Foursquare for BlackBerry updated to v3.1.5

By Michelle Haag on 6 Aug 2011 03:32 pm EDT
foursquare for BlackBerry

Hey foursquare users, it appears an update is rolling out through BlackBerry App World for you. The update brings the app to v3.1.5, and while there is no word on what the changes are, it's likely bug fixes for BlackBerry Messenger 6 integration. Some users were still experiencing trouble linking their accounts together. If you aren't seeing the update when you log in to App World, you can try refreshing by pressing alt+r/s/t on your device.

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Foursquare for BlackBerry updated to v3.1.5


Wasn't the easiest thing to install ! now it's taking ages to load, so i'll wait and see what changes were made.

once it goes through the initial loading, and linking with the bbid, its pretty quick and smooth.

Yeah when that article came out that when I got the version I have. And when I go to app world it says 3.1.5. And I have no upgrade option. But maybe it's the Appworld 3.0 I can't figure out. lol cuz under application under options on the phone it says 3.1 dang I wish I was better at this. lol

Foursquare has been really irritating for me. Can't get it to link to BBM, but the real problem is I haven't been able to get the GPS to recognize my location for a few updates now. I hope the new update fixes this, but I guess I'll just keep using Facebook Places instead.

i have been having the same GPS issues with Foursquare. Last proper working version for me was 1.9.85
It's very frustrating because it always says I'm 500 meters or more from where I really am (even though i am standing right in front of it (1 to 2 meters max!). Used to be very accurate. The weird thing is if i check into the place I am at it accepts it even though it claims I am 500 meters away. Wish they would fix this as am sure others have noticed and makes it easy to cheat. Before if you tried checking in and you were more then 50 meters away it would accept but not give you points or badges. I have emailed Foursquare many times but not once have they responded. Love the app but crappy customer service. Version 3.1.5 still has same GPS issues as previous on my Torch 9800.

It appears the only major change I see is that FourSquare has dropped the "beta" tag and shall we say is an "official" release for BB?

I noticed that too, also the start-up screen is "blue" now, instead of the dull "black". Maybe the update was for the new BBM that's in the App World 3.0 beta? I also think its related to the OS7 devices too (even though the app already had 0S7 support) it might have been bug fixed for them before the devices officially released. Just my thought.

Just downloaded, but anyone getting the "Maximum downloads of foursquare reached" error while connecting with BBM? It's like the error in 3.0.2 last time. I can't get it linked.

The 1st official release was great for me. Now this one, once again, shows the "max dl" message again for some of us. Guess we wait for another update to solve it

I downgraded to 3.1.0 back after had difficulty to connect with BBM.
So far 3.1.0 is more much better.