Foursquare gets updated to v5.2.2 - it's faster

FourSquare gets updated to v5.2.2 - it's faster
By DJ Reyes on 9 Aug 2012 05:47 pm EDT

Foursquare fans today are getting another update to their beloved app, not even a full month since the last update. The update brings it to version 5.2.2 and brings a few small tweaks under the hood to make it that little bit faster and also brings back the Nearby Friends feature. 

The small changelog looks like this...

  • The nearby friends view is back
  • Now see local updates from businesses in your friends tab
  • See promoted updates (and specials!) in your Explore tab
  • Small design tweaks and under the hood improvements. It's faster!

Update notifications should be hitting your App World if they haven't already. If you're still not seeing the update, load up App World, head in to My World and type Alt R S T, for Torch 9860/50 users, bring up the keyboard and Alt 3 4 (. This will close App World and clear the cache.

Download foursquare v5.2.2  

Reader comments

Foursquare gets updated to v5.2.2 - it's faster


I still have the same problem as with the previous version: when I use the "map" button on a location, it opens Google Maps, but it doesn't put the location on the map. Does anybody else have this issue?

I dont think we've seen reports of this, would you mind hitting up and hope we can get to the bottom of this?

"Your current version of foursquare is up to date."
I'm running v. 3.9.1... (OS 5, Curve 9300)
And still impossible to download v. 5 from the App World of course ("An error has occurred...").
The last version on is 3.9.1 for BlackBerry (

Where can I get the latest version of foursquare?

We will put the latest up on the beta site today and need to make a server change to fix that update menu item.

Thank you for your quick response! I'm glad to hear that ;) I'm impatient to try this new version hehe

Not gonna chance the upgrade. The last one did not work on my Storm 2 OS 5 and I was lucky to find the previous version and downgrade. Tried contacting support and got no response.