Free Advance OS and LED gets a major update again!

Advance OS and LED
By Kerri Neill on 8 Oct 2012 08:33 pm EDT

The highly recommended free app Advance OS and LED is now even more amazing. You already have the option to add custom LED alerts, message popups, custom vibration and change your wallpaper. With the latest update (bringing the app to v.15.4) Advance OS and LED has some pretty major fixes and a couple of cool updates. This latest update is just one more reason to tell all your friends to switch to Advance OS and LED.

Update includes:

  • Ability to create Calls, SMS, Emails and BBM shortcuts in iLaunch favorite contacts
  • Added Battery temperature and Network Statistics to "Battery & Usage Monitor" reports
  • New Battery Icons & Meters in "Battery Notification" feature
  • Added the ability to change the new Homescreen Battery icons to your own custom icons including the Night LED icon.
  • Reply text now added to popups feature to automatically send predefined SMS and BBM replies with 1 click
  • BBM popups now show in message's text for every BBM message (even unlinked BBM contacts)
  • Start iLaunch popup to show favorite shortcut screen instead of main shortcut screen
  • Added "Phone Password Lock" to iLaunch app list
  • Added "AOSLED No App" (for custom actions only) to iLaunch app list
  • Also added "AOSLED Paste Popup Reply Text 1-5" to iLaunch app list
  • For a list of all the fixes in this update click here

Advance OS and LED is a great app and you can't argue with the price tag.If you love customization and have been wanting an app like BeBuzz, try Advance OS and LED now. Pick it up for free in BlackBerry App World and hit the forums for more discussion.

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Reader comments

Free Advance OS and LED gets a major update again!


In favour of this app and never looked back. The support from the Developer is amazing, you will get a reply back 100% of the time with any question or issues you may have. Not to mention it does hell of a lot more than BeBuzz does.

Oh and it's FREE! Lol

Way better than BeBuzz. I actually purchased both BeBuzz and QuickLaunch and now this free app has replaced both of them.
Within a few months of buying, a new version of BeBuzz came out but it required more money to upgrade so I gave up on it.

I saw the iLaunch feature earlier but never tried it out until this week, and now I'm using it instead of QL for good because it loads quicker.

This app just keeps out doing itself! The developer is always there to help you out, I'm happy to be a beta tester for him!

This app the Berry on the cake, i start using it since the first day it came out and i never looked back to the other apps i was using BeBuzz and QL and since the last update i never looked back to one of my good apps 6Tools too, this app replaced all my 3major app in 3monts period.
We need more developers like Sultan on the next BlackBerry10.

Keep it up Dev. You Rock'n Roll this!!

Twit-me: @UnknownError507
Post it from my Awesome Torch 9810 Bridged to PlayBook 64Gb

Such options should be present in OS 7.1 already, please don't make an app for that..
Things as changing the LED light to notification, or for available network..seriously

It is a lot more than that...ignant people.

Let me see you make an app like this with a small footprint and unparalleled customer support as well, put your money where your mouth is....seriously!

This developer should be paid by RIM to make this a embedded app or functionality. it just keeps getting better and better!

This app is great. I love all the utility functions. There is so much more to this app than changing the LED for notification. Now that battery indicator is in the taskbar.... Sultan, thank you for making one of the best if not the best BlackBerry utility apps.

I purchased bebuzz and loved that, until i found this app. it rocks!

Can't wait for the PB/BB10 version...

As this app evolves and gains features, I find myself uninstalling more and more apps that did the same thing. This app is a real "Swiss Army Knife ". Its immense!!!

In general, I am not a strong Apps user, but if all of them would be like this one, I surely would become strongly addicted.
Sultan, you are simply amazing!

Ludwig von Kast

Sultan Al Sooz is awesome! He even squeezed in a request for me to tie in holstering options!
This is a must have app.!
The custom actions is gravy on leveraging the power of your Blackberry to do even more and more quickly!