Foursquare for BlackBerry v3.0 Alpha releases with BBM integration

By Michelle Haag on 14 Jul 2011 09:18 pm EDT
foursquare for BlackBerry v3.0 Alpha

Heads up foursquare for BlackBerry users, there is a new version out for you to take for a spin! Released today was v3.0 Alpha, which brings not only bug fixes but some very interesting new features as well, namely integration with BlackBerry Messenger thanks to the new BBM Social Platform we've been hearing more and more about! Some other features have been given an update, such as the Explore feature, and the UI seems to have gotten a bit of a facelift throughout the app. If you choose to install this version (since it's Alpha, it's at your own risk) let us know what other cool stuff you find! You can check out some additional screenshots here, courtesy of rroyy. :)

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Foursquare for BlackBerry v3.0 Alpha releases with BBM integration


Looks ok, took some time to open past the 'Connection Check' - received an error regarding connecting to BBM

Lol I'm 22hours earlier than the guy opened discussion thread :D and discussion thread owned by him :) check news forum... Yeap thead opened 5 mins later but just check screenshots :)

Can't seem to get the BBM integration, it says something like maximum amount of downloads for foursquare...

check application management if older version stays there just remove it. If it didnt help try login out and in again to foursquare thanks: @xAshley1983x for workaround.

This didn't work for me, I still get the 'unable to connect to BBM. Maximum downloads of foursquare reached'.

I can't get BBM integration to work either. I was asked if I wanted the integration. I got an error message at the second step. I've tried logging out and back in, but I can't get the integration request to reappear. When I log-in, the app just starts.

I'm getting the maximum download reached thing on step 2 of the bbm intergration process too. cant seem to find it anywhere after relogging

Can't Login into BBM?

Have in mind, that an App (Version) need to be available in AppWorld in order to be able to use the BBM-Integration with more then 100 participants...

I assume that this limit is already reached - The BBM SDK offers functions for developers to check, if the APP is in TEST or in LIVE mode [so I guess the FourSquare guys need some additional coding (or approval in AppWorld for 3.0 alpha -> TestCenter)]

Didn't work for me, I still get the 'unable to connect to BBM. Maximum downloads of foursquare reached'.

This version looks awesome. I downloaded and installed it and the BBM integration is working great. Now lets see if the GPS issue on the Torch is fixed because it hasn't worked for me since version 1.9.85
It was like it made my phone a magnetic pole. It would always tell me I'm 1000 meters away even though I was standing right in front of the location.
Going to give it a good test run today and see what happens.
For those having BBM integration issues, wish i could help but i had no issues. I installed it and followed the steps. It asked me for my BB ID and from there on in that was it. Also from my understanding you MUST have BBM installed (beta zone memebers already should have this and for those who haven't joind Beta Zone, what are you waiting for???) in order to enjoy the BBM intergration for Foursquare or any other apps that come out with BBM intergration.


Been testing out the GPS location on my Torch for a few days and although it is improved it's still not finding my location correctly and tells me im approx. 500 meters from the location even though I am standing right in front of the place. Keep in mind it used to tell me 1000 meters or more before. Hence why I said it's improved. GPS location hasn't worked properly for me since version 1.9.85
Hope that this will be fixed soon and I understand it's an ALPHA version.

ok it doesn't work for me either, and you guys do know its not GPS that is used right? it uses cell tower triangulation to determine where you are.

I'm also getting the same message: 'Unable to connect to BBM. Maximum downloads of foursquare reached'.

Tried re-installing BBM AND Foursquare and it still doesn't integrate.

But let's all remember this is an "Alpha" build of the app and these kinds of bugs are to be expected. Be patient and they will push out updates in the near future!


I got it working for me, i couldn't, I then realized i did not have the latest Beta .111, I was on .73, alls good now.

I just got the Foursquare app to connect to BBM! I reinstalled the 3.0.0 version from blackberry empire web site. This is a very nice upgrade so far!

reinstalled BBM Beta .111 and then reinstalled Foursquare 3.0 and made sure I was in a good coverage area and it updated and works very well

I have the latest BBM6 version and installed without incident. Everything works great. The integration works excellent. And I can confirm that this works on BB OS 5 seeing that I have the Storm 2.

it works fine on my phone.
i have the BBM, i uninstall 4square, reboot, install again and the BBM integration is OK