Foursquare updated to v5.0.5 for BlackBerry Smartphones

Foursquare update
By Kerri Neill on 12 Jul 2012 01:26 pm EDT
It's only been a few days since foursquare had it's huge update with a complete overhaul followed by a small update with minor bug fixes. Looks like foursquare has gotten another small update bringing the current version up to 5.0.5. The changes are miniscule so don't get excited (unless you're one of the ones who was needing bug fixes when signing in). Head into App World to grab the latest version and if it's not showing on your device, just try refreshing your applications. The fixes in this version include startup issues and some performance improvements.

More information / download of foursquare



App ugrade 5.0.5 still freezes up on Tour 9630 making app useless!


mind emailing we would love to try and work with you and figure out what's going on!


Chinese input has stopped working since 5.0. I couldn't believe this release has not yet fixed it!


have emailed to "support" numerous times and have not received any direct reply.
Will delete app and reinstall 3.9 ...... very disappointing.


Icons are still too large on 9780 and they overlap each other on the check-in screen. This has been a problem for so long and a small one so it's surprising that they haven't fixed it yet. Other than that small problem, works perfectly fine.


not sure I've ever seen this one, will have to find a 9780 some where and check it out. You're talking about the screen where you actually send your check-in right?


I bet you're looking forward to creating apps for two or three BB10 devices instead of making sure it works on ten.


Still impossible to update Foursquare (v. 3.9.1 to v. 5.0) on my Curve 9300 (OS 5) and I'm not the only one! Same problem with Gtalk...


I was using Foursquare daily until the last upgrade. I think they made changes to make it easier to become mayor of a location. Lost half mine the first day. Tis gone now.


Is it fixed so I can connect it to Facebook? It's like a bad link or something now. Just get error- the requested url could not be retrieved....


Not working on Storm 9550 OS 5. Freezes. Previous version worked fine.


Yes, yes, but once more Noooo :-((

Using the same provider, an iPhone 4 (and not 4S => without GLONASS) is giving a location at 5-10 meters, whereas my BB9900 is finding the same location (but the same place) with more than 50 meters (good days).

It's really a pain knowing that there is no problem using BBMaps or Google Maps...

So I'm waintin for FourSquare 5.1


Does anyone have a copy of 3.9.1 or know where to find it? I'd like to uninstall version 5 and reinstall with previous version.


Answering my own question: I navigated to and went to download section. Version 3.9.1 is still there. Reinstalled it, and it works great.


The only decent advise I've received since this nightmare "upgrade" 5.0 came out.
Thank you!


The new 5.0.5 works better than any previous version on the 9930!