Foursquare for BlackBerry Beta v1.8.2 Now Available

By Adam Zeis on 20 Apr 2010 03:20 pm EDT

Yesterday we saw some new screens of the latest beta of foursquare, and verison 1.8.2 is now officially available for download. The update brings a new look as well as some cool new features to the BlackBerry app - including a cool "copy venue info" feature. If you're a foursquare user you'll definitely want to check out the features. Updates include:

  • Friends Page - Quickly see your own friends and discover new ones from your user profile page.
  • Search - More prominent search. Now search is built into the top of the Places screen.
  • "Me" Settings - Simplified user info & settings via the "Me" screen. You can now quickly manage friends, settings, and view your profile.
  • My Check-in History - You can now view your check-in history from your "Me" screen.
  • Connection - Improved connection support for a variety of carriers and corporate network configurations.
  • UI - Updated UI including a unified look and feel.
  • Small Tweaks & Fixes - foursquare is always listening to user feedback and making small fixes & tweaks along the way.

These new additions really do beef up the app and give it much more functionality. The foursquare team is always open to suggestions for how to improve the app, so be sure to send your comments along as they work towards a final release. Hit the jump for some shots of the new app.

Copy Venue and Text
Friends Checkin
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Reader comments

Foursquare for BlackBerry Beta v1.8.2 Now Available


FIrst and Adam, I was just gonna send you an email on this since I got twitted by them regarding their update and you beat me to it! lol by like a few minutes :)

Love the app and the synching with twitter and facebook and the friends page did work with the previous 1.70 version...

Not working with my 9550 S2.. Boo. won't allow me to press anywhere on the display.. Tried resets, uninstall/reinstall.. nada. Lame.

Hey Pureinsanity212, pete from foursquare here. Make sure to turn off compatibility mode. If it is still causing issues email me (pete at foursquare).


This is the reason I have downloaded and deleted foursquare no fewer than 4 times since its release....

Not being able to use the interface is a show-stopper.

Top icons can be accessed, but the inscreen selections are not able to be selected....

do you have it setup not to conenct it to FB? You should check your settings on the 4sq site.

Just checked my settings again and everything is checked to update my stream on FaceBook. Check-ins, Mayorship, Badges.

It's been like this for over a week now. I thought the update would have fixed this problem.

My friend's 9630 Tour with USCC just completely crashed when he installed the new foursquare. Any hits on why? I looked on foursquare's website and didn't see anything!!

What happened
Installed 4sq1.8 -- rebooted Crackberry -- message "please reinstall software"

Mine is in the midst of download, so now I'm kinda scared!

Can't wait to give it a go! This would have been a nice 4sqday present! oh well. 4sqday was a blast! Got my swarm badge and my 4/4^2 badge!

UPDATE: finished downloading, rebooting and have tested on my 9530... 0 problems... looks good too! Nice job 4sq team.

UPDATE 2: So, all the main stuff is working fine.. i.e. friends, places, tip, me tab on the top, and check in and shout, and badges are all clickable and everything. But everything under people contact info, and things like about/contact & settings, leaderboard, check-in history, view my profile... all that stuff isn't clickable for me unless I'm in compatibility mode. Anyone know a solution? Maybe Pete can chime in for me. (BB S1 9530 v5.0.0.328)

I have had the non selectable links with every version. To fix it, I turn off compatibility mode, then go in to Foursquare to verify its off. Exit the program. Redownload the program, then everything works as it should. That fix has worked on every version including this one so far, hope it helps you out.

didn't seem to work! Did it once w/ comp mode on (touchscreen type) and off (track pad/ball type) and then exit the program. Redownloaded and rebooted and same problem. When it's set up like i have a track pad i can go to the links and click them, but when it's set up in touchscreen mode, it doesn't work... I'm not sure what's up... Thanks though.

waiting for my 9630 to reboot... i'm sitting here actually sweating lol .. i need a CA support group lol

// works fine for me! me likey!

Could never login. Even with the older version. I'll need to check and find a fix.

*edit* Never mind. I changed my password to something else and I was able to log in.

Will try out the new version for my Storm2 9520. Anyone has tried the new version and encountered problems? Appreciate if you could comment.
Hope they fixed battery life issues.

After installing foursquare, I tried to create an account, but after confirm, it shown message Missing Attribut:geolat.

Does anyone can help me. I using BB 8900 OS 5.

Okay downloaded onto my 8520 and started playing... wish I had friends on it... I think it would be a bit more exciting... I am going to have everyone I know on this faster than I can blink!!!! LOVE IT and it works great... no silly kinks yet!!!

Since updating last night I haven't been able to add a
Venue, I've only tried once. Tried to add the dentist's office, it said it took it - added the venue, but then it goes right
Back to the search screen, still not finding the venue I just added.

I downloaded this new version the other day and have had only one issue. Most of my local places I check-in to are not showing up in the search. I know the entries are there because I can look at my past check-ins. Also the entries are showing up on the main site. It’s a real pain having to look though past checkins all the time. I sent @foursquare a tweet the other day but no response.

Is anyone else having problems with the new search?

Oh, I’m using the first gen BB Storm with OS 5.0

Downloaded this yesterday, and noticed places I go to was not showing on the search list when I tried to check in
While it was fine with the previous version


OS 5.0

The update seems a little buggy. I am one of only three or four foursquare users in my little town (Klamath Falls, OR) so nearly every place I go I have to add - which is fun.

But now it is difficult to add new venues. I hardly ever know the address and with the old version you could just leave the address blank and it would GPS it, basically. Now you need to find an address and even then the venue disappears most of the time anyway.

Also in the old version I could type in the name of the new venue in search and if it didn't find it the name remained when you added a new venue - and then I could check in. This is not the case with update.

The update needs an update, I think.


I received a notice that the new update was available and then downloaded it. A dialog box asking me to approve permissions kept popping up and would not close even with multiple checks to approve. I finally had to delete the program so I could use other apps on the BlackBerry Curve 8530. I am afraid to reinstall the program. I know of another person that had a similar problem. Can anyone help?

I downloaded and installed. Me and friends section works, but Tips and more importantly, Check-in button dont work at all. Ive deleted installed and reinstalled, various times and still nothing. Any tips?

PS: do you need to have GPS or something for chekin and the sort to work? cause i dont have GPS...

using 9700 bold in china. Blackberry apps does not work in china. It is mentioned on the BB site. Thus tried to download foursquare from your site. If i download, there are some unusual letters coming on the webpage & no download. I am using a Mac laptop.

Please help me.


Dharmesh Shah