Free App Start Me Up Automatically Runs Applications

By Adam Zeis on 31 Jul 2009 02:03 pm EDT
Start Me Up

Cruising the forums I came across a cool new app that is totally free. Start Me Up by ShaoSoft is a small app that will automatically run applications on your device after booting. This is extremely handy for users with multiple applications that don't have an auto-start option. Instead of going through apps one by one and running them, you can now set them to start up on their own when your device reboots. You can choose multiple applications, and even set a delay time (handy for some apps that require a network connection before running). Start Me Up is in the early stages, so if you have any issues be sure to check out this forum post. Head over to to download. 

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Free App Start Me Up Automatically Runs Applications


I once had to pee really bad,
But my Berry in my hand I had,
I tried to unzip,
But the Berry did slip,
It went SPLOOSH, and now I'm really sad.

As downloaded it runs well..
but I added some apps then battery pulled...
even the app itself doesn't run automatically.
I'm using 9530.

Very cool app. I wish they would make a "not start me up app" for the 3rd party apps you don't want to run at start up!

I am trying to add weather eye and it won't show up on the list even though I KNOW it's running in the background. Anyone else?

Not quite sure where the communication thing is breaking down, but it's one of those two things. I mean the title even says "free."

anyone who posts that they hope they win this free app should have the shit slapped out of them. read carefully college says FREE.

I love this app. On my 9530 I found it works best if you set it to 30sec instead of the default 8, otherwise some progs don't run. One problem I had was a HUGE mem leak after installing. I would battery pull and have 36mb and then an hour later have 32. After uninstalling the program, I had 35.6, which is usually where my phone usually settles in to. I'll try it again when there's a new version!

this sounds like a interesting app just don't know how useful it would be never had a problem with my apps sarting on their own

It doesn't work on Bold.
If you change the startup delay, once you reboot the phone, it's still 8s.
Not enough to let Beejive login.

Are you rebooting immediately after you save your settings? It seems that the BB OS does not commit the settings instantly, give it 30 seconds or so after saving then reboot and your settings will be saved.