Foxy Brown Pleads Guilty to 1 Misdemeanor Charge in BlackBerry Assault

By James Falconer on 9 May 2008 11:34 am EDT

Foxy Brown Pleads Guilty to 1 Midemeanor Charge in BlackBerry AssaultRemember this story from back in September of last year? Seems as though things are coming to a close in this case. Foxy Brown has entered a guilty plea in the assault case involving her using her BlackBerry as a weapon in an assault against a Brooklyn neighbor. What happened to 'love thy neighbor'?

At any rate Brown has plead guilty to 1 misdemeanor charge of menacing. Yes, that's really what it is called... 'menacing'. Perfect!

Brown, aka Inga Marcharnd was sentenced to time served and a letter of apology was submitted.

Lets all hope Foxy can bottle up that rage inside of her... or at the very least promise to NOT take it out on her neighbors while using her BlackBerry as a weapon! Since we dont' have a CrackBerry Beatings blog post category I've filed this under CrackBerry Sightings :-)

Update: Foxy will not have to serve any time in jail, after she agreed to sign the apology letter she had written. For the full story, click here.

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Foxy Brown Pleads Guilty to 1 Misdemeanor Charge in BlackBerry Assault


Menacing via BlackBerry, huh? That's too much.

And who knew her name was "Inga Marcharnd." No wonder she went with better for the whole tough broad, hip-hop thing, that's for sure...


OK, Foxy's gotta write a letter of apology to the neighbor. What about the poor BlackBerry? Doesn't it deserve one too? about CrackBerry abuse!