Foursquare for BlackBerry updates to version 3.2.5, brings better location support and more

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By Jared DiPane on 8 Sep 2011 10:06 am EDT

This morning the folks at foursquare have pushed yet another BlackBerry update for us all to enjoy, and while it wasn't a huge update there were a few notable changes made. This update brings us:

  • Improved location support
  • Fixes to the checkin flow that affected older devices
  • Fixes to special details on venue pages
  • Larger venue icons
  • Improved add venue flow

While it wasn't a huge update like we have seen in the past, it certainly brings a bunch of fixes for all users, giving the application a smoother feeling. Be sure to jump into AppWorld today and grab the update!

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Reader comments

Foursquare for BlackBerry updates to version 3.2.5, brings better location support and more


First woohoo

I am glad they are updating cause it was starting to make me wonder if it was my 9900 or the network

99 percent of the time its FourSquare, never the phone or network. Hopefully finding location is greatly improved - kind of takes away the fun aspect of it whenever you try to sign in but it determine your location.

Always wondered why GPS module in other apps always suck, is it because the tools provided by RIM are just that bad or are developers having a hard time programming to correctly use GPS?

Still doesn't work for me. Seems like the Foursquare app doesn't activate the device GPS, it just uses the last recorded location. E.g. If I open Google Maps, wait a few seconds or so till it finds me, then go into my phone's location settings, I see my GPS co-ordinates updated to my current location with the current time. If I open foursquare, this doesn't happen, it either says it can't find me or just seems to go off cell tower location, so if I go into location settings the GPS co-ordinates haven't been updated. The only way I can get an accurate Foursquare location is to manually update my GPS co-ordinates (either by refreshing from location settings or using Google Maps or BB maps) and then checking in on Foursquare.

Mind telling me which device you currently have? I do no have Foursquare but I was always intrigued by it and was gonna give it a shot this time. Just wanna make sure these problems are mostly related to older devices.

Yeah, still can't get the location right. It has me at least a mile or more away from where I actually am. It must not read the gps right or something.

Pretty sure it is the FourSquare app that is horrible at reading the location on The BB. Facebook in the BB locks it right on the button in seconds.

It is really annoying when I fly from Heathrow to Toronto, and try and check in outside Pearson and it says, we are unable to determine your location so using your last known location... So do you want to check into Boots at Terminal 3?