Free Advance OS and LED app updated - Now even bigger and better

Advance OS and LED
By Adam Zeis on 23 Jun 2012 10:27 am EDT

The free app Advance OS and LED is now packing even more heat. You can already add custom LED alerts, message popups, custom vibration and change your wallpaper, and now things have been tweaked up and v13.0 is sporting a new UI as well as plenty of fixes and updates. The new updates keep this totally free app running in the front of the pack.

Updates include: 

  • A whole new UI layout.
  • Multi-color LED (AKA disco LED).
  • Added 10 and 30 seconds LED timeouts.
  • The wallpaper feature now supports randomization.
  • Email popups now supports HTML.
  • A great new Call Dial Confirm feature.
  • You can now automatically download email attachments.
  • The file manager has been added into the instant launch feature. (OS7+ only)
  • As well as many fixes and enhancements.

Advance OS and LED is truly a great app and you really can't beat the price. If you're at all about customizing your BlackBerry, then you'll definitely want to check this one out. Grab it free in BlackBerry App World and hit the forums for more discussion.

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Reader comments

Free Advance OS and LED app updated - Now even bigger and better


if you dont already have this app, stop wasting your time and get it. first. and the update happened a while ago for me, im using v.13.1.1

It's better than BeBuzz. Actually it's the best LED app (and it does so much more) for BB.

Note: You must delete any other LED app on your BB for this app to function properly. Just disabling the other app still interferes with AO&L.

Could you explain which features it has that are better then BeBuzz? They've been nickel and dimeing their customers for a while and I'd love to move to something else.

This app replaced three other apps I was using months ago, not to mention those other apps were eating away my resources and this one runs lean... Oh yeah and it's free!

If it ever gets updated to work properly with LeaveItOn, I'll re-download it. The 2 don't play nice together!

Aren't you guys a bit late, this update has been out for a while now. Thanks Sultan you are awesome!

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