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Foursquare updated to v5.0.5 for BlackBerry Smartphones

Foursquare for BlackBerry gets a UI update, all while adding some new features

By Bla1ze on 1 Sep 2011 12:08 pm EDT

foursquare for BlackBerry

Foursquare has been rolling out updates across all platforms as of late and today, the BlackBerry version got bumped up to v3.2.1. You'll find some new UI changes within as well as some new features as noted in the changelog:

  • In line specials
  • Improved BBM support and performance across a range of devices
  • Redesign of the Venue and Checkin screen
  • Updates to location/gps logic
  • As always, small tweaks and bug fixes to improve battery life and performance
  • Greater support for a range of screen densities

The update is available now in BlackBerry App World, if you're not seeing it just refresh your app list and it should appear for you. We like the sounds of GPS fixes, considering that is one issue a lot of users have problems with.

Download Foursquare from BlackBerry App World



Thanks for FourSquare


WOW! Nice update, looks great!


Appworld will tell me I have an upgrade available but when I go to click on it, it goes back to 3.1.x Can't get it from their site either.


Good to see this Update Finally!!
The old one was a pain in a b** loadings never end and venues doesn't exist and as well as im in the venue and it say im to far from it.
Hope this update it will fix this problems, and we gonna have a grate app.



Anyone else not able to connect to the BBM server. It worked fine before now I'm getting a message server unavailable


I can't get it to connect. Uninstalling and downloading again to see if that works


App World slow again, in putting the update on their server. SMH! Any one have an OTA?


press ALT R-S-T works for me to refresh app world. upgrading now!


i loaded from old app world 2.4.5
i find the beta appworld give me issues when trying to upgrade Apps.


Still no GPS even if it's in the change log. I'm still 2 to 25 km away. Maybe nobody at Foursquare uses a BlackBerry...


The one thing I would like them to add is keyboard shortcuts for non-touchscreen phones, similar to what twitter for blackberry has.


has new colors for the background, will try the new features later =)

Delirious D

oooooo i like it.... It lets me choose wetther or not i want to share it on FB or BBM. WOW


I still hate that the pop up still comes up confirming the BBM notification.. Kinda inconvenient.


Location finding is still horrible with Foursqure. Poynt, BBMaps, Google Maps all lock on right after load. Even with the clearest days, Foursquare still can't find location. It's not few 100km away (which I can tolerate, I can still check in and gain points), but sometimes it can't determine my location period. Great/fun app when it works, annoying when it doesn't.


It seems this app doesn't use my device's GPS (Bold 9900). I get the error where it puts me a couple of hundred metres away from somewhere when I'm standing out the front and if i go into my phones location services the GPS location hasn't been updated. If I go in to another app that uses GPS (BB maps, Google Maps) it locks on to me in a few seconds and then if I go in to location services the GPS data has been updated with my current location and time. So it seems like foursquare isn't accessing the GPS and is just using cell location.