Free Anagram Application For BlackBerry!

Anagram For BlackBerry!
By Bla1ze on 16 May 2009 05:27 pm EDT

While at WES we all got a look at Gwabbit, an application that scans your emails for contact information, and then gives you the option to add that information to your contacts list. The good folks over at BerryReview have spotted a similar free application called Anagram. Anagram works under the same premise as Gwabbit where it allows you too "capture" contact information as well as appointments which can be added to your calendar.

After having seen Gwabbit in action, I downloaded Anagram to test it's functionaslity as well and walked away pleased with the application.  It performs just as it claims and best of off all - it's free!!

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Free Anagram Application For BlackBerry!


Tested it on my storm running 141/5.0 hybrid and after disabling the compatibility mode it runs fine but doesn't really distinguish one thing from another so like the last name will have the company name next to it and like the numbers arnt in the right spots...

This running together of the fields that you're seeing is an issue of your blackberry not copying the data to the clipboard properly. If you paste what you captured into a new message, for example, you'll see that it ignored the linebreaks in the message.

You can get around this by hitting menu and then "Get Plain Text" in most cases.

I am 0 for 2 on converting the signatures to a usable address. As mentioned, names and titles run together and it's hit or miss on the phone numbers.

I explained above that the BlackBerry itself has ignored the linebreaks in the message. It seems to do this with some HTML formatted messages.

You can get around this by hitting menu and then "Get Plain Text" in most cases.

Anagram doesn't appear to be FREE, except for 45 days.....
I wish I had known that BEFORE I downloaded the program!

Like it was already said, only free for 45 days then it gets expensive really quickly. Looks like a good app though.

Just in case it wasn't clear from other comments, Anagram for the BlackBerry is free, while Anagram for your PC (works with Outlook,, etc) is not.

This is one of the most useful apps I have ever installed. I have just gone through about six messages I had saved to "manually" add to my contacts when I had a chance. Worked like a charm. Now Contacts can be added on the fly as advertised. Thanks Anagram and CrackBerry!

Pretty nice program, if you paste what you captured into a new message, you'll see that it ignored the linebreaks in the message. You need to change the e-mail from HTML to plain text before using Adagram. You can do this by hitting menu and then "Get Plain Text." If you remember to change to plain text first before use it should work just fine. I have tested it a couple of times and so far so good.

Great program, although I'm unable to update current contacts via Anagram. I keep gettting error messages when I try to overwrite BB contacts, so I use anagram to make new ones and delete my old ones.

Tried it on 2 different contacts, didn't work on either of them. Even tried it with the get plain text option first.
If just putting all the information in the 'notes' field, is normal, then I guess the program works just fine. My expectation was that it would put them in their respective columns.

Not sure what text you grabbed with Anagram but it is definitely intended to put text into all fields. You might send us or post the text that you captured to see if someone can see what was wrong.

Anagram also puts the text you captured into the notes field as an option. You can turn that setting of in the program's preferences.

In Preferences, I unchecked the "Set Contact Notes to Captured Text" option and it was a lot more reliable and put most things into their correct category. I saw that option checked, but from the description, I was not sure what the heck that meant (I still don't). If its not already, it should be unchecked by default, and maybe make the checkbox more descriptive.

Only captures two fields in either html or plain text. Those two items could end up anywhere. Great idea, doesn't work, if it does, not consistently.

You might post what you captured with Anagram or send it to us via the "Send Feedback" option. It's likely we can see what's going on. Anagram typically has very high accuracy!

I downloaded and tried it on two different emails. It did not set either one up properly. I have a storm 9530. I deleted it.

I have this running on my Bold 9000 and i love it, works np's.

Runing .266 OS right now and it works good too so far.

I've used the pc version before and have been looking for a way to do it on the blackberry. I can't believe I didn't think of them. So far it's nailed every one I've tried. Thanks!

I really like the Anagram application and it would be great to have. Unfortunately I have submitted my e-mail address twice on the download page, but as of yet I have received no download link. Has anyone else had this problem or is just me?

We have literally hundreds of bounced emails every day from people who do not type their email addresses properly! Also be sure to check your spam or junk inbox for the message.

had the same problem last night, but just tried again and it came through and is working fine

I have used Anagram for years on the PC to capture contacts, appointments, etc. directly into Outlook, and I am glad to hear of the free BB version. I should say that Anagram has had frequent updates on its PC version, and all of the updates have been for free. Also, they have been very responsive to fixing HTML related capture issues, etc. If anyone runs into a problem, let them know and I bet they will address it quickly with a new version. It is a great product!

Thanks, Turk54! We simply aim to make Anagram the best it can be and try to address people's concerns as best we can.

Well not working so great on the Storm. Download went great. Make sure you Disable Compatibility Mode on a Storm gang.

Then I went back to Anagram's e-mail in my Hotmail Inbox as suggested to try to create a contact for Barack Obama. Chose Select, highlighted info, chose Copy and then Capture With Anagram and it put info all over the place out of order. Went back to BB menu and chose Get Plain Text and the entire e-mail message disappeared. There was nothing left to Select, Copy or Capture except the To and From address fields at the top of the now-blank e-mail.


Not sure anyone will see this.....but, I was very excited to download and use this app when it came out. Turns out that contacts that are created with Anagram cannot be edited in Blackberry contacts. You get an error message that says the contact is being updated externally and the program will now exit. It seemed like a good idea, but I'm not interested in trying to remember which contacts have to be edited through Anagram and which I can edit though BB contacts. Too bad. It was a good idea.

khall1, I've never heard of this issue from our users, nor do I even know how it might occur technically. I urge you to contact our technical support so that we can sort it out. Choose "Send Feedback" from the application menu or contact us through our web site,

I install one program at a time on my Storm. Then I monitor it for at least a day with MeterBerry. Sorry Anagram folks, I can't afford to lose 5mb of available RAM every 1/2 hour. Even after a battery pull my Storm started leaking memory immediately and I got a "below 10mb" warning from MeterBerry in just 3 hours with the phone holstered. Deleted Anagram, pulled battery again. 3 hours later my memory was -0.4mb instead of -26.2mb. Sorry, Anagram folks, this won't cut it for me. I'm running OS .132. Hope others have better luck than I did.