Foursquare updated to v3.4.1 - Now available in BlackBerry App World

By Bla1ze on 23 Nov 2011 11:17 am EST

For all you Foursquare fanatics, the latest version has now popped up in BlackBerry App World and is ready for download. This release, as noted in the well placed change log has plenty of bug fixes and updates in place:

  • Events in foursquare!
  • GPS update, improves support across all carriers and indoors.
  • The ability to share your tips via your BBM profile.
  • Lots of fixes and improvements to battery life. 

If you've not already 'checked in' with BlackBerry App World, make sure you do so now to grab the update. More info and images can be found past the break for you all.

Download Foursquare v3.4.1 from BlackBerry App World

Thanks, to all who sent this in and @rkopsie for the image!


Say hello to events!

Want to tell your friends which movie, concert, or sports event you’re at? With events, you can let your check-in tell them for you. We’ve partnered with, Songkick, and ESPN to provide details for for tens of thousands of events, which means that not only can you check in to specific events, you can also look up details before hand, like movie times and summaries.


Check-in details for you and your friends

Now, with our whole new check-in detail screen, your friends can see more of your adventures, like points or badges you earned, photos you took, and add comments inline. Perfect for important movie planning!

Reader comments

Foursquare updated to v3.4.1 - Now available in BlackBerry App World


Foursquare is actually one of my most and only used "apps". I've realized I enjoy keeping a picture log and keeping track of all the little places I go to that weren't as memorable. My GF and I compete for points and that adds a little extra fun.

Happy to see an update from for a great app.

Wasn't showing up in my list as ready to update it. But after logging into Appworld and doing the old "alt r-s-t-r-s-t" showed up right away if anyone else has that problem.

maybe its just me but i updated and i cant find a single difference between this and 3.3. I even removed and reinstalled 3.4.1 straight and no difference......

What device are you on? If you click on a friends checkin on the home screen you should be taken to a brand new screen where you can comment inline and other things. there are a bunch of other screens that are new too. Events you can search for a movie theater venue to see that new stuff.

Bla1ze --
Thanks! My life is now complete! All I've ever wanted was to see my name mentioned on crackberry atleast once =D

This update sucks. Foursquare still takes about 30 seconds to load the setting. Like wtf?! the friggin settings?! And it STILL takes forever to find places near you and it STILL doesn't know where you are sometimes event though it should use aGPS to find your coordinates...

This app is by far the worst mainstream app on the Blackberry platform, its crap.

Like honestly, is it that hard to load the settings instantly like every other app in app world...

This upgrade might have ended my use of foursquare. The update has not improved the experience what-so-ever...