Foursquare for BlackBerry Updated (again) to 1.5.5 - Includes Storm Support and More!

By Adam Zeis on 25 Feb 2010 04:02 pm EST


Just yesterday Foursquare got an update to version 1.5 with some new features. Today the Foursquare team announced yet another update (to version 1.5.5) that includes the long awaited touchscreen support. Finally Storm users can get in on the fun. Full updates include:

  • Touch-screen support for BlackBerry Storm users (!!)
  • Much better, faster and more accurate location lookups...
  • Improved performance (both speed & battery life)
  • New users can now sign up from the phone
  • Ability to see nearby tips & tip details
  • Ability to add friends
  • Ability to find friends 
The new update brings some very cool additions and is definitely worth checking out. To download the app (which is still in beta) point your device to
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Reader comments

Foursquare for BlackBerry Updated (again) to 1.5.5 - Includes Storm Support and More!


I'm happy about the update!..but where is the Storm support at?

I've used the application for about a month and I haven't noticed any changes to indicate touch support.

I'm right there with you... I've been using this thing on my Storm2 for months now. Not exactly sure what 'touch' support means... :/

It means that all the options such as "view tweets neraby" and "view on Yelp" are supported with the Storm series. before, they were there but useless to click on.

Yeah, but they were useless to click on across the board. The options were there, just not implemented yet. :/ check it out. Works for me I can select anything I want. Its just a little tricky, you have to touch your finger directly in the middle a few times and you'll see it highlight then you can select it. It takes some getting use to and it is still deff in an earl beta.

Goodness it's been fine but touch support really makes me happy! rebooting from the dl now can't wait to actually be able to use this to it's full capacity now!

It's good for starters, and it is in beta but still subpar at best. I hope this app gets a lot better soon, this app has potential.

Installed 1.5.5 on my 9550 and I still can't access much beyond check in (what i already could do up to 1.5). I can see the options but cannot select them.

Very happy that they provided the support. Although, I am not sure if I will be using all of the features.
So far, I've been using the program without adding friends etc and my experience has been fine.
But it is nice to have a fully functioning program.

I was using this with my S2 when it didnt support the S2 touch screen. Now that it does support it, it is even better!!

Faster in a sense that you dont have to scroll up and down and highlight the option that you want. You just touch and well!!