FREE APP: got-2 Task Management for BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Aug 2008 02:05 am EDT


The incredibly awesome folk at gwhizmobile have introduced a new free app for BlackBerry Smartphones... got-2: Task Management for "List People." From gwhiz:

If you prefer crossing items off your list versus constantly checking your calendar, then our new, FREE, got-2 Task Manager is for you. Not only does it synchronize nicely with the task list and BlackBerry calendar, it also allows you to easily generate task lists and sublists.'s FREE.

You might think that those features would make got-2 cool enough...but... got-2 also has an sophisticated reminder system that will alert you either by a given date/time or a GPS location!

got-2's GPS location alerts can prompt you when you are near home, a business, a friends house, or anywhere you'd like to be reminded of something. No more leaving the store without remembering everything you wanted to get; No more forgetting to pick up something that was on the way. Save your sanity and your gas, never backtrack again!

Key Features:

  • One easy to read screen with collapsible lists, subtasks, and agenda items.
  • Choose your preferred view: simple list or week agenda.
  • Get alerts based on time or location
  • Share tasks and lists via email
  • Prioritize-as-you-go by moving items up/down
  • Keep track of progress by marking off tasks, appointments, agenda items, and subtasks.
  • Stores data in BlackBerry Tasks and Calendar - synchronizes with Outlook and Google calendar.
  • Location integration with Google or BlackBerry maps.
  • It's FREE!

You can learn about and download got-2 via the CrackBerry Forums or from Be sure to let everyone know in the comments what you think!

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FREE APP: got-2 Task Management for BlackBerry


I just downloaded and installed got-2, seems pretty awesome from first glance although I can't seem to get the GPS locations to work. i love how it unifies the calendar and task functions seamlessly. very easy interface and the shortcut keys are ideal for quick reference.
does anyone know if the GPS piggyback's on an existing GPS program (ie. BB maps), if so, that might be my problem as I removed Maps do to a conflict with VZ navigator. If i can get the GPS working this will be the ultimate tool to organize my life!!!

I guess I should have looked a little further on their website before posting that comment. In the implementation notes for got-2, it states "If Google Maps version 2.2 or later is installed on the device, it will be used to a) verify street location addresses and b) show the results of a location alert. If Google maps is not installed or is an older version, BlackBerry maps will be used to confirm the street location address. BlackBerry maps are not used for the results of a location alert. "

Its unknown if the program can utilize VZNavigator, but I'm guessing not.

sorry for asking a question then answering it myself, but hope the info is helpful.

We did a fair amount of testing using vznavigator and it does work. Basically you have to start vznavigator, and then keep it running in the background.

I've tried to get it to work with GPS but to no avail, downloaded Google Maps but that isn't GPS capable, just gives me the typical "this is your location within 5000 meters" 5000m!!!! so I could be anywhere in Downtown Denver!!! that's something else though, VZNav doesn't seem to be connecting for got-2. I can get a connection when using VZNav but everytime I try in got-2 (with VZNav running in background) i get a GPS error. Please advise what you did to get this to work.

Thanks in advance.

I have VZNavigator running on my Pearl. The trick is to get out of VZNavigator without stopping it. To do that I assigned a convenience key to another app (in this case i picked got-2). I went outside or near a window with a clear view of the sky and then started vznavigator->maps->Follow Me Map. Once that got a GPS fix I used the convenience key to get into another app. I tested it by going into got-2, and setting a location using the "my current location" option. If that works then it's going.

Note that it may take a few minutes (~5) for got-2 to start getting GPS fixes as it has to cycle thru different configurations for VZNav.

This process is convoluted but is about the best we can do with VZNavigator phones.

thanks you sir, i didn't even think about going into the maps to get a gps signal, i just had VZNav running but on the main menu. It worked to create a new location using my current location, I guess time will tell if the location specific alerts will work too.

Thanks again.

This is fantastic, great plug! Now if only there were a Windows counterpart for my laptop, and they could sync...

Tried adding a shopping list, with the items needed as subtasks.

If I add a subtask, sometimes it shows up, sometimes it doesn't. They say that if you mark something as completed, it doesn't delete it from the real to-do aplication, but, sometimes it does. Sometimes it deletes other items in the list too. Neat idea, but if it's going to delete items at random, I can't trust it.

What a fantastic app! I just finished installing/testing got-2 and subsequently deleting the three other apps that I had in an attempt to do the same thing got-2 does! Thanks GWhiz!

I downloaded and installed this app on my 8330 and found that when creating a new tastk or appointment, the text I am typing comes in white on a white field, making it impossible to read and proof as I'm typing. This could be a result of the theme I'm using (iBerry 2.0 Today Plus) but it makes the app mostly unusable.

Sorry about the white-on-white text issue seen with some themes - this has already been fixed this morning. Please redownload version 0.7.2. (you may need to refresh the page if you still see 0.7.1)

Downloaded and installed the 0.7.2 update after deleting the 0.7.1 from this morning and still have the white-on-white text issue.

My apologies - it was fixed (and confirmed fixed) in 0.7.3 which is up on the website. Sorry for the confusion.

I took a brief look at this on my 8330 and after a few launches, the 8330 crashed. Reset revived it but I think this app (which is apparently still a Beta) needs a cautionary warning.

In the brief time that I played with it, I wasn't impressed. Editing a task seems to create a second copy of it, not the result I'd expect.

has anyone found a solution for overdue tasks appearing? I use the standard task list and like that anything overdue turns bold on my screen.. With this task list, anything overdue is not even showing up...

Can anyone help me find the download link for Got-2 Task. I've looked everywhere on the announcement but can't find an active link. Thanks.

And you are telling me this NOW!LOL I just paid for a to do app the other days! But this one seems better and it syncs with Google calendar!I'm going to have to try it anyway.

I've played with this app all day with no problems (knock on wood)
There's really no need to go to the native calendar or task apps anymore since everthing is handled with got-2. I used TeleNav maps with AT&T so I hope that works for the GPS alerts. Anybody know if that's the case?
Great look to it in both Classic and Modern views. I prefer the week view so all my tasks and appointments appear under a specific day.
My only complaint would be that you can't assign a task a reminder for a specific time of day say "Call Joe 2:00pm" only reminders day before, 3 days before 1 week etc. Reminders for 0 min, 15 min, and a few different hour selections would be great and are really a must, unless I'm missing something.
I'd also love a couple more color combos to choose from in addition to the modern & classic choices (as nice as they are). The more the merrier. Toggling between several would also keep the app feeling new & fresh.
Great app gwhiz!

Nice program but does not allow use of "Categories". Also, when creating a new task/appointment, you can't see what your writing because the text color is the same as the background color - white. Hopefully bugs that will be fixed in the next version.

The new version 0.7.3 is up on the website and fixes the white-on-white problem. This was a problem with certain themes. We've had a few people ask for category sorting so that'll probably make it into the next major release.

I have version 0.7.1 and so far no problems (AT&T 8310. Do you recommend downloading the new one anyway? Will it just over ride the existing version?

Yes, I would recommend getting the latest version. There were a few other minor bug fixes that we put in there.

You should be able to just install it over the current version without any problems.

Went back to site and went back through home page>downloads>terms & cond>yes>download but keep getting version 0.7.1? What am I doing wrong?

Refresh didn't work so instead I highlighted the .1 and changed it to .3 and it downloaded that newer version. Where can I keep abreast of new versions being released?
Thanks...great app!

I have been looking for a new way to view my calendar entries and this might be it. I am however, having problems getting the GPS alert to work. I try to save a location by choosing it in my address book, but then according to the instructions, I'm suppose to save the new entry, but I don't see a Save option. I have the address in my address book and google maps 2.2. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?
Also, how can I find the version of got-2 that I have installed?

With regards to the GPS: If you choose the location in your address book, the save and cancel buttons should be right underneath it. Do you not see those buttons?

For versions: You can find the current version by going to Options->Advanced Options->Applications and scroll down to got-2. The version will be on the right.

Thanks for using got-2!

No, I dont see the buttons underneath. As a matter of fact, I can barely see the very top of the line with the city and zip. I just installed 7.3 and it still displays the same way. It does not allow me to scroll down to see the rest of the information and the buttons you mentioned.
I am on an 8310 on version
Let me know what you want me to try next.

Can you let me know what theme you are using and what font size it is? the address field is scrollable so I'm not sure why it's pushing off but we'll see if we can match your setup.

You can get the font size from options->screen/keyboard->font size

Ah looks like we don't have the scroll on that window set right for larger fonts. We'll get a fix within the next day or so. In the meantime if you change the font size to 8 you can see the buttons. I'll post again once we've made the fix.

Would it be possible to communicate via email? The comments about the product are getting kinda long and more time consuming to find each time.
Let me know and I'll send you my email address.

got-2 syncs with the BB calendar and task database, so as long as pocketmac syncs with that, then the answer is yes.

I found that reminders set in BB Tasks don't show up in got-2, and that when I set a reminder in got-2 the task disappears in the BB Tasks program on my 8320.

This app needs to be free, as it duplicates all of your appointments and task, as well as when you add a task you can not see what yo uare typing in the pop up screens.

In the few minutes I've been working with it, it has a lot of potential to be a great app.

However, after installation, it either did not sync my appts very far in advance, or I just can't seem to figure out how to see more than 1 week in advance - which would just be plain ridiculous if you can't. I've toggled from Home view to week view, but it will not let me view any more than the coming week. I sure hope I'm just missing something. (If not, this app will likely be deleted.)

It would also be very nice to have a collapse/expand all feature.

...and what about notes? It seems that it won't import existing notes into the 'details' field and will, instead, simply overwrite those notes. That sort of sucks for existing tasks and defeats the purpose of being able to create a task from email with notes. Maybe it is just a concession I'll have to make.