Free AIR Browser file explorer for the BlackBerry PlayBook

AIR Browser BlackBerry PlayBook
By Adam Zeis on 23 May 2011 03:06 pm EDT

AIR Browser for the BlackBerry PlayBook is a free file explorer utility that allows you to delve a bit deeper into your PlayBook's file system. With the app you can browse directories, cut, copy and paste files as well as rename and delete files/folders. The app runs super smooth and is pretty sweet for the price. Since the PlayBook doesn't really have any type of file manager, AIR Browser lets you dive in a bit and do some cleaning as needed. Everything the app offers works well thus far, but hopefully some additional features can be added in down the road to keep it on top. AIR Browser is available as a free download in BlackBerry App World.

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Free AIR Browser file explorer for the BlackBerry PlayBook


This is a great app. Now I can manage the files on the PlayBook without having to connect to a computer.

Everything about this app is excellent except for the fact that I can't open files from within it. Seriously, this thing is super fast and smooth! I just need to be able to open up files from inside this app!

the "file manager app" in app world though $4.99 it actually works as you would expect. Files are labeled. Music, videos and documents can be opened. It actually works as you expect. Air browser has a nice UI but you can't open files. Another file app cost $.99 called " iojuggle" actually will allow you to play an mp3 track from your bridged phone's SD card. So the possibility is there. Too bad we need an app for these functions. A native file browser should be included on playbook.

You're totally right! I'v eeven been posting in every possible Balckberry website in hopes RIM listens to the us- the consumer. One of the main problems with the PB is the lack of codec support. I hope they also add USB Host on the next update.

This was the second app I downloaded after getting my Playbook. While I agree, it won't open the files, considering it is free and that you can always open with the appropriate app, I have no complaints whatsoever. I do agree, considering what the Playbook is, a simple file manager should have been included.

i tried to rename my photos with this app but i couldnt figure out which photos were which. does this app have a thumbnails view etc?

This app is worthless if you can't view the files. I'd rather have a paid version to be able to view, rename, transfer the files etc...

I've tried that ioJuggle Files app. It looks pretty good and will open/copy/move most app types.

My guess is RIM will add a native file browser when they implement the rest of the standard BlackBerry type apps.

I started using ioJuggle Files. I downloaded it right at the beginning, but it was limited. I upgraded yesterday to the new release and it looks good and does most of the functions I need to do.

I think the app is pretty great except for I tried to delete one document, and it ended up deleting all my documents. Is there any way to retrieve them? I need these for school....