Foursquare for BlackBerry 10 updated to v10.3.0.1342 - Faster, stronger, better!

By Bla1ze on 9 Nov 2013 12:07 am EST

With the last update to Foursquare arriving back in August, I suspected we'd soon be seeing another update and it has now arrived. This update concentrates on speed but there's several other changes within that make the version jump to pretty significant. Thankfully, we don't have to guess at what's been added and fixed as Foursquare has laid out a nice change log for us all.

  • New settings screen to make it easier to find and update the things you want
  • New Explore filters
  • Don't have a network connection? Still need an address? open Foursquare with no connection and we'll show you your last search results
  • Performance enhancements
  • Bug fixes

All combined, that makes for a pretty sweet update and if you've not already grabbed, you can hit up BlackBerry World and get it downloaded right now. Be sure to leave some comments and let us know how it's working for you. Personally, it seems quite a bit faster to me but i never really thought it was a 'slow' app to begin with.

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Foursquare for BlackBerry 10 updated to v10.3.0.1342 - Faster, stronger, better!


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A play on part of the title of the article "Faster, stronger, better!"

The show (The Six Million Dollar Man) was most likely before your time... Anyway that's what came to mind when I read the title.

Take care, have a good one...

Hahaaa! That was awesome. It was the first thing that came to my mind, as well. Along with the show's theme song, of

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Geeze that's what people say about BlackBerry. So stop being a jerk about this. Be glad that there are developers still updating their apps for BlackBerry 10. I'd take anyone who still commits time to this platform.

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Thank you! I for one am an avid FourSquare user. I get discounts at various places such as 10% off parts at my dealership, free dessert @ Chili's ($7 value), buy a scoop, get another free @ Ben & Jerry's, etc just for checking in.

Exactly. Too many people thinking that because *they* don't like/use something, it must be rubbish/irrelevant.

Talking fast, what's up with the Twitter for BlackBerry 10? Wow, that's slow starter. Takes forever to load up.

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One thing that BlackBerry doesn't get enough credit for that really stands out on apps like Foursquare: Their awesome GPS chip. When I use Foursquare on my Z10, it immediately and correctly locks onto my location. My SGS3 and Lumia 920 take forever. Especially, the S3, which most tech blogs bitch about in their reviews. It's a shame none of them have noted how much better BlackBerry's solution is.

My bro use a Q10 and iPhone 4S. He said iPhone has a better and accurate lock on places than Q10.

Hopefully this new update can even things out.

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I think it's a great app for discovering stuff near you like new places to eat... The mayor ship and badges just kinda allow you to have "gamelike" competition with your friends without a lot of user maintenance.... I'll be getting the update... Thank you...

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It's a very helpful app when you are looking for places to visit in a new city while traveling. It's hilarious that some of the first comments bash it, then the same type of people stupidly go out and purchase an app that does pretty much the same thing instead of using the free one already provided. I tell ya, we have some "bright" ones on this site. You know something isn't right when you have people complaining about an app being updated.

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It's great for finding great coffee / eating places during holiday or at foreign places.

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Hope the 4Sq update fixes the persistent problem with the map: so far I could almost never tap on a location map and get it on BBmaps.

Ok the update but I still don't understand why native BBos/BB10 is so different to android one which is far better. In BB10 would be better just an official sideloaded version to have more features as fir example map explorer :(

"New settings screen to make it easier to find and update the things you want"
There are no settings. Just "Terms" and "Privacy ", looking like settings, but being something different. Where are the new settings you're talking of?

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There are two places to access settings. In the me section and by pulling down from the top to access settings. They have always been there, they are just much more user friendly and quicker now

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I rarely use this. The last time I did was last weekend and it was useless. And the UI I thought was bad. I hope it's better with this update.

BB Proud

Don't know who uses this app. I don't use it. None of my friends uses it but good to know that updates comes .. Good job!!

Waiting for CB10 update for Z30! But I know you folks are working on it. Both the color issue with the black theme and the scrolling issue in forums. These would make great additions to that change log ;)

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Foursquare is accessed by Instavenue which is a very nice little app. Always good to see things being updated!

Gets better with each update. Now can we please have a dark theme :)

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I use it quite often. Especially when trying out a new place. And I always give a review. Most good, some bad. And I read the reviews (if any) on a new spot I might try. And if they're mostly negative, I pass on that place.

So for me, Foursquare has a few uses.

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So blackberry is in the spirit of privacy, but it now has 4squared set as a default installed app, 4squared is the opposite of privacy it is a sketchy and unsafe app.

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Foursquare is as private as you want it to be, you could use it and never share your location. There is nothing sketchy or unsafe about it.