Free Amazon Application Now Available For BlackBerry!

Free Amazon Application Now Available For BlackBerry!
By Bla1ze on 10 Apr 2009 08:23 am EDT

Amazon has finally recognized the need for and usefulness of a BlackBerry application for their store front operations. Currently available for all trackball devices, the application can be donloaded directly from their Amazon BlackBerry Application homepage and while there is no official support for the Storm, some users have had luck with getting it working after changing compatability mode. All in all a pretty cool application, check it out and let us know what you all think.

Features supported are: 

  • Buy millions of products wherever you go.
  • Access your existing Amazon account, cart, wish lists, payment and shipping settings, order history, 1-Click, and Prime benefits.
  • Snap a photo from your BlackBerry and we’ll search for a similar product available from
  • All orders placed are processed by Amazon’s secure servers. 

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Reader comments

Free Amazon Application Now Available For BlackBerry!


Currently no storm support.

I tried it with my old curve. Took a picture of my storm with "Remember" and Amazon has Iphone as a result.

Tested, tried on Curve 8900 Javelin. Works like a charm and interface is sleek. I am no more going to my laptop to search for products and books now :) LOL

It appears when this first became available Storm users could DL it and Disable Compatibility Mode ....

then the Amazon web-site was "unavailable" for several hours ...

now any attempt to DL it OTA gives an error on the Storm that the app is "not compatible with your device" and it fails ...

this despite the fact that users in other threads have reported that it was "functional", albeit a bit flaky, on the Storm by disabling Compatibility Mode ...

God only knows what's going on here ... is the RIM Java Development Kit for the Storm so screwed up that even Amazon can't take advantage of people willing to buy phones that cost more than laptops? WTF!?

So, once again we wait for a "Storm Version" ... ...

I love my Storm on OS .113 to the point I have it in my hand so much I have to consciously remind myself not to wipe my butt with it ... is there an app for this yet?

Your mileage may vary ... On the plus side I have recently found some really nice apps that work well with the Storm and are not resource hogs ... and, according to MeterBerry I have also found a few neat apps that had to be removed immediately because once they were installed my RAM memory was dropping by 5mb every 1/2 hour until they were deleted and I did a battery pull.

MeterBerry FTW if you want to know if the newest app/game you DL'ed is guilty of killing memory or your battery ...

Rage FOR the Storm not against it ...

I love my Storm on OS .113 to the point I have it in my hand so much I have to consciously remind myself not to wipe my butt with it ... is there an app for this yet?

Note to App developers ... Maybe you can call it DingleBerry ... just spit-ballin' here.

Many folks think that the App World would be primarily used for the Storm, RIM's premier consumer device. However, the lack of apps, including from leaders like Amazon and Opera, who aren't even bothering to write Storm versions, shows that RIM's alliance realize what the Storm is: a POS that will be quickly replaced by a hopefully functional model.

I'm thinking of bailing on the Storm. I bought an ipod touch the other day to "test drive" what an iphone would feel like; I am loving the thing. The Storm just feels "clunky" to me after using the ipod touch. Plus, the lack of a Verizon update and the lack of apps makes me feel as though this phone has been abandoned. The bill for these types of devices is too large each month to not be satisfied with what you are getting. I haven't decided if I should just bail now or wait until Iphone 3.0

Who can't wait to get home to order something online?? That wouldn't even be an enjoyable experience on a phone screen...I guess I just like my big computer screen for stuff like that...

Why oh why oh why, won't any of these companies think about their European customers. GRAH. Can't be hard to integrate the same system to the UK stores, can it now?


Their original app was for the iPhone, which is a touch screen device. It's odd that the Storm would be left out of the initial Blackberry release of this app.

OK, dumb question. Aside from the Amazon Remembers feature, how is the functionality of this app any different from simply having bookmarked in your browser?

I would have to say you are wrong. I installed this on my 8130 without any problems. Instead of just posting trash like that how about you let us know what phone you have and what kind of problems?

It would be nice if we could do OTA downloads of MP3s. I'm sure it has to do with some legal thing. Otherwise, works well on my Bold.

rather than any legal issue. When I go to a page with MP3s for download, the app tells me that "this mobile application does not currently support digital downloads." I fully expect it will support them at some point, presumably when Amazon gets a version of its MP3 downloader mobilized and mobile-sized. That would make this otherwise nice app a totally kickass must-have one.

It works great on my curve, I have found no problems as of yet. Sorry to hear the Storm users got left out, but I would guess a few weeks would bring an update!!

When I tried this, it said "Unable to download" though it didn't even ask for my e-mail, etc., so perhaps it's overloaded at present . . .? Sounds neat, so I'll keep trying.

Is anyone having the same problem I am downloading this app? Every single time I try to download I get this message (i've tried from my phone and from my desktop:

We're sorry, there was a problem with the Amazon App download. Please try again later.

You may still access on your BlackBerry by typing in your mobile browser.

If you are viewing this page on your computer, please visit on your mobile device to download the Amazon App for BlackBerry.

anyone have any ideas?