Foursquare for BlackBerry updated with BBM integration

By Adam Zeis on 26 Jul 2011 09:30 am EDT

foursquare for BlackBerry

In a bit of a messy alpha/beta game a few days back, foursquare released an alpha version of their app that included BBM integration. Soon after an official update was released that didn't have BBM integration. Well now the app has been updated again and does have BBM integration. So if you weren't one of the lucky ones to get the alpha up and running, you can now grab version 3.1 from BlackBerry app world and get in on the BBM fun. We're not sure if anything else has changed in this update, so if you spot anything be sure to let us know.

More information/download of foursquare for BlackBerry

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Foursquare for BlackBerry updated with BBM integration


Of course it replace the alpha ones,take this new updated,already integrating with BBM ,also fast loading venue

I mean that when I tried to update to v3.1.0 from the app world, the upgrade replaces my alpha v3.0 with v1.9.97 back! That's what I am talking about..

I'm confused too. It installed version 1.9.97 from App World instead of my Alpha 3.0.2.

Edit: We need to update twice from App World.

The 4sq for bb 3.1 can integrated your BBM ,must using BBM beta,I just trying download it 2 hrs ago,
What I do was:
Download 4sq from app world
Then the 4sq ask for authorise the bbm with 4sq,choose yes,
Then the 4sq for bb ,will update your BBID to the new update
After finish,it will asked to restart device
After restart device,it will automatic sign in to BBID

@all : oh,I understand what you said,try to restart the app world (alt r s t ) ,if still cannot,try to download it from pc ,using usb cable connection with your HH (via app world plugs in)

I restarted the app world, restarted my phone and I installed foursquare app from app world for 4 times but nothing has changed! It is still loading v1.9.97... I think I will try to install alpha version back.

I think the app world (RIM) upgrade their apps approximately 24 hrs ,the apps are so slowly,but sometimes fast update,how about wait for 1 day,maybe already get update or trying download it through pc via app world plug ins,it's easy to use :)

I was able to get 3.1 from App World, but @deviantartjr is correct. App World doesn't update the software all at once. Some people get the updated versions earlier than other App World users. I guess RIM does it geographically.

BBM Integration is not working, it stays in Step 2, with the alpha version I can integrate it without any problem.

I'm using:
BBM: v6.0.0.111
4sq: v3.1

Uninstall Blackberry Identity (Blackberry ID) in application management, reboot, then launch 4sqr again. It worked for me.

Managed to integrate already, like the ability to post my checkin to my bbm personal message. One thing is, it keeps asking me to 'confirm bbm profile update' every check-ins if I tick 'Send to BBM'. Anyway to disable the confirmation?

I uninstall the Blackberry Identity but it doesnt work. Then I uninstall the BBM and also the 4sq app and finally it worked

OK ppl having probs with bbm integration, go into options--> application list and check to see which version of fsq is installed (3.0.2 or 3.1)
It seems if you are updating from a lower version or installing for the 1st time it install v3.0.2 then you have to go bak into app world and update it again to v3.1, do a reboot then it'll install BBID and setup the bbm integration.

Hope ths helps.

Just downloaded and installed fine this time. Also just downloaded Scoremobile with the BBM integration. All i need now is the FB 2.0 update and i'm straight.

Today I didn't even have to wait all day.. I gotta say it was a good day! #IceCube swag

Thanks everyone for your help, but I'm still having problems. I don't have BBID installed and I checked in App World to make sure I was using 3.1 (which I am). Not sure what else to do. I'll try a battery pull next but I rebooted after I first upgraded to 3.1.

Search for a site (or so).. download BBID from there via your mobile browser. It's call BBID manager or something like that. Would show up in your Options once done.

anybody know why push notification doesn`t work ? I arleady checked the box "on" and activate notification on the website. tnx

Finally! This release works! (Alpha wasn't nice to me ..)

- Went to BB Apps World
- Download the FourSquare
- Asked me to replace my current FourSquare (Alpha) - confirmed
- Installed successfully - reboot
- Launched FourSquare - verified if you want to integrate FourSquare with BBM - yes
- There are 4 Steps to finish - rebooted after downloading BBID
- Relaunch - Finalized the Integration - Success

Okay, probably in EU the upgrade was made available later. So I got 3.1 too now and it's working. BBM is connected. But where does my Foursquare check-in show up in BBM? In my status? Cannot find it.

I downloaded the alpa when it came out, and about a week ago, i got my BBID working and integrated it with my 4SQ (running 3.0). I've been using the integration since possibly Thursday but definately Friday. It shops up in your BBM status...

On a side note, if you use ScoreMobile, the update that came out last night asks you to integrate to BBM!