foursquare for BlackBerry v1.9 now available

foursquare for BlackBerry v1.9
By Adam Zeis on 20 Jul 2010 02:25 pm EDT

The folks at foursquare have been hard at work tweaking their BlackBerry app and today have released version 1.9 with some new improvments. The features as still coming along, and some minor tweaks and fixes have helped out things like battery life this time around. Updates include:

  • Sort Check-ins - Quickly sort your nearby check-ins by time (most recent check-in) or by distance (closest check-in).
  • Photo Upload - Now change/upload a profile photo via your BlackBerry!
  • See Specials Nearby - Now you can see what venues feature specials when searching for what's nearby.
  • BlackBerry Maps Integration - From a venue details page, click on the Google map tile and automatically get launched into BlackBerry maps.
  • Improved Battery Life - foursquare is always focused on battery performance and has made a few improvement. Expect even more improvements in the future.
  • Improved Location Support - Additional improvements have been made to location, allowing for better location support when checking in.
  • Small Tweaks & Fixes - foursquare is always listening to user feedback and making small fixes & tweaks along the way.

To download foursquare for BlackBerry free and check out all of the new features, head to from your device

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Reader comments

foursquare for BlackBerry v1.9 now available


pete from foursquare here. did you try to install directly OTA or did you first download the file and then install? I ask because we only support OTA downloads.

I really don't get how someone has the time to do this or would even want to note their every location. Seems kinda lame.

It's lame to you because you don't understand the concept behind it. I like to compete with my friends on who has the most points/badges. And how does this take any time? You get to a location, whip out your phone and you Check-In...30 seconds maybe? Only takes a little longer when you have to Add the venue if it doesn't exist.

Having to add in all of these venues took so much time. Every place I went to I was adding and adding, to the point at which I just gave up.

Seems to me that Foursquare could have done a dump to the database somehow to help populate their venues. I'm going to download this update and see if it has improved at all.

Yep, still lame... The comments part gets maybe 1/5 of a point but other than that, couldn't you just ask your friends about "so and so" place and they could tell you about it that way? BB's still have the actual phone function too right? Just asking... =/ I'm still not understanding why I would want to virtually "check-in" wherever I go. To each his own...

Other guy is right, you have no idea how it works, I like to look at suggestions people have left at venues such as restaurants, it gives me an idea of what is good, so please do understand an app fully before you make a comment as that feature is very useful.

I've already replied to a similar comment below but I guess you didn't have the time to continue reading. Is every second of your time really accounted for? The time you took to write that comment, I would be "checked-in" already. That's like someone asking you where do you find the time to read and reply to comments on a message board.

BTW, I just downloaded the newest one from the Foursquare website, installed, and rebooted when prompted. No errors or removing of previous versions for me.

Too bad foursquare is blocked in China, but i know there is something that could be done in the application so we can jump the wall as ubertwitter does.....Gosh i miss the Check-in's and the badges.

i don't think i'll ever understand why people use foursquare. it's just such an unnecessary service that many others already can/could provide.

Yes, but who does it better? Loopt was OK, but I like the Competitive aspect of 4Square with the Points and Badges.

Why post such a question? That's just like asking why people use MySpace, Facebook, & Twitter. Or why people play mind numbing games or why people have hobbies. People do it just to do it. And it's not like it eats up an hour of your day to the point where you're ignoring your responsibilities. You get somewhere, whip out your phone, search places, check-in, boom 15 seconds right there. It's something to do, it's free, and that's it. My short term memory is terrible, I like looking at my history seeing all the places I've been and gone. I also use the tips other people have left for example on restaurants, a tip for an entree suggestion. Becoming mayor, earning points and badges are just bonus.

On the flip side, I don't understand why people like yourself post such comments. It's like things that don't interest you is a waste but I'm sure there are things you do that people would find unnecessary as well.

The Foursquare app for webOS (Palm Pre & Pixi) includes Flickr integration, allowing users to check in with a picture (shown as a link to a Flickr upload). Very fact, the webOS app, developed by a third-party developer named Zhephree, is worlds cooler than the already-decent ones developed by the Foursquare team themselves. (And yes, I've already told the guy that I wish he was the one making the BlackBerry app!)

I downloaded to my Bold 9000. Works fine. Have the older version on my Storm and have not uploaded the new version.

Does this new version of foursquare include the latest feature released by BlackBerry - Locate Service with GPS-free geolocation?

Does this work finally on Storm2? I couldnt get past some error, geo something, to register on the previous version.

Are there seperate version for touch screen and non-touch screen phones? Updated the latest version yesterday but when I try to click on the any of the settings, profile & history or manage friends items nothing happens.

I am using a Storm 9530 running

The older version worked fine on my 9530 but when I was prompted for the update today, I went ahead and downloaded and installed it. All the tabs work fine except for the "Me" page (for settings, profile & history, etc). I did notice that if you set the app to Compatibility Mode, it works but the Keyboard shows up and I can't get it to disappear.


Already downloaded to my 8900 Curve. It's working well, but I've found only few new features.
But I really like it and I use it on every day basis checking in to venues and also adding new venues.
But still not so many users here in Czech.

To the foursquare guy:

Here are some things you need to fix.

1. On the login screen you have to use the enter key (twice)to login, you cannot just hide the keyboard and press the login button.
2. Then opening tips and to-dos on the check-in screen, the keyboard does not appear. Every other BlackBerry app on the earth lets you press the BB button and then press "Show Keyboard", but I have never seen this work on fourquare. The only way I have found to get this to work is to keep clicking the box where the text would be typed until the keyboard magically appears.

too the point you can leave the app on all day? or GPS wont drain your battery left and right?
I use it and turn it off and then turn it on again, if It had better life Id leave it on while i travel and use bbm
but I love the app, I love becoming the mayor and getting badges

that blackberry maps integration sounds pretty cool! might come in handy when i need to get directions for a location on foursquare!

Give it about a year 4sq will be the hot thing (twitter,facebook) . I love checking in,and i also like to see what other people have to say about venues,restaurants and things of that nature.