Foursquare for BlackBerry updated to version 1.9.5 with push notifications and more

foursquare for BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 27 Sep 2010 01:32 pm EDT

Hot off the presses comes a fancy new update from foursquare. The new version sits at 1.9.5 and brings some great updates including push notifications. Users can now receive instant notifications via the BlackBerry push service. Updates include:

  • Push Notification - Now receive check-in notifications instantly via BlackBerry's push notification service!
  • Faster User and Venue Screens - Now foursquare loads user and venue data as it gets downloaded, allowing you to view a user profile instantly without having to wait for all the data at once.
  • Improved Battery Life - With true push notifications enabled and a few additional tweaks, battery life continues to improve.
  • UI Improvements for Touch - Additionally we've focused on the experience for BlackBerry touch users. Improving the menu system and making small changes throughout the application

To update to the new version head to You can also upgrade by heading to BlackBerry App World.

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Reader comments

Foursquare for BlackBerry updated to version 1.9.5 with push notifications and more


Is this not compatible for some devices? Im on a Storm 9530 and when I go to download this it tells me, "some features may not be compatible, upgrade anyways?" I click "yes" and the I get a download fail message.

then when i try to download it it says some modules already installed arent compatible, and i got a invalid COD error.

I was able to get this new version to install on my storm 9530. I got the error, pulled the battery, after reboot performed the install again, and required reboot after. Now 1.9.5 is working on my 9530

Had the same issue on my 9700. Just uninstall the older version and then go to the url again and it'll install fine.

Not a foursquare person, but nice to see developers finally utilizing the push service. Now, if we could get Ubertwitter updated with Push I would be a happy camper.....

Having trouble downloading it to my 9630 through App World. It keeps giving me a connection error. Plenty of signal with VZW, not sure what the issue is... anyone have a clue?

Error message says "Blackberry App World is having trouble connecting to the Blackberry App World Server. Verify your network connections and try again."

all my settings are correct..

The push notifications don't work. I went to the app settings and turned on notifications, closed the app and didn't receive one pop-up.

The developers for this app really don't understand BlackBerrys. They need to integrate the 4sq checkins into the BB notification system, and not their silly pop-up system.

The pop-ups are very intrusive. It reminds me of the horrible notification system on the iphone.