Free 3G Bold Bottom Dock Theme With Weather And Quicklaunch

By Adam Zeis on 24 Jul 2009 10:10 am EDT

3G Bold

I found this one while rolling through the forums and was surprised to see it was free. I was also surprised to see it came from the maker of SodaBerry theme we featured a few days back. The 3G theme for Bold is gorgeous from start to finish. The clean, refined icons and the smooth banner layout make this theme one of the best. Its easy on the eyes, and would be great for business and casual users alike. It is available in bottom dock and has option weather and Quicklaunch versions as well. Check out 3G Bold in the CrackBerry forums.

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Free 3G Bold Bottom Dock Theme With Weather And Quicklaunch


great and slick theme-but found it to be a memory hog-and i dont even run that many apps, so i had to delete it...

Unfortunately not WE have to wait until Plzmic and RIM release the developer tools. What takes so long I have no idea since RIM now owns Plazmic.

I really want an L theme for my tour . . .

I am getting an error msg:

http 500 Error: Internal Error

Any reason why this is happening? Please help, would love to download this theme. Thanks

Yes! Please gives us some Curve love! I have the one similar to this form another theme creator but like this better and want it!

It is a great theme. And it is a hidden today theme, so if you have your calendar and messages on the bottom bar and scroll over them it will show your new messages and upcoming calendar entries.

I tried installing this, but it does not appear on my list of themes. So I tried reinstalling it, and it indicated that the 3G theme was already installed.

So where do I find it? How is it listed in the Themes list?

Is for the awesome QuickLaunch App. Its a must have app for all BlackBerry's I believe. I can't live without it on my BlackBerry!

The theme btw is awesome!

i downloaded and then went to themes. as you have stated i didn't find it ..until i scrolled up and there it was. thanks to other comments i was able to know there might be a problem and thought to scroll looking for guys are great

I really love this theme! However, I will miss it since I had to uninstall it. I went from 20MB to around 8MB in two hours with NO activity.

Maybe I'll reconsider this them once the Onyx comes out with more app memory.

Very nice theme! i just downloaded it and love, the quicklaunch button is a nice touch. From others post, it seems to be a memory issue so I am going to keep an eye on that but so far so good.

I downloaded this theme to my BOLD and purchased Quicklaunch from Crackberry. Adding this App makes this theme awesome. Thank you Sodaberry and Crackberry.

When I go to redzapper,re.ohost,de on my phones browser, Iget a blank page. What am i doing wrong'

"Great theme
By: YMark | Date: Fri, 07/24/2009 - 08:30 | reply
Been using this for over a week. No memory issues at all on my 8900 running .231

i tried this with my javelin (8900) running
was hoping it would ork. same issue. donloaded it, shows up in applications but not in the theme list

please please make this theme for the 8900....... so bored of the other original themes.

I grabbed this about 3 days ago and love it. Best theme yet, in my opinion. Caught my eye immediately, as it looks like it did that of the crackberry team.

A really nice theme, looks great on my Bold.

One question though, I do not seem to have a SMS button with this theme, have I missed something?

I had the same problem. i had a friend send me an SMS msg to help me find it, mine was in the applications folder. I just moved it back to the home folder.

Read the comments on here and the forum thread, and there it was, in the applications folder.

Thanks for the quick responses, all sorted, and a great looking theme.

The fact you are SURPRISED it is free is a sad, sad, sign about the Blackberry platform and the (almost) total lack of quality 3rd party freeware.

I am a theme junkie. I admit it! Thi s3G theme is by far the besttheme I have laid eyes on to date.

My prblem, I have a Curve 83XX phone. Is there any chance that this theme will be made avavlible for my model?

Please say yes.....

I was trying to get this theme and tried doing a download and an over the air but just cant seem to get it. I want the weather and the quick launcher(do I need to purchase first) for my Bold. I'm currently running ver

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

hi, i just downloaded the weather 3g with text and quicklaunch and i cant find it anywhere in my phone. i have the blackberry bold 9000. this is the 2nd download i cant find back. help please.