Foursquare for BlackBerry Update On The Way

By Adam Zeis on 19 Apr 2010 11:21 am EDT

The foursquare team let me know that an updated version of their BlackBerry application is on the way. The revisions mainly include some big UI adjustments (seen in above screenshots), but users will also be able to view their profile and history information right from the device - though it looks like the "Friends" tab is still not active. The app seems to be running smoother and finding locations quicker as well after foursquare tweaked their device location when checking in. Things are still moving in the right direction, so hopefully the app will soon drop out of beta and have all the needed features. The update isn't available just yet, but we expect it to be here very soon. Hit the link below to check out the current version of foursquare for BlackBerry.

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Foursquare for BlackBerry Update On The Way


Are they going to finally support the Touchscreen devices? I know it works and I am running the current version but I can't use all the features unless I turn on compatibility mode.

I have the 9550 and it has always worked perfectly with Compatibility Mode Disabled. I believe it has been 95xx friendly since the beginning.

cool app but none of my friends use it. in my case its pointless. user interface is nice and easy to use. i found for sign ins a little bs because i was able to sign in to a place thats almost 5min drive from here and then sign in to 3 other places second later.. could use some work in that department. none the less a sweet app but no one i know is using it.

Version 1.7.6 is the new pre release version. it is very different with the UI and much easier to search for locations. They have also tightened up on the GPS distances which is fine IF your BB has accurate GPS, however if like mine you are seen to be 1100 m from the place you are physically at it becomes a pain when it tells you 'your phone thinks you are to far away'

Great app. love it for playing.

Hope it just keeps getting better and better


Will it allow me to change my location manually? I do not have GPS for foursquare, only for Blackberry Maps on verizon bberry curve 8330.

basically if you visit a venue, i.e. store, restaurant, etc. you check in to let the world you are there, etc. You can leave tips for other foursquare users like don't go to the gym on monday nights, don't order the fillet, etc.
You get points and badges and it can send updates to twitter.

I wished they'd find another way to catch the cheaters, cuz a lot of places that I goto, I cant even get points or get mayorships cuz it thinks im too far. Ive taken pics to prove im at the venue when I tweet to complain. The other thing is if you're not the mayor you cant fix the pin that they have as the location. So if the the person checked in from down the street, thats where the pin is marked for the location. I understand they're trying to make things harder for the cheaters, but man this makes things a lot harder for the legit people also.