Foursquare for BlackBerry 10 updated to v10.2.1 - New photo browser, improved place details and more!

By Bla1ze on 21 Aug 2013 06:38 pm EDT

It's time for another update to foursquare on BlackBerry 10. This time around, the app gets bumped into version and includes a few new features aside from the typical bug fixes and performance enhancements that come with every updated release.

  • New and improved photo browser for viewing images in foursquare
  • Ability to set profile photo from the Pictures app
  • New 'place' details which offers important information such as hours of operation, payment information, price range for restaurants and more!

Overall, a nice update to what is already one of the best apps on BlackBerry 10. If you're not seeing the update as of yet, go ahead and refresh BlackBerry World or just hold a bit longer as it should be along shortly.

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Foursquare for BlackBerry 10 updated to v10.2.1 - New photo browser, improved place details and more!


Hey Bla1ze, the link posted in the article takes you to the CB app webpage instead of BlackBerry World, is this intentional?

(I got to the World listing anyway using the link on the redirected CB page, but just checking with you to be sure.)

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Driving eyeballs to click views ... not too sneaky, was probably invented by the porn industry a decade ago.

From what I've heard. Chuckle.

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Lol! What are you talking about, Bla1ze wouldn't know anything about that... :p

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Nope was able to update on Z10STL100-4/, in Tennessee right now.

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I personally don't use Foursquare, nor do I see the point, but I do love updates! Keep em coming!

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Surely you can see the point of an app that helps you discover places around you? (you dont have to check in to places :) )

I just found my 4sq notifications has stopped coming via the hub since August. I hope this update will fix it.

It would be great if they could make it work as intended and notify us when someone comments on a checkin. Don't see that in the changelog.

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I know its not relevant to this post but the stupid BB management team still does not care to open up BBM on Android and IOS soon after the announcement ages ago. BBM is also likely to be DOA post launch in IOS and Android. God help Blackberry. Crackberry team should really get this answer from Blackberry team as to what takes them forever to launch BBM on IOS and Android? There are so many small app developers whose speed is a lot lot faster than Blackberry. Shame on you team Blackberry!!!

The 'Menu' in Foursquare now is NOT accurate at all. I wouldn't trust it.

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Foursquare is one of my few apps. Happy to have BB10 support and constant updates. Hours of operation will be a nice feature.