Foursquare for BlackBerry updates beta to v1.9.77

By Michelle Haag on 12 Mar 2011 05:48 pm EST

foursquare for BlackBerry

Foursquare for BlackBerry v1.9.77

I love updates that come on the weekend. Earlier we had a Twitter for BlackBerry update, and now foursquare has also updated! Foursquare v1.9.77 was released earlier today and can be downloaded at on your device. The update will also be available in BlackBerry App World at some point as well. 

A quick overview of some of the improvements made to this version:
  • Now able to add comments to a friend's checkin.
  • New trophy case view of all of your badges.
  • The ability for users to "Check for updates" straight from the app!
  • Addition of a photo gallery viewer.
  • To enter this view, click on a photo in venues to enlarge photo, then click one more time to enter the gallery view.
  • The friends dashboard now shows if the checkin has comments or photos.
  • Speed improvements for rendering the dashboard screen
  • Fixes to add friends and profile photo upload.
  • Improved data connection for users having issues connecting via https
  • And much much more!
To download the update from foursquare on your device
To download the update via BlackBerry App World
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Reader comments

Foursquare for BlackBerry updates beta to v1.9.77


Still having the "We're having trouble connecting to foursquare. Can you try again in a little bit?" problem...
Very frustrating....

This update doesn't help. Can't log-on to Foursquare on my VZW 9650 OS6. Sent bug report to FS support.

still no luck with Foursquare app. No reply from FS support. Deleted app. added my FS account to Social Scope runs fine that way.

Is there a way to check in from a picture in your library?

I would rather pick a picture from my library and check in from the picture itself then to take one as I check in or pick one from the picture list there. The picture list at check-in is not sorted by the last picture take so it's very inconvenient.

Am I missing something?

Push notifications do not work on my torch even after going into the settings and turning on the feature. I don't get the little window telling me a friend has checked in.