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Foursquare for BlackBerry 10 updated with fixes and improvements

By James Richardson on 22 Nov 2013 05:53 am EST

'Check in' fans will be pleased to see that Foursquare for BlackBerry 10 has been updated once again - this time to version It would appear that this latest update is really just a fixer, but that's not a bad thing. It's always great to see developers taking action on feedback and getting the creases ironed out. 

If you're a heavy Foursquare user I'm sure you'll be happy with the small, but essential, change log below. 

New in this version:

  • Fixed HUB notification scenario where some text would be corrupted after opening the item if there are UTF characters. 
  • Sharing photos with Foursquare from other apps has been fixed. 
  • Updated some transitions. 
  • Other small bug fixes. 

More information/Download Foursquare for BlackBerry 10



Sweet! Now people can ignore my updates from the new version. :-P

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!


Just now 1mobile inform me of Flipboard update.
Thing is, this Flipboard was downloaded from BlackBerry World. I know it's a ported app, but why should I update from 1mobile instead of BlackBerry World?

Posted via CB10


Not much of a difference between the two actually. So no reason 'why'.


Not a foursquarer. Thanks for info tho

Only a fool thinks they know me.


They really need to a map view to make check-ins easier.


Still waiting for the problem to be fixed where it disconnects from bbm, anyone have any luck with this version? Not getting my hopes up

Posted via CB10

Thrace Ist

In order to update, BLACKBERRY SHOULD FIX THE "There was a connection problem. BlackBerry World must close." PROBLEM FIRST !....


Sixth update total I think?

Posted via CB10

Rowan M

Working good so far. Here's to hoping that the BBM connection issue is now fixed.

Posted via CB10


Could you submit a ticket at Would help to have more reproducible steps to get the bbm connection issue.


Unsurprisingly the BBM connection problem isn't fixed :( I love all the updates Foursquare do but can't figure why they don't fix this important issue before they add these unnecessary extras

Posted via CB10


This is being fixed for the next update.


Really? How do you know?

Posted via CB10


It show " unavailable for this device " with the red letters??? Cannot update...what 's wrong with this? how can i fix it?

Posted via CB10


Usually is fixed if you clear the blackberry world cache, this might work


Thank you for your suggestions...but it still has this problem...i don't know why???

Posted via BlackBerry Z10


When for facebook, We really need an update

Posted via CB10


Nice, UTF fix in!

Posted via CB10


But does not work at all :(. Trying reboot.

Posted via CB10


Which UTF issue are you having troubles with?


Seems to be better with this version but it's still not fully fixed. Previously I saw UTF issues in hub, in active frame... Now it seems to be fixed but for example that green in app notifications are still broken.

Posted via CB10


Ah that is possible, this only fixed hub. We will be sure to look at the active frame and in app notifications as well for the next update.


I deleted this because for some reason when you come out of the app, it stays connected to the internet.

So reinstalled it after this update, it still doing it, then when you delete app the symbol next to battery icon goes show you logged off internet


I think you are talking about the gps symbol? Mine is doing that sometimes soon, have to turn locations services on and off

Posted via CB10


GO to Settings >Account settings Privacy setting and check on the Location heading and untick the option if ticked.


I think you are talking about the location services icon. Its using cell location, and is a feature that you would have opted into after the last update. You can disable it by going to Settings -> Notification Settings -> OFF


when will be facebook update also?? we need freecall and emoticon for facebook.. second is skype, its quit loggy then not supporting video call using bluetooth headset connection..

Posted via CB10


That's my issue. Since I installed a 10.2 leak, it grew more consistent but the problem persists. Hopefully, this fixes that.

I still would like to see the option of the check in message going into the BBM status as opposed to simply where you are at. Perhaps give the link like it does for Twitter.

Posted via CB10


I've used this app twice and it was wrong twice.

BB Proud


My favourite

Posted via CB10


I still see that when I try to view my badges from within the app, it still cannot find the page. I sent an email to the development team some time ago and never heard back. Does anyone else have this issue? I'm on a Z10

Posted via CB10