Foursquare for BlackBerry Now Available

By Adam Zeis on 20 Jan 2010 07:04 pm EST


It seems like Foursquare has been taking off like mad as of late. Everyone is getting in on the fun, and its invading Twitter timelines everywhere. If you haven't heard of Foursquare, it is essentially a social network game. You enter your location or "check-in" whenever you venture out, and you can earn points and badges as rewards. Check in enough times at one location and you become Mayor, find certain places with tags to earn badges. It can be a ton of fun (and overly addicting) if you can con enough of your friend into using it, or if you travel somewhere (ie. CES) where a load of other users are floating around. The BlackBerry app is still in beta, but is now available for download. The site seems to be having a few issues, so load times may be a bit longer than normal, but head over to from your device browser to download. If the page doesn't load just keep at it, I had some trouble the first few tries.

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Foursquare for BlackBerry Now Available


I've been beta testing this app for a few weeks and it is pretty good. It can use GPS to locate nearby businesses to make checking in easier. Only problem is that sometimes this feature doesn't work well but I suspect that is due to my phone, not that app.

It still has some room to grow into an advanced app but it is a great start and I enjoy using it. Much better than the mobile web for FourSquare.

Been beta testing this for a while and i'm loving it. I have a storm 9530 though and I can't wait for the fully functional touch screen app comes around. there are still some things you can't do, but for the most part, it gets the job done. awesome app so far though. will only get better

When i try to login i keep getting the message "We're having a problem connecting to the network. Check your network settings and try again."

internet on my phone is working fine

I've been beta testing this for a few weeks now and it's pretty neat. It's pretty easy to add new venues. I'm hoping to see more people using it soon! :)

Crackberry strikes again! How many times has something gone up on the CB front page and that day the app/client/leak/whatever has connection problems. Nobody can prepare themselves for the masses that are CB readers!

i just heard about foursquare a couple of days ago, i have no idea how it work (either on the mobile site or on the app) but it seems like a cool fun idea, not sure how many people here in egypt have it tho. so i have a feeling i'll be adding new venues alot!

It won't let me create an account on my 9530. After I fill out all the information and submit it just returns to the create new account page. Any suggestions?

I do not understand this App? Is it a game? Seems like its for kids. I downloaded it and then deleted it.

beta tested this for a few weeks and every update came with better functionality, i never tried to register for my account from phone i just went to set up my account first then entered the app.

It seems to have been taken down, You can use the mirror posted above if you wish to download. I have a feeling this wasn't meant for "public consumption" yet?

[Edit: and as an Unlocked Tour owner, I couldn't help but smirk at the photo.]

I was invited to beta test also but if it doesn't work in Spokane then it does me no good. any word on them adding more cities?

Says Blackberry app still in development. The link in one of the first replies still works as of 9:20 am EST.

I've been beta-testing this for about a month. I don't think the Blackberry version of the app is as sophisticated as the iPhones, but its good enough. I've become a real fan of FourSquare, and love that I'm a part of the community now. Finally, Blackberry users can get in on the fun!