any other player app that requires one to log in to the website before being able to listen a book or music owned. Plus, it feels like Big Brother is monitoring my use of my purchased books. So what if I listen to a good book more than once? Are they using the data to further increase charges?

Books are organized by formats 2 through 4 with new AEA. The new software cannot play level 2. (I own two level 2 books.) There is no active system to my knowledge to upgrade those recordings or offer you an alternative way to enjoy those books on your BB.

The one good thing about the new version of audible is the fact that books can be downloaded quickly and easier on the phone. If you wish to shop and purchase more books, it is a good storefront for as well. I have concerns with software acting largely as storefront.

Mixed opinion:
Customer Service: I tried out the earlier version of the "new" software and was very disappointed. I did call customer service twice without success except to say my issues were noted and being reported by other BlackBerry users. Finally I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor directed me to a point on the site where I could reinstall the older, allegedly less friendly, version of audible for BlackBerry. I was also happy to be able to add bookmarks again to save my place and to be able to start a book whether I was logged on to or not. This link has been removed from their question and answers section.

My Solution:
I have been a very happy audible customer up until I found my ability to enjoy my purchases was limited by my ability to have wireless access. So all I can say if you cannot afford an active data plan or if you do not always have wireless internet access, you might wish to explore other options like NetLibrary instead. On NetLibrary, you just download the mp3 version of the book via your computer and transfer it over to the phone. Fortunately for me, a large number of books are free to "check-out" through my state library.

"Audible has their application working quite fine" Bunk.

If you have an 8350i (one of the BB the OTA downloader at audible does recognize)forget this app. It loads fine, however, the munu is useless. When you hit Menu while in Audible, it is not viewable - unless you hit the green phone button and escape back to the Audible app. Then, if you scroll down the menu, it just disappears. Might work well on other phones but if you have an 8350i don't waste your time.

Download manager is still a POS. Will get halfway thru downloading a book and then the application will lose its connection to the internet and fail. At that point, even if I exit the application and restart it, all I can do is access something called offline mode (which contrary to one of the above comments does seem to allow offline access to local files). The only thing that resets it is a battery pull....Lather, rinse repeat. To make matters worse, you have to try and start redownloading the same book from scratch as there is no function to continue a failed download. This is and improvement over the prior application at least where a failed download showed up as a completed book but would not play with no recourse to at least try a re-download. If I ever get a book to finally download, I will see if the other deal breaker from the previous app is fixed ie. It would lose your place in a book if you needed to do a battery pull. I sincerely hope that is fixed as it makes it hopelessly unuseable on a long book. On a Storm, battery pulls are a daily ritual. If I can't get this thing to work tonite, I'm suspending my platinum account until they give us a simple application that works. My un DRM'd content works fine on Podtrapper with no hiccups at all. It should be that good on this product with its premium pricing. Sure the app is free, but the price of data for the app is outrageous, usually more than the original hardcover. For those prices, the player should work flawlessly.

Edit: Never was able to complete a download with this application but put some of my books on the phone the old fashioned way. Seems to me that any store type features are completely useless and unneeded if a download cannot be completed. Tried on my kids phone, same result so I doubt its a phone issue. This could be fixed by simply allow continuations of failed downloads or just getting rid of the store and just making a fully functional player.

I found the operation of the player much better than the previous version with no lag and good playback. Works well over the bluetooth in my truck.

Bookmarking is still and issue. Though it no longer loses its place in the book if you shut it down and reboot, it still loses its place if a reboot occurs while the application is running. Now this does not seem like a big deal but do you really want to try to search for the proper place in the middle of your 20 hour book because of a random reboot or a dead battery. I don't want to have to babysit and application, just make it work. Come on Audible, a guy in his garage figured this out to make Podtrapper. Your supposed to be professionals. Get the bookmarking fixed. Get the download manager fixed. The application you make for all of my devices are not very good so I imagine this is a problem across the board. A customer buying the kind of product you sell should not need to have "Will my audiobooks play" as and issue when deciding on a device but it seems the only devices you really support well are made by Apple. Get with the program and support your other customers properly and quit putting out this half baked crap. Until then, I'll get my Audiobooks from another source. Sad really since you got it about 70% right this time but that is unsatisfactory on your third try. Account suspended.

It won't seem to let me change the country selection from US and Canada - I assume it's only available in these countries?

I've been using this app since it was 1st offered for Storm. I actually contacted them as asked for the app to be developed for Storm since I wanted to ditch my MP3 Player. The first version worked but was very buggy. They have been cranking out updates steadily and it has gotten better and better.

I have never had a problem with downloading books, even with the first version. The later versions mostly fixed the annoying fact that it often failed to save my place in the book.

My phone is set to do a Quick Pull very night and I do not loose my place in the book unless the program is actually open when the pull occurs (if I fall asleep listening.)

The only thing I wish it had was a timer. Since I sometimes use it to read me to sleep, it would be great to tell it to stop after a certain amount of time or at a certain time.

The old Audible Player worked just fine on my Curve 8320. I don't like this new Audible Air. I don't want titles stored right on my PH instead of the media card because it takes up too much space and I have to delete things to add a book title.
I recently replaced my Curve with same cuz old one was defective and I had titles on the other PH that I was in the middle of and now can't get them back to listen or even to que up to where I was in the book! Oh and the new Audible Air takes even LONGER to open than Player did.

I understand wanting a new app for the newer phones but for those of us with older phones who were happy with the older app (Player), Audible should still make it available for download for when we need to RE-download it! I don't know what I'm going to do. I drive A LOT and really need my Audible!